PUMA Active Gaming Footwear gaming shoe review. It doesn't seem bad, but this is 100,000 won...

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Puma Active Gaming Footwear

PUMA Active Gaming Footwear gaming shoe review. I think it's good, but this is 100,000 won??

I'm not even paid a lot. PUMA Active Gaming Footwearis. I wrote it in the title and I think I will write it throughout this article, but if you summarize one line in advance... "It's good, but this is 100,000 won?!"is.

PUMA Active Gaming Footwear

Puma Active Gaming Footwear is like socks, not shoes

First, YouTube official videoThere are a lot more dislikes than likes. Usually, if a YouTuber uploads a video, I like it. I hate it. Even if it has the exact opposite ratio of that video, I hate it. But I don't like this video... Still, people who have used it have surprisingly good reviews? American ball homeEsau, who bought four pairs of these shoes...

First of all, it looks like this friend is a shoe, but it doesn't have a zipper and it feels like an intermediate step in the socks of a shoe. To be precise Socks, but it feels like they have an insole? Honestly, the fit is good. It's because I'm a friend like socks, so I feel like putting it in rather than wearing it. Maybe that's why it doesn't come off well once you wear it, and if the size isn't at all, this friend is like socks (?) and has some elasticity, so the feet are a bit comfortable.

PUMA Active Gaming Footwear
It sticks to the feet, but it's a little uncomfortable to take off...

It's called e-sports shoes.

First of all, this friend’s wearing comfort is surprisingly good. What to use when playing Would it be good?' Honestly, there seems to be no difference between one roll and one roll on this one? ㅋ As some people in Korea guess, it seems to be the shoes that are mainly used for tangible games such as racing games. First of all, because there are more console users in foreign countries, it is a product that was released to target the Western game environment (?)... Meanwhile, in my case, I thought it would be okay to play drums at home. It was a little bit like doing it with bare feet. The weather is cold these days, so if you play a game with this friend, your feet are less cold... Just wearing slippers... No, all of the above is covered by just wearing socks...

I am doing various defenses (?), but the Puma is using these shoes For e-sportsIs introduced. Among the current e-sports games, console games are like fighting games such as spa, tekken, and great scuffle... It seems a little difficult to put on these shoes again, but then, in fact, wearing socks and playing competitions... Do you change before the game?...I am not sure.

PUMA Active Gaming Footwear
Looks like shoes like this, but...

Puma Active Gaming Footwear seems to be good for experimentation (?)

If you look at the introductory video you hung earlier, it looks like a huge new video that will come out for some April Fool's Day fishing, and it appears as if you are a really great friend. Honestly, it is comfortable and good. But the price of this friend is 105 dollars... based on Korean puma KRW 109,000If you think about it, it's really... First of all, (socks + slippers)/2 It's like buying a friend like this for 100,000 won, and moreover, she goes outside and wears it. Now I just wear it sometimes when I do exercise at home.

It seems that the cougar makes a lot of interesting attempts. In the past, it was only about making uniforms by Nike and Adidas (Puma is also collaborating on C9), but Puma is like this gaming shoe and these days Gaming chair... Of course, there are a lot of gaming chairs, but this friend For console games The gaming chair is unique in its own way.

I don't think there will be a lot of sales, so I don't know how long it will go, but I think it's nice to try to make sure other companies like this aren't likely to do well. It would be nice to make it a little cheaper... For reference, that chair is about 250,000 won... Whoo...

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