Philips 325M7 QHD 144 gaming flawless monitor review! I am very satisfied!

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Philips 325M7 QHD 144

Philips 325M7 QHD 144 gaming flawless monitor review!

In the past, when I was using a laptop, the laptop broke down, so I used the TV monitor that I used as a TV for several years. Then, since I moved out and made my friend worse, let's buy a nice monitor! This is the Philips 325M7 QHD 144 gaming flawless monitor.

The basic features of this monitor are 144hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync, 1ms response speed, SmartImage, Ultra Wide Color, QHD, curved display, eye protection (flicker free, blue light). I will write them one by one.

Philips 325M7 QHD 144

The Philips 325M7 QHD 144 is packed with gaming features.

First of all, the 144hz refresh rate is not that I have compared with 60 or 70hz, but when I set this 144hz, it is definitely a little softer? I felt this way. However, as far as I know, 144hz covers up to 144 frames... In this sense, I think my computer's performance should be better to really show its value. If the game comes out about 60 frames, then 60hz is enough.

In the case of AMD Freesync, it is a feature that is included in quite a few gaming monitors these days, so it is hard to see it as a merit of this product. However, this Philips 325M7 QHD 144 is also said to be applicable to G-sync. As far as I know, G-sync is a bit trickier than Freesync. 

Monitors with a response speed of 1ms are not that many than expected. Of course, not everyone is so sensitive, but I think these functions are more valuable when they are there than when they are. This monitor is said to implement 1ms with a function called MPRT. However, I know that the Flicker Free function does not work when MPRT is being applied. Still, it doesn't work except when playing a game because I heard that it works after 70 frames or so, so I think it's not too much for normal use. Of course, you wouldn't know if you were playing games all day long.

The SmartImage function is a function that displays an appropriate screen according to the game genre. Once you play games for each genre, you'll feel it, but once you look around, the screen colors and things change in their own way. I still don't know what genre and how it will be printed, perhaps FPS is expected to make it easier to find even a little dark enemy. And in addition to the default mode, there are also two customizable slots. It's great because it's customizable. In addition to this, the SmartFrame is a feature that helps you focus attention on areas where the enemy might suddenly move... Honestly, I'm not sure about this yet.

Philips 325M7 QHD 144
The picture is small, so it’s not realistic, but in reality I feel overwhelmed

The Philips 325M7 QHD 144 is a monitor with great resolution and color.

This is actually my first time using QHD. QHD feels like the screen is cleaner. And since the screen was wide, my city was much nicer when I was doing'Cities Skyline'. However, personally, QHD is a game as well, but I think it feels much bigger when viewing photos. When I looked at the pictures, I felt really overwhelmed. Haah, I'm using FHD now...

Ultra wide color, this is the technology of Philips monitors, but I think you will need several comparison groups such as LG or Samsung. And since my eyes are not so sensitive, they all just look good. Experts will determine.

I'm also almost new to curved displays. It's been quite a while since I haven't been to a PC room... Nothing feels like this, it just feels like your eyes are getting used to. But looking at the side, it's definitely bent... I think. As I get used to curved displays, flat displays just get awkward, but I'm not sure yet. However, I heard that it is not good when working with graphics. Because the sides are bent, there must be distortion. 

The Philips 325M7 QHD 144 is also suitable for eye protection.

The Philips 325M7 QHD 144 also comes with a lot of eye protection features. The TV monitor I used before, honestly, hurt my eyes quite a bit. My eyes were stinging unless I was very focused like a game. I'm not sure about this monitor yet. I know if this vision protection function is good or bad after a long period of use. In the case of old TV monitors, it seems like a problem because I used relatively close things that had to be used from a distance because they were friends who had to be used as'TV'. Whenever I try my computer all day, I think it's worth it.

Philips 325M7 QHD 144 has its own connection terminal and supports HDMI, DP, D-SUB, and is said to be compatible with various input devices. However, personally, it is a little disappointing that I think of console games among large screens or gaming monitors, so those with more than two HDMI are quite a bit coming out, which is unfortunate in this part. Of course, I could put it all together, but at least I think HDMI is the most popular these days. I'm sorry.

Other than this, there is no basic speaker function. So, you have to plug in earphones. This was a big drawback for me, but I'm just going to buy one of these speakers. Is it a solution to the shortcomings? However, it may not be a big problem for many gamers to usually equip a gaming headset.

The Philips 325M7 QHD 144 is personally very satisfied!

Personally, I am very satisfied. Of course, it may be natural that this monitor is by no means a cheap friend. And since I didn't do a comparative analysis between monitors, I might have better friends at similar prices. However, I am convinced that this is a good friend objectively in terms of size, quality, function, and appearance, and I liked it more because Alpha Scan, which gives as, seems to be a good image. If you're thinking of a 300,000 won gaming monitor, I think it's worth considering! It was a Philips 325M7 QHD 144.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

My favorite QHD gaming monitor!

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