Closte reviews. WordPress hosting that only pays for what you use!

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Closte reviews. WordPress hosting that only pays for what you use!

Before Various ArticlesI wrote it a little bit, but in May, there was a problem with the site hosting my site, so my site was destroyed in the process of moving a bit urgently. And the number of visitors has decreased by up to one-fifth, but these days, the number of visitors has recovered to one-third of the previous one. I've lost my enthusiasm for blogs a bit, but instead, let's relax little by little... I write with this mindset.

Anyway, I've picked and picked so many new WordPress hosting sites that I could use in the future. I thought about all the sites that might come out from Google or Reddit. I will write the detailed process step by step later, but in the end ClosteIt was decided as a new WordPress hosting site called.


Closte is a hosting service that pays only for what you use

This is the most striking feature of Closte when compared to other WordPress hosting. The rate plan is not fixed Only what you use is chargedIs. To be precise, if you charge more than 20 dollars (?), it will consume 3 dollars 5 dollars in this way. This method can be seen as the most powerful in terms of cost performance. Godaddy Web hosting, which is just cheap, has a lot of bad stories, so I skip it first, and friends who are considered to be of good quality cost at least $20 per month. inter alia Kinsta $30, wp engine 32 dollars and so on... But honestly, my site isn't big enough to spend more than 30 dollars... I think the quality won't stop my tears if I can't help but pay 30 dollars a month like this...

Closte is a quality service that cares about speed and other aspects.

Closte Based on Google CloudTo do it. It is said that several hosting services use AWS, Google, or their own servers. I'm not a cloud expert, so it's hard to talk about the speed of Google Cloud, but the most important part for Korean people is Google Cloud has a data center in SeoulIs. This is secretly very important. I don't know if you blog based on foreigners, but if you blog for Korean people, you need to have a server in Korea, at least in Japan, so that people in Korea will not be penalized. As a bonus, Google CDN is also supported because of Google Cloud, but in their own words, Google CDN is the fastest.

A secretly common feature of WordPress hosting sites is that some plugins such as security plugins are disabled for reasons such as site speed. Closte is also no exception, so vaccine, back up, Site transfer It automatically deleted the plugin. Of course, I can't use it. It's not like this. Because it is using those services by itself, there seems to be no problem with using the site. In the case of backup, it seems to be taken care of every day. There is an automatic site transfer service for site relocation, and it seems that it manages the vaccine and firewall itself.

However, I don't know if I'm not good at using the function, but I want the backup to become a little more my own, but that part is unfortunate. I used to backup every time I wrote. Well, this is the difference between people, and daily backups are usually okay.

You can see basic information on the panel, such as the number of visitors, and the official website notifies you of server updates, but there are many services that do not reveal these things secretly. Surely the quality of service seems to be good. As mentioned earlier, apart from being charged only for the amount used, there is a certain amount of price itself. Related ReviewsIf you want to use it a little cheaper, you can use a cheaper CDN than Google.

Litespeed It is said to use a server, but it is usually used as a web server. Apache It is said to be faster than the back. It's difficult to talk more about this part because I'm not a web server expert, but it's clear that litespeed is quite low-profile... First of all, I'm using it.

However, in GTmatrix, etc., the score did not go up as expected, but the operator here says that there is no service that can accurately measure the speed of the site...

Closte's customer support isn't bad, but there's a lot to say.

It may not be over yet, but I think I will have to write something that can be used as a later story. Before AWS Light SaleI tried to host myself as well, but gave up, and if I think about it now, my traffic seems to have gone down in the process. Running WordPress is so difficult, even hosting? Wanted. As a result, attention was drawn to premium hosting (Godaddy, etc. has a lot of traffic? If you want to stop the question-and-answer site...), I e-mail a few common questions at once Sent to.

Among them, the fastest reply is WPX hostingWas. I received a reply in less than 10 minutes. Cc... I thought of hosting here at first because the service seemed to be okay here, but there was a fatal problem that the server was only in North America. In other places, the reply took similarly a day or two.

In fact, Closte's reply was a bit slow, but I got tired of the operator reply. They say they don't do marketing. When I asked what was special about this service, I would feel a change if I just used it... Crazy Cool Chic... I have been using it afterwards, so I have a lot of small questions, so I sent several e-mails. Chic enough to be too much togetherI do... I just lose something to say for every single word... What if If you want friendly service, Closte shines. It's not like it's clunky or bad. It feels like it's not literally kind... But it might not be bad as the content is clear...

Closte is very low-profile, but it is a hidden gem.

Closte has not that many results at Google, and it has very little recognition, as mentioned earlier. Because they don’t do marketing themselvesSeems to be. This is what hosting services all do a lot of affiliate marketing. So, no matter how realistically I try to say it, I always write positively (I wouldn't know if I paid for it myself...), but Closte doesn't even do marketing, so it's not even mentioned to professional bloggers. And like this Less commercial lookThis was very attractive to me. Closte seems to be a good option if you use WordPress.

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