Feedly review. Easy-to-read RSS reader. Almost the only surviving rss leader

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Feedly review. RSS Reader Coming Soon

Once upon a time, I had a friend called Google Reader, and this friend was an absolute powerhouse in the RSS reader world. However, it was obviously very popular, but Google Reader stopped the service, and at that time, there were several RSS reader services such as Han RSS in Korea. as soon as Feedlyis.


Feedly is not necessarily an RSS function, but basic readability is good.

I know that there are still some people who miss Google Reader. It was that good. Now that I think about it, Google google bloggerAs if virtually neglected (updated once a year or not, but it would have been deleted because the number of users was quite large), it seems to have read the times and boldly gave up RSS, but if you see Fidley doing well, you have to delete it. I wonder if it was necessary.

Fidley is a friend I've been using for years. The basic features are pretty good. That's why I'm probably living alone in a field where almost all other RSS's are falling apart. To be honest, Korean RSS readers, such as Han RSS, are just an interface. Since the current interface has been around for several years, I think it is quite ahead of its time.

However, today, I am not going to talk about the RSS function very much, and I Pocketand Instapaper I am writing this as an extension of the review concept. That Pocket, Instapaper, and Fiddler are a little different in basic functions, but now they have similar functions to each other. And RSS itself doesn't seem to be of much use these days. As will be described later, there are some limitations of RSS itself. These days, it seems that a lot of newsletters are sent by e-mail. Even in Korea, there are a few people who are running a general blog and still use the Newsletter, even if they are not Newniks. Of course, I also wanted to... but... the content... poor... ㅠㅠ Someday... definitely...

Fidley doesn't seem to need a paid version either.

Anyway, Fidley must also have to find a way to live, so looking at it these days, I feel that he is strengthening his function as a leader in the line of maintaining his identity. First off, it's pretty good for writing as a leader. It has good basic readability. However, unlike the two friends above, the custom option part is a bit lacking. In addition to this, it's more like a pocket to collect the articles you want to read. Differentiation can be called differentiation.

As with all these apps, the need for paid features isn't that great. Paid features include using custom fonts, speeding up search and text loading, sharing texts in various places such as OneNote or Buffer, and adding small features. There is also a social media promotion function, but I don't know how effective it will be. Is it something similar to Google Ads? Still, it might be good if you use it as a kind of newspaper subscription.

Feedly is good, but there is a limitation that RSS itself is not used well these days...

However, Feedly has a fatal flaw. I'm still talking Root this RSS readerFor this reason, it is fatal to not be able to see all the sites. There are quite a few sites that make it possible to see only the first part of the article or to view it only on their own site. It's pretty lethal if used as a leader...

And the paid version is a bit expensive. The basic fee is $6 per month on an annual basis, and $8 per month to use all the original features, which is very expensive. Still, if you use the $8 pro +, the AI automatically organizes your feeds, etc., but if you use Fidley, things just pile up uselessly, and reading is often very small compared to that, but the AI does it properly I think it would be nice if you could take it out.

Let's go into a little more detail. I have cleaned up the site to some extent now, but when I used it a lot in the past, there were times when only Fidley used it for 1-2 hours a day every day. Since there are so many sites that have been added, we just get over a thousand feeds a day. Of course, there are still about 800 or 900, but of course I don't read all of them. In the past, it really is... So, if the AI is so good that it only reads to friends who really need to read it... Of course, it's hard to judge because I haven't actually used it.

It's free and still very good to use, and frankly, I use it much more often than Pocket. There are some sites that do not receive e-mails for some reason even after subscribing to the newsletter, but it is very good to see them in Fidley. I am still thinking about the paid version, but I think I will try to use it when my salary is much higher than it is now. If you've never used it before, it's definitely a good idea to try it now.

Feedly theorem

Good point

  • Basic functions and good readability
  • Few options to use RSS


  • RSS itself is not used very well these days
  • RSS itself has many limitations.
  • Paid services are expensive
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