It's the most expensive Sharp I've ever used. Reviews of Pentel Orensnero

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Pentel Orensnero

The best Sharp I have ever used, review of Pentel Orensner

Next to the s20 that I received in high school in the past, it is a very high price I use in a short time. Pentel Orensnerois. It is a whopping 3,000 yen. My older sister bought it from Japan. Whether it's still popular in Japan or isn't there too much, my older sister asks for Orenznero, so she went to the inner warehouse and brought it.

Pentel Orensnero

The Pentel Orensnero is available in 0.2mm and 0.3mm.

I prefer to have a thick sharp core. The writing is not very good, so I have to get some sharpness. It should be 0.5 if I can't, and 0.7 is the best fit for me. Orensnero 0.2mm and 0.3mmThere is a 0.3mm. I didn't use high-tech, which was used by almost all students in the past, because the core was thin, so the writing wasn't coming out.

Orensnero looks really cool. In the past, Pentel had a lot of cool Sharps such as Graph Gear 100 and Graph 1000, but it seems to be more advanced while maintaining those designs. Black and properly angled design. It's cool and stylish. Oh...

Pentel Orensnero

The Pentel Orensner has several features.

First of all, the basic function of the Orensnero is that the sharp does not break well even though it is 0.3mm. However, it seems to be limited when you press the back of the Sharp once. I don't know if it's the limit of 0.3, but it doesn't seem to be that much performance like Delgard. The Delgard, which I used before, didn't break the sharp core quite a bit unless I put too much pressure on it, but Orensnero personally breaks the sharp core while pressing it twice or more. It is a little disappointing in that respect.

Also, when I put in the sharp core, the tip of the sharp is also put in, and I like this part because it seems to be a function that protects the sharp when I walk on the road. When I used the S20 in the past, I dropped it only once, but considering that the core was bent... However, it is limited to when I put the sharp lead in a hard place such as a desk, and when I put it in my finger, the tip of the sharp tip enters and then pops out again.

In addition to this, when you press the sharp core once, it is said to be semi-automatic, so it is said that the sharp lead automatically comes out while using the sharp. It seems that I have never pressed the sharp core while using it for sure. It seems like a very good feature that you don't have to press the sharp core one by one. The hassle is very reduced. Honestly, I can't feel it, but it's a feature that has one.

There are a lot of things I want to say about the function, but it's a pity that I can't compare it with other Sharps because it's my first time using a 0.3mm Sharp. If you've used 0.3mm a lot, you might be surprised. However, functionally, it wasn't much for me compared to its reputation. Of course, it's not that the function is bad at all, but Orenznero has been found in numerous Sharp and stationery communities. Compared to being called the Sharp Terminator It was a little disappointing. Maybe my expectations were too high.

The grip part of the Orensnero is pretty good. The feeling is also not bad. Also, I prefer the sharps to be slightly angular rather than round. This is because it gives you the feeling that you can hold it here, so it gives you the right feeling. It has a lot of grooves, so your hands won't slip.

Pentel Orensnero

It is clear that the Pentel Orensnero is a very good Sharp.

While using Orenz Nero, I felt a lot of good and unfortunate feelings, but overall I am satisfied. The price of 3,000 yen is very enormous, but I am not sure about the cost performance, but it is a good sharp. Among the Sharps I wrote, I personally rank first with the S20. If I use it a lot and my writing improves, I think I can fully enhance all the features of this Sharp. After all, my hand is a problem... Still, using 0.3mm is more useful than I thought. It is regrettable that the sharpness is quite expensive. Until now, it was Pentel Orensnero. Thank you.

It was clear that it was a good sharp, and 0.3 was better than I thought.
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April 19, 2019 9:44 pm

What if I don’t even know how to use Sharp and read this review again...
Orensnero is a sharp designed to take notes without taking out the sharp lead and removing only the tip with a single knock.
So, if you press it twice to take out the sharp core and use it, it will break.
In addition, as the sharpness gets shorter in writing, the tip is pushed back
As soon as it is removed from the paper, the tip protrudes to its original length, and the sharp core is also a system that comes forward.
It is called semi-auto sharp..

The instruction manual is not decorative.
You're the one who says that even though the washing machine at the point where drying is automatically done with the press of a spin button comes out, the washing is not working even though the washing machine is turned on.

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