The story of hanbok drawn by obsidian. A book that has written and illustrated quite well

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The story of hanbok drawn by obsidian

The story of hanbok drawn by obsidian. It's a pretty well written book

Obsidian Illustrator is very popular, so at least everyone who comes to this blog will know it. I think I heard somewhere that this person published this book through crowdfunding. And I read it by chance. The story of hanbok drawn by obsidianis.

The story of hanbok drawn by obsidian

Once I read this book, there are many things that made me think about hanbok again. First of all, as I am very interested in decorating blogs, I am very interested in colors. Hanbok is just as flashy. I only thought about it in this way, but it was a bit curious that each color has meaning. It's not at the level of the old goal-pump system or the crown-ranking system, but it's pretty much divided...

It was also a bit curious that hanbok has been changing according to the times, and I was a little surprised that Korean traditional clothes, which seem to be wounded (?), which appear in movies and dramas, often worn by parasites like Eo-dong, are relatively recent. It was also curious that Hanbok was weighed a lot. It may be that it is something like Hanbok, but it is different from Hanbok that is not Hanbok, of course, because we are future generations, but it was surprising to think that we took all the design and practicality without hurting the tradition. Of course, it's just because I'm not interested, and some of the modern hanbok designers also meet both tradition and design.

Another interesting thing is that the basic clothes of Hanbok haven't changed significantly, but that's why parts such as accessories such as hairstyles and knots have developed quite a bit. Looking at this, it seems that our ancestors were very concerned about Confucianism or anything.

I was very impressed because I read the book itself! Honestly, there wasn't much like this... But I didn't know what kind of picture Obsidian was drawing roughly, but the pictures in this book are definitely excellent... Somehow, because they were used to explain hanbok, the friends who gave me that strength No, the quality is considerable. To show the process one by one, I drew everything neatly, except for the simple lines drawn. As expected, an illustrator specialized in hanbok... Anyway, I will study a lot! I think it's a very good book to read with the idea that it is simple and fun to read rather than mind.

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