[Wadiz] Review of G. Flow Stone. It's pretty cool and it's paper so it's lightweight, but it's a laptop stand that doesn't get wet.

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G.Flow Stone

G. Flow Stone

Review of G.Flow Stone. A nice, lightweight but quite expensive laptop stand

I go to the library once a month and read a magazine. monthly designThere is. It is a magazine that I personally like because there are a lot of various design products in Korea or large companies forming a research team and putting out various designs every month. as soon as G. Flow Stoneis. Wadiz Page

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    G.Flow Stone

    G-Flow Stone is very light and easy to use.

    Gflow is basically a laptop stand. However, this friend because it is made of paper that it is very light. I've bought a folding reading stand before, and despite this guy being not that heavy, it's pretty cumbersome to use, so it's almost in a corner now. But this G-flow is paper, so 90gThey say they don't do it outside. So it is light enough to exceed the light level.

    And the paper is folded It unfolds right away when you take it out of the case. It is also very easy to use. Usually foldable laptop cases need to be unfolded, angle adjusted, and tapped.

    G-Flow Stone is a paper made of stone, so it is water-repellent.

    Of course, when I say 'This is paper', I get anxious and ask how to use it, but I don't know what or how this friend made it. stone paperIt is said. So it is said to be water-resistant. Of course, as it is a water-repellent product, if you soak it completely, it will be a big deal... But if you look at the funding page, it seems that it is okay to wipe the coffee with a towel. This is a good thing as it doesn't seem to be a problem at all when using it.

    I don't know how to make paper out of stone. This part seems to be the technology of the development team. It seems that the developer has a lot of interest in the environment as a whole... As an added bonus, the folded paper structure helps to ventilate the laptop. Obviously, it is a form that has space under the laptop rather than just a flat floor, so it would be good for heat to escape.

    The G-Flow Stone is a very good product, but the case is a bit lacking.

    But there is one downside to this friend. Case... There is a case and a paper band that wraps the case together. Do not throw this paper band away and always use it when closing the case. It says to slice the band to the left and use it. At first, I didn't know the meaning of this word and just ripped it out, and I regretted it very much. I keep saying this, but because this friend has a folded paper structure, If the paper band doesn't support it, it keeps popping out of the case.... So I tried to reattach this band with a bond... It was not possible with double-sided tape... And the paper kept getting caught in the protruding part in front of the Gflow (which supports the bottom of the laptop...). Every time I pull out the paper band to the left, it gets stuck. This is pretty annoying.

    But for some reason, the case of G-Flow, not just G-Flow Stone, looks fine. Also, the case can be used as a phone holder, which is even better. So, at first, was Wadiz used as an initial product? I thought that I was writing the first draft of this article in that way, but when I looked into it a bit more, the G-Flow Stone I was using was the latest one. Whether it is the latest work or a product in a simple test stage, they did not seem to sell it in their smart store yet.

    I don't think I'm the only one who talks like this, but I think it would be better to just use the old version of the case. Or maybe the old version didn't like the paper case? So, I don't know if it became like this because I glued it back together, but it is not recommended to take it out lightly and use it. You have to be very careful not to get caught in the paper band. If it's not renewed and you're going to use it, even if it's a friend's used one, be careful.. Don't accidentally remove the paper band...

    G-flow stones have some emotional teeth (?)...

    Other than this, the fundamental problem that the height cannot be adjusted because it is paper, and the fact that paper costs over 20,000 won for paper, no matter how light and beautiful the design is, are also factors that are quite hesitant to purchase. Wadiz has a bit of a bargain price, so I didn't think about it because I was crazy, but when I write now, it reminds me of my old stand, and it's definitely an expensive guy.

    Still, the design is solid and there is a little bit of pride (?) to protect the environment, so it would be good to use it at Starbucks. If you go to the bathroom with your MacBook on your back like nothing's wrong...

    G-flow stone finish

    Good point

    1. Light and easy to use
    2. The pride of being eco-friendly


    1. The paper band is a bit bad...
    2. Expensive
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