Trello review. One of the most popular Kanban productivity tools

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Trello review. One of the most popular Kanban productivity tools

It's really famous, but at first I was reluctant because it was quite clunky at first, and the features were relatively modest compared to these days with all kinds of features, but once I tried it, I felt that way... I realized. Right away Trellois.


Trello is more functional than appearance

Trello is basically Kanban Style productivity toolsis. At first, I wondered why the Japanese language is also spoken here... but I looked for it a few decades ago, and it seems like that when Toyota used this Kanban style and wrote it all over the place. If it was written by Hyundai Motor Company or Samsung first, it would have been called a blackboard or something like this without using Kanban or something like this. Of course, there are agile, Scrum, etc. besides Kanban in productivity style, but honestly I'm not a developer so I'm not sure.

Anyway, as I wrote at the beginning of the article, Trello at first looked a bit modest at first, but instead Feels like you've focused all parts on performanceWas. The design is just blue and it's okay. However, the degree of freedom is very strong. Well, changing the background is basic. And Very flexibleDo it. It's very quick and really sticky to move various items in Kanban. Are they all similar? I want to, but at least I NotionDegree, clickupDegree, maze I tried all of the whiteboard apps, but there were some uncomfortable parts while using Kanban, but Trello didn't have that at all.

For example, notions or clickups are slow to move items on that board, or something doesn't work. In the case of Labyrinth, the performance itself is good, but the default is a whiteboard app, so it's a bit unfortunate if you just hit Kanban.

It’s a bit unfortunate that Trello focuses only on the Kanban function.

But if you look at Trello itself, Only Kanban It is a little disappointing. The aforementioned notion, clickup, asana, miro, Zenkit And so on are made to be usable, but Trello was only devoted to Kanban. These days, the writing features of my friends are also faithfully made, but Trello is made so that only writing can be done.

But if you think about it, Trello is now AtlassianIt seems that it was acquired by a company called, but that company already has several tools, so it seems that they are trying to specialize each of them for each purpose. In fact, I used a conflunce or team-specific wiki tool for a while, and this one looked pretty good in writing. If the features overlap, it's team kill... On the other hand, Trello's basic features are all free, so I wonder if it's also used as a kind of gathering (?) people. I haven't even heard anything like Atlassian, but I found out when I was using Trello.

Trello made the mobile version pretty good too

The Android version of Trello seems to have been pretty bad in the past, but it has improved depending on whether you have updated a lot. In the past, I thought it was just an ordinary app with no personality, but now I am quite satisfied with the Android version because it is made easy to manage Kanban.

I like the iPad version as the interface is as clean as the PC. Overall, it has an iOS app-like interface, but it feels like Trello everywhere, so I immediately got the idea that I made it quite well. I like it because if I use it as a to-do app on Android, I can use it as productively as I use it on a real PC on the iPad.

Using Trello, I thought I knew why it was so popular.

Trello as I said earlier The cost performance is also quite goodis. For reference, the paid version is basically $10 per month, so it seems a little bit expensive, but the number of extensions is not limited, so it gets quite good. Please note that only one free version is available. However, at first I thought the extension function was incredibly good, but except for the calendar function, it seemed to be used only by some users. For reference, the extension function that works with Atlassian can be used for free, but for some reason I didn't work well. On the other hand, there are some paid models that are a bit cheap (?) for about $5, but I didn't touch that much.

Trello has quite a lot of users, so they share the templates they use. These are also of good quality, so how to build the Kanban system in the first place... I think it will be a good reference for those who are concerned. However, there was something I felt after using the templates, but Trello was unexpectedly It takes some lag on mobile I was a friend...

Trello was really better than I thought. It's great to clean up the database for something of your own, and although I said earlier, I liked it because I was a friend who focused on performance and the cost performance was good. However, I think it was unavoidable that it was acquired because of its very good cost-effectiveness (in a way, it was difficult to make a paid model...), but I think that it would have been acquired with high value.

Focusing on performance is probably harder than you think. While the various tools mentioned earlier compete with Trello as a weapon of diversity, there must be a reason why Trello never loses. Honestly, I would like to use another friend too, but the difference in performance... Still, it's hard if I use all this and that... It makes me conflict.

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