Logitech G Pro X reviews. A gaming headset that pays for the price.

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Logitech G Pro X

Logitech G Pro X reviews. Gaming headsets that pay for the price. Wired wireless depends on your taste...

I purchased a gaming headset. I didn't intend to buy it from the beginning. To be precise, I should buy it someday, but it was about that, but I bought it afterwards. While Lee Wang lived, I wanted to buy a good friend. There are many places, but usually This site You can see the equipment used by Counter Strike Global Offensive Pros, but if you buy a friend you like there, you won't lose money. I also bought one of these. Logitech G Pro Xis.

Logitech G Pro X

The price is quite expensive as it is named Logitech G Pro. It costs about 150,000 won, but I bought a wired version for reference, and the wireless wireless version is much more expensive than this friend now... It's about 100,000 won more expensive. There are some who bought wireless because of the price, but the advantage of wired is that it can be used everywhere. For example, the headset I used for a drum I just bought wasn't really good, so I bought it instead. In addition, the wired version can also be used on the console. wireless can only be used for PC games. I think it's a difference in disposition.

I don't think I can not talk about the appearance. When it comes to the name G Pro, it usually pursues clean and concise rather than fancy appearance. However, this part gives a very atmospheric look. Personally, if it could be worn horizontally, there would have been more, but... Well, it's a friend who came out for gaming... Seeing that the microphone is easy to attach and detach, it seems like a friend who came out considering using it for music or watching movies. I also want it to be.

Logitech G Pro X components
Looking at it like this, it looks quite rich...

As the Logitech G Pro X is expensive, its performance is good too. Comfortable is a bonus

Logitech G Pro X asides gaming, it also adheres to the basic performance of the headset. Of course, there is a price, so it is natural. Because it is money to buy a good cost-effective monitoring headphone for about KRW 150,000... Anyway, it adheres to the basic performance, and if it is a gaming headphone, the gaming function is also indispensable, but Logitech G Pro X supports 7.1 channels. Of course, it’s virtual 7.1, so personally, Virtual 7.1 channel program It's similar in terms of bitterness and feeling.

I heard that the real 7.1 channel actually needs to have 7+1 channels, so it's different from the weight. Actually, I haven't tried it well... But when I used that laser program for a while, it seemed like I used it for free, but the system changed or it became a paid program. In fact, for those who simply want to experience multi-sound, I wanted to just use that... or Sound blaster You can use some low-cost products such as

The reason I hesitated to buy a headset is that I am wearing glasses, and fortunately, the headphones have a pretty good cushion, so I didn't feel any discomfort when wearing them. However, I did not wear it all day, I wore it for about 3 hours, but about 3 hours was okay. I don't know when I wear it all day... Honestly, if it's gaming headphones, I'll have to assume that I play all day long, so I think I shouldn't have any discomfort even if I wear it for 10 hours. I've never done that much, so it's good... But, as the cushions are sealed, I can't help but feel like I'm wearing something sweaty.

Logitech G Pro X is more usable with its own program

Logitech G Pro X uses the Logitech program G Hub to adjust the equalizer or download various settings that users have uploaded themselves. There are quite a lot of types, and there are professional settings such as music for listening, and Bieokson, so it looked good if you used them well. In addition, if you connect to a PC via the included USB, you can use a function called Blue VO!CE, and the sound quality of the microphone is said to be very good. I haven't tested it, so I'm not sure about the change, but when I turned on Twitch, when I saw that the viewers understood me well, the sound quality was actually compliant.

Logitech G Pro X looks like it will last

There are a lot of gaming headsets, so I have been thinking a lot about which friend to buy, but I think Logitech products are usually easy to use. My mouse has been using it well for several years. And was the company this big originally? I made so many things that I wanted, but Logitech G Pro X was also good for me because I was satisfied with it. Someday, if I try other companies' products, it will be a complete comparison, but I can't afford that much money...

Honestly, gaming headsets are a lot less needed unless you're playing FPS or multiplayer games. I also need it because of the microphone when I play the role. 7.1 comes out from the roll, so it's a good thing... In my case, I think I will use it often when playing console games such as Nintendo, but I hope my feelings are right. please...

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