[Looking back on 2019] 2. Passing record for local level 9 public officials in 2019

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2019 local level 9 public officials

Pass memo

2019 provincial level 9 public official pass memo

Originally, I was really worried about whether I should use this or not. However, since it is definitely one of the most important things that happened in 2019, I have nothing to boast about, but I write it down with a mind to reflect on myself. 2019 provincial level 9 public official pass memois. For your reference, you write it down for your own record. There will be no tips like thisis. I haven't actually seen anything like this in the reviews. Oh, I should have written it earlier, but there were so many things in January, so I'm posting it now...

2019 provincial level 9 civil servant pass testimonial
There were quite a few books, but this is the only one left after giving away...

Approximate record for 4 years

Since 2015, I have been preparing for the 9th grade civil service exam and took the 16 17 18 19 exam, and this time I was stuck. In total Number 10... I saw it. The preparation period was as many as 4 years... After preparing for 2 years as a general administrative job, I changed my direction to a technical job, especially a civil engineering job (installation job) in the middle, and prepared for about a year and a half and passed.

In the first year of my exam life, there was nothing much. I hardly listened to Ingang and studied at an academy near where I live, so I worked out occasionally while going back and forth between the academy houses. And maybe in the first year, I wasn't very good at it or my grades weren't very high. If you say good, you have a good grade, and if you say bad, you will never pass. Still, when I was in my first year, I didn't take it that badly.

When I was in my second year of my exam life, even now, my ability was the highest ever. However, I couldn't apply for a group job because of my mistake by reading the newspaper... I know that it was a teaching job... But is this fate because my original goal was a teaching job? I wanted to go to school. However, whether it was a problem of my ability or the way I took the test was changed, the original math score was always 85 points, but suddenly 60 points came out. Even now, it's a lot of regret. 85 90 90 60 75 I remember it came out like this. If only math had been my usual score, I would have been a public servant.

When I fell again in the second year and preparing for the third year... In December, a new president was elected, so I took additional tests. In the area where I was taking the exam at the time, I didn't hire a party. So I just took a break. However, at the time, only the civil engineering and construction jobs were among the technical jobs that I was taking exams, so I was thinking about one of them, and then I tried it as a test. Originally, I never thought of seeing other serials, but a friend who was preparing for a mechanical job at the time passed the civil servant in two months... From his point of view,'If I prepare for a technical job, it would have been as fast as me, but it's a pity.' It is said that I thought of it. And he had been hooking me up for almost a month and taking the exam.

I had prepared a party, so I skipped the cut line, but the problem was that I had a friend called Applied Mechanics among the civil engineering subjects, and this friend got 30 points, so it was a mistake. However, if you study only for two months and get 30 points... If you study for six months, would you be honest? With this thought, I turned to civil engineering at all. I just didn't want to spend some money, so I only need 40 points, right? I had some of these uncomfortable thoughts. So I prepared myself at all, and I usually don't take internet lectures, but I listened to the free lectures that were affiliated with the school... and the exams were difficult. So you get 25 points and you're wrong again.

In the fourth year, I started again before planting. I started attending the academy right away in July and started anew, but the teacher at the time had a conflict with the academy, so I returned to Noryangjin... So I was a little bit upset and took a break and prepared my own certification. In May, I will start studying again in a group tutoring method.

Still, I didn't understand the whole thing, but I only started to understand if I realized something about February of last year. In last year's national exam, although it fell, it was the first time I passed the mistake, and my confidence exploded, and in June, the competition rate was also low, so I passed it lightly. For reference, I did my own preparations for certification last year, but I couldn't get it because of another situation. So, in the end, I passed without any qualifications or additional points.

Class 9 miscellaneous stories that suddenly came to mind

I'm at a stage where I can't get used to working now, but if I had to study more and pass general administration... I sometimes think about it. There were a lot of people who studied with me this year, but their friends mainly prepared for administration, so if I had continued to challenge myself, I couldn't help but feel like this. However, I have a strong idea that at least 9th grade officials are unconditional luck. I saw a lot of people who showed good grades suddenly didn't come out, and I saw a lot of things like this... There are quite a few people I met after attending academy for about two and a half years, but there were a lot of people who got stuck in the last year, so I included one-third of those people until this year. Degree passed. Of course, many people give up while preparing.

Honestly, it is about a year to study, and I think that everyone who has some thoughts prepares hard. No-Ryeok~ I couldn't believe this anymore... But it may be that I thought this because I prepared for a while. Normally, 9th grade prepares for 2-3 years and then gives up. But I think they are all relative. Of course, I was not just studying for 4 years. There are so many games...

It's not a 9th grade, but for some reason, I haven't heard that my friends got stuck in another exam. I passed only 9th grade a lot... 2019 was a very good year for me, but I think it was a badly remembered year for many.

In fact, there have been quite a lot of things happening over the past four years, but there are a lot of things that have been omitted here because there are a few. And I think it's too much for me to write it down... I didn't write it to be helpful, but this shouldn't be too helpful... I'm sorry for those who came to get tips;;

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