[This month's self-development] Preparing for a new leap forward... April 2021

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Preparing for a new leap forward... April 2021 Self-development of the month

I don't have much to write about this month... I feel like I'm lacking in stamina these days, so my self-development has been sluggish overall. But I can't write it down...

This month is very poor with an average to-do completion rate of 9%. Instead, I decided to make a plan to stick to the habits five times a week. Trying to do the things I have to do every day takes too much time, and when I try to do it at night, my concentration drops a lot... Anyway, if I see a change in my weight, etc.

However, on the other hand, Habitify is still lacking in features... 5 times a week... I want to do something like this, but the number of times seems to be recorded, but the interface is very poor. To be honest, I bought the Lifetime version, so I'm sorry.

Meanwhile, last month, I realized something related to self-development, so I am going to post a study-related article every week. This is my first month, so I've only written an overview, but I'm going to collect a little bit of what I've been studying every month and put it up on my blog. It's something I'm studying anyway, but I thought it would be great to have a certain amount of views as I was able to study and post it while rearranging it to post it on my blog. However, in the current situation where self-development is still lacking, I am working hard little by little while continuing to find a way. Good changes in the future...

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