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October 2021 monthly blog. Performance increased slightly. really small...

Last month, I worked hard on my own writing, and these days, I have been translating my blog a little bit but steadily, so I was expecting a lot of good results.

1. WordPress Performance

WordPress performance this month was slightly higher overall than last month. It's not a big difference... but it doesn't seem like the effect of blog translation is still showing or anything like that. Is there something wrong with my blog settings...

First of all, on Worth of Web, my blog value fell from $9,301 to $9,297 last month, on Siteworthtraffic, my blog value fell from $1,224 to $1,014, and on Siteprice, my blog value dropped a little from $1,765 to $1,764. Unlike other numbers to be written later, they have been slightly downgraded... Alexa Rank has been slightly lowered from 734,209 to 739,878, which seems to be the effect.

Semrush's various numbers seem to have risen slightly, but apart from that, Semrush Rank has slightly decreased from 8,668,602 to 8,901,374. Still, the ranking in Korea rose slightly from 51,652 to 49,731. This part seems to make more sense.

On Similarweb, my blog ranking in the world rose from 2,115,325 to 2,019,840, from 36,725 to 35,666 in Korea, from 54,437 to 52,734 in the category, and the number of visitors slightly increased from 9,317 to 9,678.

In Ahrefs, Ahrefs Rank slightly increased from 121,116,483 to 119,968,868. On Ubersuggest, numbers have risen slightly. However, this friend secretly updates frequently, and there is an update that I like. It is a function that measures the value of traffic, and it came out to $ 825.16. We look forward to seeing how it develops in the future.

Since last month, Naver Search Advisor has also been measuring the number. Recently, the total number of clicks is said to be 1,800, but the total number of impressions recently decreased significantly from 3,300 to 1,600 for some reason... A blog that was properly abandoned by Naver... Please love me again...

2. Google service performance

Last month, Google Analytics saw a slight drop in users from 3,300 to 3,100 and sessions from 3,400 to 3,300, but revenue per thousand rose slightly to $1.89.

Google Search Console saw a slight decrease in clicks from 2,460 to 2,380. And last month's AdSense earnings were $8.02. These days, earnings fluctuate between $2 and $8. But what makes me feel good is that after almost two and a half years, the $100 has been filled, so it looks like the money is coming to me soon. Oh oh...

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