ClickUp reviews. Versatility is the most productive tool

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ClickUp reviews. Versatility is the best productivity tool among similar friends

I'll use it step by step later, but if there are quite a few productivity tools that exist Only a lot of features If you want this ClickUpThere are no friends to follow. In fact, there are a ton of features, and updates are quite frequent, and it's surprising that features are constantly being added. I'll use it step by step.


ClickUp has so many features

As mentioned at the beginning of the article There are so many features. This is the biggest feature of ClickUp. First of all, a screen to view things to do in a list is displayed, but it is possible to view in various forms in a Kanban style such as Trello. There is also a function to view as a Gantt chart shape, a box shape, a calendar, etc. In addition, each of these tasks can be used as simple as the To Do app, but this is also a very meticulous tool because it can be set quite in detail from subtasks and checklists to the estimated time. If you pay for it here, there are more features.

It also has its own documentation tool and its performance is pretty good. It feels like a half-and-half mixture of Evernote and Notion. Of course, it is not only possible to write a document, but to set a block like a collaborative tool, and to designate a task or comment. You can also create widgets there, but it's a paid feature, but you can create charts, calculate formulas, create multiple reports, and so on. As a bonus, there is also a feature that can be seen on one screen as seen in Basecamp.

In addition, recently, there is also a mind map function that was unexpectedly rare except for Zenkit. There is also a function to create a form. Besides, it also has the ability to set goals. At the same time, it does not insist on its own standards and is well connected with various tools. For example, it works with Cloud, Github, Slack, Zapier, Google Calendar, etc. In addition, (...) there is an app on the Chrome App Store, so it supports timer functions itself. It also supports quite a few platforms, and I can't use it, but there is also a Microsoft Outlock extension. It's so versatile that, in simple terms, there is almost nothing functionally.

ClickUp has a lot of features, but it also has some regrets such as stability.

As mentioned above, ClickUp has a lot of features in history, and if you look at the official website to see if it actually makes this a major difference, it is better because we have these and these features compared to other competing tools. This part is very appealing. Perhaps the friends who posted competition posts outright here are major apps in similar fields. Trello and so on...

But the old trello ReviewsAs I wrote in Trello, the reason for using Trello is, of course, there are functions, but I think this stability and speed is very high, but ClickUp has so many functions. Stability and speed are very disappointingIt. It is a big disappointment to me that you can see the same items in various shapes. Especially the Kanban part is very disappointing. Kanban literally feels like it's written on a blackboard and it's free to add and move around, and I think this flexibility is a very important part.

In addition Surprisingly complicated to use As a friend, it is difficult to grasp this concept without watching a lot of tutorial videos. At first glance, it seems to be easy to use, and if you use it as a to-do app, you can just use it as you see it. However, ClickUp has a lot of features, and these features Notionor MiroYou can do these things here, you can do goals here, add mind maps in the view, and write them right away like this. The feeling that everyone here and there is playing separatelyIs very loud. The writing part is also very good, but you have to add the Doc part again to use it on that side, and it is difficult to see it secretly. Minor care in this way is completely absurd.

And personally Tools that receive poor feedbackis. First of all, there is a serious flaw in the Android app, but there is a bug where the formatting and other parts of the document part go under the keyboard and cannot be seen (the writing is very ambiguous...). I reported this bug, but it remains the same for several months. In fact, it's a serious flaw that says you can't use the documentation, but the app is updated regularly, but there's no change at all... They draw the big picture of updating these and these things, but they don't seem to listen to others. For reference, that bug doesn't appear when you place the screen horizontally.

ClickUp certainly looks competitive

In addition to posting on ClickUp's official blog that compares it with its rivals, this competitive spirit stands out in terms of pricing. Annual payments cost around 5-6 dollars a month. Evernote or notion level. Looking at the features it supports, it is clear that it is a tool that competes with friends like Zenkit or Trello, or issue trackers like asana, which are much more expensive than Evernote or Notion, but the price is pretty good. It's about 10 dollars per month, so I think I was just aiming.

However, there is another point that is a bit disappointing. I don't know if you don't think Evernote is a rival, but there are no apps that mainly write writing such as Evernote or Notion in the import option. If the writing function was also made powerful, I think it would have been more popular if there were any of the three Evernote, Notion, and Word, but it is quite a pity.

In addition to the big features, we hope to develop small details

ClickUp has recently received a huge amount of funding, so it's not going to go bad for the time being, at least financially. These fields have a lot of strong rivals, so it seems quite competitive, but fortunate. It's a really ambitious tool, and I really like how it keeps improving little by little. And personally, it seems that it is a good interface not only for teams but also for individuals, so it is good that the burden is light. Also, I talked about the Android bug earlier, but except for that part, I am satisfied with the feeling that the interface was created separately for Android.

Overall, it was obvious that it was a good tool, and I was quite satisfied with it, but in the end, it wasn't the perfect tool I wanted, so I was disappointed. If you get a little better feedback, fix Android bugs, make the Kanban function more flexible, and make it more flexible overall, I think it will be a better tool. If only the problems I mentioned are solved, I will immediately pick up the paid version and fix it completely with ClickUp, but it seems that there is still a long way to go. We look forward to further development...

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