CME Xkey 37 reviews. Small and lightweight MIDI controller (master keyboard)

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CME Xkey 37

CME Xkey 37 review. Small and lightweight MIDI controller (master keyboard)

One of my childhood dreams and one of the things I still want to try is composition. Of course, it's not because there is something great musically. Then one day, I bought the iPad Air 2 and what apps are there... It turns out that there are quite a lot of composer apps or instrument apps. Naturally, the MIDI controller (master keyboard) was chosen mainly for friends who support both iPad and computer at the same time. Then, with a small amount of money, I thought about it a lot and finally bought it. Right away CME Xkey 37is. I know that the list price is around 20,000 to 300,000 won, but I bought it for 130,000 won in used countries.

CME Xkey 37
That grandfather is a very famous person.

Honestly, even without such a MIDI controller, it is possible to compose. However, no matter how optimized the touch of the iPad is, it is pressing the screen, so if you touch the screen incorrectly, or if you press wildly, the app will lag... This is quite the case. The iPad is fine, but when using a computer such as Cubase or FL Studio, if there is no MIDI controller, I have to use the keyboard... Honestly, it is very inconvenient. So I bought a MIDI controller with some curiosity.

MIDI controllers include 25 keys, 37 keys, 49 keys, 61 keys, and 73 keys. This one octave is made up of 12 keys, and it's a little empty when it's over here, so it seems like that number came out with one added up to the next octave. In other words, the CME Xkey 37 I bought is 37 keys, so I can assume that it covers 3 octaves.

I have a friend of mine who plays the piano as a hobby, and he says that he needs to be at least 61 keys to play properly. However, if you look at foreign people, you can see that they are good at composing even at 25kg. Personally, I wanted to buy about 49 heights, but my own home is a bit small... I thought that 49 degrees could be surprisingly cumbersome. The 37 was really just right in size.

The CME Xkey 37 is also small and thin, making it a great companion for traveling. Pretty is a bonus.

This CME Xkey 37 is also big, It’s pretty thin Also good. And among the components, there is a bag that is easy to carry with you. That's why it's easy to use anywhere, and it's good enough for camping or traveling. And, among the MIDI controllers, there are quite a lot of products that require an external power supply to be supplied separately for the iPad, but this friend can use it by simply connecting it to the iPad without the need for external power. This convenience is a pretty good friend.

In addition, there is also a white/gray color overall, whether it was a little influenced by Apple. Pretty hotSo the controller looks very nice. It works really well with the iPad. It probably goes very well with a Mac or MacBook.

CME Xkey 37
The keyboard looks pretty thin and pretty.

The CME Xkey 37's keyboard is fine for thin ones. Just give me some strength...

The keyboard itself of the CME Xkey 37 is pretty good. However, the so-called hand taste is not a little, but the keyboard itself is very thin, so it seems that the user needs to understand to some extent. I know that products that produce a piano-grade hand taste from MIDI controllers have a large number of keys and are included in expensive high-end products. Because this friend is not that expensive friend...

I’m going to write a little bit more, it’s good if the keyboard supports strength and weakness, but when connected to a PC, It feels like you have to press hard to make a soundIt was a little disappointing to hear this. That's why I feel that the crackling sound is surprisingly loud when I hit the keyboard... Of course, these parts can be changed according to personal preference.

CME Xkey 37 is a little less merit for those who make music on the desktop.

I bought the CME Xkey 37 primarily with the intention of connecting it to an iPad, but this guy is also good for desktop use. It works fine. But if you’re not using a notebook A bigger, bigger, better friend if you're planning to use it professionally for your desktopI think about buying it.

A similar product, but there is also a Bluetooth version, the CME Xkey Air. I know the price is a little more expensive, but I think that the part that you don't have to connect a line is an advantage beyond imagination. Especially I am trying to use the Xkey 37 Apple camera kitI bought it, but now it’s really a waste of money. Starting with the latest iPad, USB Type C is supported, but it will be a good change when I buy an iPad in the future, but that Apple Camera Kit will become even more difficult. It hurts a lot... On the other hand, there is a thinner version called the LE version, but if you want a smaller keyboard, I think there will be such an option.

The CME Xkey 37 is a good product to use lightly, but If you don't need to make music while on the go, or if you don't use an iPad, I personally think it's better to buy a bigger, better, and more expensive product. But you like something lighter, or you only have MFC or launchpad I need a small keyboardOr I love the iPad oftenI think it is definitely a good option for those who do. official website

CME Xkey 37




Good choice for iOS users or those who need a small keyboard

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