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September 2021 monthly blog. How effective is the translation?

We haven't had much to do with WordPress this month, but there are a few things that stand out. It's that foreign inflows are gradually coming in. Recently, I've been working on my blog translation a little more. Of course, it still lacks a lot... but I think this influence is still there. Let's write them one by one.

1. Blog Performance

This month, all of a sudden, the value of my blog has gone up tremendously. The value of my blog on the Worth of Web has more than tripled from $2804 to $9301. And SitePrice has also gone up quite a bit, from $657 to $1765.

For some reason, it seems that Alexa Rank has risen a lot from 1232494 to 734209. Obviously, that Alexa site must be a well-known site... I don't know the exact reason whether it's simply not a friend to use in Korea, or whether my blog's value has risen as much as I did. Of course, in the past, the value of my blog was much higher, but at one time it fell a lot.

In Semrush, contrary to Alexa above, my blog ranking dropped quite a bit from 8043583 to 8668602. My blogging activity was sluggish last month, but...

On SimilarWeb, my blog ranking rose from 2243475 to 2115325 worldwide, from 38753 to 36725 in Korea, and from 56785 to 54437 in the category. For reference, the number of visitors increased slightly from 8685 to 9317. I feel good

On Ahrefs, the ranking has risen dramatically from 129085415 to 121116483. He is also in the millions of rankings, but I think we need to use it a bit more first.

Other than that, in Google Analytics, the number of users went up quite a bit from 2800 to 3300. Sessions also went up quite a bit from 3000 to 3400, which feels good. In Google Search Console, clicks went up from 2020 to 2460 and impressions went from 34900 to 37400.

However, it is heartbreaking that Google Analytics revenue has dropped quite a bit to $2.45...

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