[Self-development of the month] In November 2019, self-development, ring feet and various self-development started.

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Self-development in November 2019. Masterclass, Udemy, Ringpit, etc. start. About 4KG loss.

This month's self-development is really literally a space to write about my one-month self-development, and to be honest, I am not writing to show anyone. This is a place I use to leave my own mark. So, maybe you won't see this, but even if you look at it, the advice or improvement is good, but I hope you don't swear at it. It is self-improvement in November 2019.

1. Start a ring fit.

I started the ring fit! I don't do it well on weekends, so I think it's roughly every two days on a weekday basis. When the ring feet are checked on the device, it is said that only the time the ring is actually moved is recorded. I tend to break one stage a day and two stages when the stage is a little easier. Adventure mode (story) It is said that I assumed that I exercised for 90 days based on breaking one stage.

It takes about 2 to 30 minutes to break one stage. However, it is only about 10 minutes that is actually recorded, so it makes me sad. He is comforting himself that he is working hard during that time. I recently bought a Xiaomi scale and checked it, and I sincerely hope that there are good results. Ringfit is mainly for strength training, so if the muscle mass is increased a little, it can be considered that the exercise effect is sure.

I am trying to upload the number of ring feet per month by taking screenshots, but now the SD card reader is broken and it is left to A/S... I will upload it as soon as the problem is resolved.

2. Unreal lectures, masterclass, and other self-development

Since I started working in November, I'm still a newcomer, so I don't work much overtime, but I think I'm still less habitual with these self-improvements. I dont listen to one a little bit a day, but I try to study even a little more when I work less overtime like now. If you get used to life to some extent, you will be able to do it more smoothly.

Most of the time I listened to the blog post before MasterclassI UdemyMainly listening to the Unreal Engine official website Educational materialsThey are watching little by little. I'm still lazy, so I haven't gotten into a habit... I'll study hard! I haven't been able to do exactly what kind of lecture yet... it's not that much, so I'm going to post it here when I've finished listening to it.

3. Diet record

It's actually the main of this series. Honestly, no one is curious about my study... Saomi scaleWe check our weight every week. They try to be successful on a diet by whipping themselves. Personally, I like it because I'm losing weight. But when I'm working, what happens once on the weekend... But I think it's the end of the year and it's been a while since I started working.

It was 95kg in early November. And I started recording my weight from the time I bought the Xiaomi scale, and I took 91 kilograms, but I'm a bit stagnant now... It's the end of the year, so I go to dinners and many places... Of course, it's a wedding at that time. I did. The answer is that I work harder.

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