New Clickup app review. In fact, it is in the beta stage, but it seems to have been improved.

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Clickup app

New Clickup app review. An app that lacks features but has ample room for improvement

ClickupBefore reviewIt has always been a love and hate app since I wrote it down. Of course, personally, of course, EvernoteBut still, I always try to use this app and say it's not good, I don't use it, and when it's updated, I try it and try it a bit, then erase it again, and I think about it while using other apps... This is a pretty sad app.

However, rather than continuing to improve the existing app, I keep creating new apps to see if there is no answer. Version 2, version 3 like this. Version 3 came out recently. Version 2 was really disappointing, so I used it to see how much it improved as a friend of my love and hate. This is a review of the 3rd version of the Clickup app. Play Store Link, App Store Link

Clickup app

The Clickup app is still in beta, but improvements are being made.

First of all, the Clickup app is just out of the way, so it's not enough. In fact, it's just a skeleton right now. Currently, it is very difficult to do something only on mobile, and we only support or modify things added from PC. What you can do with the app is about adding to-dos... Of course, the developers also say that they will add at least one feature per week... I don't know if they will keep that promise.

Still, at least one thing has definitely improved. That is, the writing bug has been fixed. This is what I probably wrote down in a previous review, but there was a new bug where the part of the format that should normally be on the keyboard goes into the inside of the keyboard. I've been using nearly 200 writing apps for both iOS and Android, and I've never seen a bug like this for the first time... So I put in feedback, but the kid didn't fix it, but eventually recreating the app. Anyway, from my point of view, it's a pretty fatal bug fix, so I'm happy.

The Clickup app is still lacking, but it needs to be watched

I can feel the interface is getting better and better, but I still lack intuition. Also, no matter how good it is on mobile, it is still at the beta test level, so I think I will have to watch it for a longer time. Still, the obvious advantage of Clickup is the concept that we replace all tools, so the import function is well done. so that TrelloI Notion I was using other tools such as,'Oh, it's better now?' I don't think it's impossible to transfer when you want.

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