[Looking back on 2019] 1. 2019 blog settlement and blog 2 year review! Etc

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2019 blog settlement and

Blog 2 year review

2019 blog settlement and blog 2 year review, etc.

2018 was really the worst year for me, but 2019 was last yearMuch better than that. The best part is that I have finally passed the civil service exam... I will start with self-development one by one. 2019 blog settlement and blog 2 year review.

Self-development in 2019

I read a total of three books in 2019, the best stock optimal timing, making 1 million YouTube subscribers, and thinking about thinking. Normally, I read about 10 books a year, but this year only three books... not much. I will try to read at least ten books next year.

A total of 17 movies watched in 2019, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Alita: Battle Angel, 1987 (I watched 1 time last year and 2 times in total), Extreme Occupation, Thor: Ragnarok, Dragon Ball Cho: Broly, Avengers S: Endgame, It's You!, Grand Budapest Hotel, Baby Driver, Dunkirk, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Joker, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Parasite, Big Short, Frozen 2. It seems to be insufficient, but it seems to be good.

There are several games like Gwent this year, but it is a pity that there are few games cleared. In addition to this, we also organized a lot of music samples. However, maybe this year I studied and started working, but it was somewhat insufficient for self-improvement. Among the goals of this year, the diet that has always been included was also ruined this year. In addition to the samples, there were quite a lot of files to be organized, but there were not enough. However, I haven't gotten used to work yet, so I think it will get better in the future.

2019 blog settlement and countless miscellaneous stories

From now on, there are really long talks about blogging. It's not really interesting content, it's more of just being stuck on your own. So for those of you who don't read... The progress of my blog over a year can be summarized in those two photos above. last yearOf course, it was true that it wasn't enough because it was the first time I created the blog All figures are more than three times this year than last yearHas been. Of course, if you wrote this much in the past, people would have come three times more than they are now, but well, I don't regret coming to WordPress, so I'm willing to accept it. There is also a project that takes a big picture of its own. The project aims to start next year.

2019 blog settlement
A total of 141 articles were written in 2019. I am satisfied.

In 2019 The total number of writings is 141This year, I put great emphasis on taking the big picture of the blog, so I started blogging with the goal of starting various projects. So, there were a number of new projects I started with, such as a monthly blog that I write for myself. It is still not enough, but I tried to set up my own system. I will use it even more consistently.

This is one of the most important things in growing a blog in English Link BuildingIn simple terms, I mean increasing the linkage of my blog posts. When I write a post, the links of my blog posts run to some extent in the post, and external links are attached, and as these things are repeated, a sticky connection like a spider web is completed. Apart from trying to capture the big picture, there were some writings that were somewhat random. These days, I realize that and I am trying to make my blog stickier even a little bit.

On the other hand, I'm a little non-mainstream person... Originally, I didn't use a lot of sites like keyword planners, but I'd like to use them little by little. The downside of keyword planners is that they don't speak English unless they speak English, but all people think of them is similar, so things that are popular in North America are somewhat popular in Korea unless they are completely Korean-limited like WordPress. I thought it would work. So, while writing what I want, I'm going to write a bit of something that makes sense first. Until now, I had only written articles that really fit my heart. Now, when I consume some of the backed-up materials, I have to think about each article and write it. In that respect, the screener series I used recently were hits even though I wrote them without thinking much, but I feel good.

It's good that I did my blogging activities hard, but I was also lazy, so it was a pity that I couldn't write down all the articles from previous blogs. There are still dozens of articles to write... This is not just a copy, but the writing skills at that time were really poor, so there is no better yet, but in fact, I am doing a blog post remake. However, it seems that there is definitely no inflow from Naver on a light and popular topic such as a book report. Well, it's also for my own development, so I'm going to think it good.

Two years of WordPress experience, Naver blog I used as a child, and Google blogger who worked for a while on T-story a few years ago seem to have a total blogging experience of about 10 years. But it's really always lacking. Really... Just looking at it this year, I changed the format of the article and made a lot of modifications. Even then, it's still not finished... I feel like this. When will it be finished?

Coupang Partners Affiliate Marketing 19 Year Results
The number of clicks itself is quite surprisingly. But the profit...

In its own way, affiliate marketing startEven now, I upload a link every time I write a product review, but surprisingly, I still have no profits. I've been told that affiliate marketing started at Amazon.com. It was not a fact check. Anyway, in foreign countries, Amazon is almost the best online shopping mall, right? So, if the link is Amazon, it seems to be the cheapest product, so affiliate marketing seems to work well. However, in Korea, there is only Coupang where you can actually do affiliation marketing in the style of Amazon. Coupang is good for recognition, but it is not a perfect one in price or quality, right? So it seems that some things don't work well. Coupang prices are of course not bad, but if you look further, there are some cheaper and better links. So I don't seem to be buying anything through my link. There are surprisingly few clicks per day.

I think you need to study more about affiliate marketing. If you look at the stories related to affiliate marketing in Korea or abroad, they are really very obvious and only obvious... Do these guys eat and live with this? I haven't thought of this once or twice. However, it is true that my competence or expertise is very lacking now, so I thought that I should try again in earnest after securing such an image that I will develop myself further and, for sure, this is a specialized field. The really fortunate thing is that since I work now, I can earn a little money and follow the trend of the times a little more. I will try to show the state of further development in relation to money (?). Link PriceI'm also looking at the same site, but I'm writing a lot about apps, so there's a lot of affiliate marketing in the first place...ㅠㅠ

Surprisingly, there are many sites in Korea that conduct affiliate marketing in self-destruct mode, but I am not sure how much money they make. In general, it would be very difficult to make money with a Korean blog, but I know that if you are able to make a living, you can make a living. I would like to refer to popular foreign affiliate marketing blogs.

Originally, I was going to reorganize my blog at the end of the year, but my favorite plugin Oxygen has another problem, so I send and receive emails with supporters there every weekend. I'm worried because I still haven't seen any signs of improvement. There are still many elements I want to change, but I am worried. Of course, I think I need to learn web programming to create the ideal shape I want, but it's still a bit far away. These days, I am trying to imitate the parts I want to imitate while browsing the web and bookmarking the cool sites I see. I was in a really good mood when I built the basics of a blog in the last few weeks... but now I see a lot of things that are really missing. I want to change it quickly, but I am sorry.

In the previous Tistory blog, when I wrote about 400 articles, about 600 people came a day. However, in the days of T-story, there were only about 300 texts that people could actually see because there was only a lot of confusing, but at that time, people seemed to have heard that Naver did not discriminate very much. Oh, of course, those who do WordPress will all agree, but making search results on Naver is quite difficult. I think that Tstory's strengths are from not having to worry about that. Of course, these days, Tstory seems to have a lot of worries.

I'm studying little by little, such as self-development, but I think the big problem is that I'm still lacking in expertise. It seems that a lot of people will come to blogs with expertise. How much can it improve next year?

As I wrote without thinking, the rumors were long, but too long... Nowadays, I have been living with these kinds of thoughts and the writings have been written so naturally... There are so many things to do, but I try to live with the idea that I will do things little by little.

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