Neat and safe neckband bluetooth earphone, AKG Y100 wireless review

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AKG Y100 wireless

Neat and safe neckband bluetooth earphone, AKG Y100 wireless review

Recently Sony bluetooth earphoneI purchased these earphones, but because of the opportunity to buy these earphones cheaply, I also bought these earphones. AKG Y100 wirelessis. Originally, the price of this friend is 99,000 won. However, thanks to the event, I was able to buy it for 9,900 won, so it can be said that it was a very cheap price.

AKG Y100 wireless

AKG Y100 wireless is clean and convenient.

AKG Y100 wireless is basically a neckband type bluetooth earphone. Compared to LG Tone, which is synonymous with Bluetooth earphones, the neck part is a little thinner than LG Tone. So I feel that I wear a necklace relatively. LG Tone's products and high-end friends are a little cool these days, but I honestly didn't think that old products were pretty. It's my first time using neckband bluetooth earphones, but at first I thought that neckband earphones would be a bit cumbersome, but it feels less like that. I'm not sure if this is the case or all of the neckband earphones. Of course, it may not be suitable for those who have sensitive skin or...

And as you can see at the front of the box over there, it seems that the design won some prize. Definitely clean designDo it. It is concise and has a design that has less neckband tee. I think I just put on earphones unless the clothes are too thin. As a bonus, I also like that the earphone part fits snugly into the ear. And at first I didn't know The earphone part is a magnet So they stick together. It's great for organizing your earphones.

AKG Y100 wireless

The AKG Y100 wireless sound quality is fine, but the bass is a little weak.

The advantage of the neckband type Bluetooth earphone is that the earphone strap is still intact, so the sound quality is good among Bluetooth earphones. And this AKG Y100 wireless is also The sound quality is very goodis. Since AKG is a well-known company in its own right, the sound quality is so flawless. As expected I wrote before Apple earphonesI think this sound quality is better, but after all, those earphones are too good and these earphones are not bad. but The bass seems a little weakThis may be a little disappointing for those who value bass.

Personally, the operation is a little different from ordinary Bluetooth earphones, whether it is considering linkage with various apps. For example, ordinary earphones press the pause button twice to move to the next song. These earphones press the button to raise the sound for 3 seconds, the next song, and so on. So, if you don't look at the manual, you can be very embarrassed. First of all, I'm embarrassed... It seems that there is also a noise canceling function, but I didn't get the feeling that something could be felt.

The AKG Y100 wireless is worth considering among the neckband earphones.

I think the AKG Y100 wireless is also a good earphone. The sound quality is not very good, but it seems to be about the price, and the design is pretty One of the options worth considering for a 100,000 won earphoneI will summarize it. The article ends here. Thank you.

If you are thinking of neckband earphones, this is a good option to consider.
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