Lightning-USB Apple Camera Adapter (Apple Camera Kit) review, wasteful but unavoidable

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Apple camera adapter

Lightning to USB Apple Camera Adapter (Apple Camera Kit)

I think there are probably quite a few people who don't know the existence of this product. It deserves it. In fact, most users have nothing to use. Based on official websiteThe exact name is Lightning to USB Apple Camera Adapter, For short Apple Camera Adapter or Apple Camera Kitis. Also called the iPad Camera Kit. As those of you who have used an iPad or iPhone know, the terminal is not a USB port like an Android phone. It uses something called the Apple Lightning terminal. So I can't connect to the pc. It is not possible to connect not only to a PC but also to most devices using USB. Of course, the latest iPad uses a USB type-c, so there may be changes in the future, but at least all devices except the latest iPad cannot use the same USB that we commonly use.

Apple camera adapter

Contrary to its name, Apple camera adapters are more versatile than you think.

From the name of the Apple Camera Adapter, its original purpose seems to be to connect to a real camera. Connect this Apple Camera Adapter to the Lightning terminal, and plug in the USB cable to use it. It connects to the USB port on the camera and sends photos directly from the camera to the iPhone or iPad. But this product Can be used in many fields requiring USBI bought this product because of a MIDI controller.

Apple camera adapters are frankly too expensive.

The genuine price is 39,000 wonIt is quite expensive. Honestly, I don't like it. Wow, that terminal is 39,000 won... When you look at Gmarket, cheap Chinese products are full. A friend who appears to be genuine Apple is a bit cheaper than the list price, but it still seems to be over 30,000 won. The urge to buy made in China sprang up, but there were many stories that Apple products would be unstable if they didn't use genuine products, so I couldn't even buy made in China. Even though it is full, it’s bad if you blow it, right? Apple seems to have some kind of technology that works only among themselves.

Apple camera adapter

I think this is a possible tactic because Apple has a lot of fans.

ITunes is uncomfortable send anywhereThere are various transmission programs such as, and I don't want to pay 39000 won, so there are a lot of Bluetooth products that don't need USB, so iOS is more comfortable than Android? You have to hear this nonsense story. Well, that product or service part is something that has overcome the discomfort through the efforts of various companies and companies, so I think that's why, but sometimes, is iTunes too comfortable? There seems to be some people like this, so the true taste of people is unknown. Maybe they've just gotten into Apple. On the one hand, since Apple has so many fans, I wonder if it can be stubborn. Something like that 39,000 won... When I searched the official website, it came out for iPad Pro New terminalIs a whopping 49000 won.

I also bought the product It's a waste of money and its uses are very limited, but it's a very unfortunate friend who must buy those who fall into that So personally, I'm very welcome to see the new iPads have changed their ports. But the USB port hasn't been popularized yet, right? Well, it's used on smartphones these days, so the future is good. It's nice that Apple seems to be humble, but little by little. The review ends here. It was an Apple camera adapter. Thank you.

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