Boosted review. Looking forward to the Android time measurement app

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Boosted review. Android time measuring app with potential

If you look at Android apps, there are quite a few apps that measure time. Among them, toggl is particularly famous, and a relatively new app has appeared on Android. Boosted It is late.


Boosted has very good basic performance

Basically, the app itself is very good. Basically, it's easy to use and you can organize your to-dos. For example, if you set up writing and drawing under productivity, it is possible to measure the time for the productivity part, and it is good to measure the time for detailed parts such as writing and drawing.

Although the update is not fast, it is also nice that features are constantly being added. The timer function was added to Pomodoro, but it is frankly nothing special, but I think it added a function that should be basically there.

Boosted is still disappointing

It's a nice and functional app, but there are still a lot of disappointments. First of all, it is a pity that it only supports Android. This is the part that compares the most with toggl mentioned at the beginning of the article. Toggl supports various platforms such as iOS and web, and it can be synchronized, but boosted is still unfortunate in that part.

These days, there are quite a few people who use smartphones than computers, but for those who write or do other work on a computer like me, using it on the web, etc., without having to use a smartphone, I think that the process is hassle-free and can maintain concentration. I think it is probably under development.

And another big disappointment is that it's an Android app, but it doesn't have widgets. Of course, not all apps need widgets, but these time-measuring apps don't have to enter the app and measure the time right away by pressing the start button on the widget, or even if it's not a widget, if you swipe down the top of the screen, it's fast time even in the area with the alarms. I think it's more productive when we can measure it

For your reference, competitor Toggl also supports widgets of course, and quick measurements can be made on the top screen. Rather, this side is always on, like opening a bank app, so it's annoying... Personally, I think it's the most urgent functionally, but I hope it will be updated soon.

The app doesn't seem to be intuitive yet

As you can see from the widget section earlier, I don't think the app is so intuitive. I said that the part that I mentioned as a merit is that I can systematically measure time, but instead, it is a bit cumbersome to press and measure one by one. If it's a normal app, this part won't be a big problem, but this app has to go through this process to measure the time... Just tap it and measure it right away. It would be nice if the good functions were updated so that they can be used intuitively and immediately.

The competitors are strong, but I hope to develop further...

It is still in the early stages of development, or the paid version is not bad. There are several paid features such as automatic backup and timer, but the paid version doesn't seem to have a big advantage yet. Of course, automatic backup is good enough, but I think more functions will be added over time.

There are a lot of Pomodoro timer apps, and there are also a lot of apps that measure time, and among them, apps like toggl are quite popular. Honestly, there are still many better apps, but as much as I paid a premium; We just want to make more updates and better apps.

Boosted theorem


  • Good function
  • Good cost performance (lower premium price)


  • Android only
  • The app is not intuitive
  • Competitors are strong
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