[Looking back on 2020] 1. 2020 blog settlement and 3 year review of WordPress!

2020 blog settlement and WordPress 3 year review

2020 blog settlement and WordPress 3-year review!

There have been so many things happening to me in 2020 this year, and so many (mostly bad...) things have happened in relation to blogs. But fortunately, we are aiming for a little bit of a rebound. I will use it little by little. 2020 blog settlement and WordPress 3-year review!

2020 blog settlement
WordPress 2020 statistics
2020 blog settlement monthly
WordPress 2020 monthly statistics. This year's situation is clearly revealed...

1. 2020 blog settlement and statistics

  • Number of blog posts in 2020: 124
  • Total blog visitors in 2020: 35819
  • Blog total pageviews in 2020: 46165
  • Last year's blog page views: 27,164 -> about 20,000 more than last year

Compared to last year, overall blog numbers have risen very much!! And I thought that the number of posts was quite small, but as well as a lot of things I wrote down at the beginning of the year, I managed to save a lot with a total of 124.

2. Epilogue of WordPress 3rd year

In the first year of WordPress WordPress first step, In the second year Stages of ripening handsIn the 3rd year of ramen, it was a time when we tried a lot of new attempts while optimizing it slowly. However, there were many other bad things. Probably in history... I will write one by one.

1) Blow up the hosting site

Free hosting I used to love siteSomehow, Ddos was attacked a lot. So, my site was often down, but one day, I was attacked a little bit, so Youngja declared the site to be shut down... Fortunately, he withdrew that word to see if mental has returned, but instead, the site was closed. It will be a bit lighter (?), so I told you to use a different hosting site for important sites.

I made a big mistake there, but when I declared the site to be suspended, I looked for a way to evacuate. AWS LightsailI tried to use it, but something didn't work. But here I should have created a new site (blank site) -> data transfer -> domain connection, but I think the work was done in this way: creating a site -> domain connection. As a result, my new site now becomes this domain address, and my blog traffic has plummeted to a fifth or sixth since the beginning of the day... This blog, which had been close to 300 a day, has sharply reached 50 and 60. It will be reduced to... The hyeonta (?) at the time came and used very badly PostingThere is... Tears cover the front...

Honestly, I still don't know the obvious cause, but if I think about it now, it seems to be because of the above reasons, and when I look around WordPress, I have a lot of emphasis on the'working' page, and I found that there is a reason... or Cloudflare, etc. I heard that there is also the ability to save an existing blog site and show it to others as you work.

Anyway, I've been looking for web hosting since then, and after thinking about it myself, the friend I chose still uses. ClosteIs a friend called. Although I wrote a little in the review, the customer center is really chic (?). Instead, the performance is solid and it's painful to spend close to 20,000 won per month, but instead, in the past, blogs stopped once or twice a month (usually brief, but often a few hours, or a day or two...), and Filezilla often went in. There were some minor problems, such as things that had to be fixed, backups had to be done (this part is also painful when I think about it later...), but there are some parts that have become sequel because I have to pay for it now.

Of course, it was a little disappointing to send it because it was a site I had been fond of for two years. And I am just grateful that it was a site that was responsible for the start of my WordPress, which was very helpful when I was not working. English-language people don't make any money with this hosting other than AdSense. What the hell are the guys who attack such great sites...

2) Plug-in error...

This is the part that connects to the'backup' part above, but if you use the image optimization plugin incorrectly, it will break... In the past, the blog was a little damaged due to the wrong use of the translation plugin, but now I use the image optimization plugin incorrectly, so many images in my posts are gone. Yes... This friend is a strangely rated friend, but I don't know exactly whether it's not compatible with Oxygen, or if it just doesn't fit well with my blog like our open source WordPress, which is the cause. Previous WP Rocket I wrote it down in the review, but like the old Litespeed Cache, hundreds of thousands of people use it well, and my blog had a problem. WordPress really seems like a ride for people... so I felt it again that it was really important to use a good service...

Anyway, I have plans to reorganize my blog as well as translating old posts, but it seems that the process of appropriately revising the images at that time is essential. My heart hurts a lot... The friend I use now shortpixelI'm a friend called, and the evaluation is good, but indeed...

3) blog reorganization

It seems to have been the year of most blog reorganizations. Usually, the blog is reorganized once a year, but this is probably the year when the plugin was used the most, except for simple test purposes. And it's important that I'm implementing not only the simple design but the ideal design I think little by little. I'm still not good enough, but I'm always trying to make an ideal design in my own way. latelyIt has been changed to a little refreshing (?) while maintaining the purple color.

I often go in siteAlmost like the site operator Hobby levelSometimes I change the design often, but I want to apply the best design that I think of. On the one hand, I would have liked to write down every major design change like this site.

In addition to the ideal design, we are always concerned about various functions. In fact, it is a part that has not been reorganized yet and will be reorganized in the near future. We plan to revise various parts of our own, such as the Reading Process part, the search box part, and the menu part. Spend a little money...

In addition to the features, I like it because the speed has been secured to a certain degree. Of course, there are still more improvements, but this seems to be something to watch in the longer term.

3. 2021 blog plans and others

As mentioned earlier, I plan to develop a blog functionally and greatly on the basis of it. And the plan itself was planned for nearly two years, but it is still not starting... We plan to proceed with the blog multilingual plan in earnest. And this year, I have established my own self-development system, so I am going to move the parts I studied back to the blog. Besides these, there are so many things that I have planned... I'm going to aim to practice the things that are only in my head. That's why we try to achieve our glory again earlier this year and avoid the same fatal mistakes as before.

My goal is to blog all my activities. I've already been progressing to some extent, but it's just a few things, and it seems that something wasn't systematic. Next year, I will try to document myself a little more systematically.

Before EagleI felt it at, as this is a blog that moves according to the blessings of the Google God like YouTube, it seems that the blog works well or not. I'd rather be fortunate that there was even a little guessable cause, but for reasons that are really hard to guess, it would be really heartbreaking if your blog traffic suddenly drops. That site has been in operation for over 10 years, and even though he's much better than me, he's been up and down quite a bit... I'm just downhill now... I'm trying to think like this.

There are some parts, such as hosting, that I must have gone through when my blog grows (I think I should have gone to paid hosting because it became difficult to use free hosting after 9 to 11 months according to my plan.) If you succeed later, it's rather good if you think about it now.

There are a lot of regrets this year, but I have only two parts to regret (the two catastrophes listed above...) because I worked hard as possible. Of course, at the time, it was impossible to predict at all, so I thought it couldn't be helped, but at least the above image part was a part that could be prevented if it was a little more detailed... I hope.

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