Masterclass reviews. Site to listen to lectures by world famous celebrities

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Masterclass review. Site to listen to lectures by world famous celebrities

Masterclass, Masterclass is a relatively recent Internet lecture site. Features include Deadmouth, Hans Zimmer, Samuel Jackson, Christina Aguilera, etc. World famous celebrities lecture their specialty fieldsIs to do it. Personally, it's really amazing. How do these people gather together;; Of course, if you think about it, it won't be impossible at all. First of all, I tend to listen to lectures one by one, but the lecture time is slightly different for each instructor, but it is usually around 4 hours. That's why I'll grab me and shoot a day~ It's possible to shoot like this. Of course, that's my guess, so I don't know...

Masterclass Masterclass
The site looks neat.

I like the Masterclass because it has less buffering.

Personally, what I like about the lecture Almost no bufferingIs. This was the part that I was most disappointed with when I listened to Udemy. Udemy takes so much buffering that it is easier to listen to lectures on mobile than on PC. However, Masterclass has never been buffered while listening to a lecture. Personally, I like it very much. Udemy would like to pay attention to the Korean server...

There are two types of course vouchers, selling for $90 per class or $180 for a year. The price seems a little more expensive compared to Udemy, but it is understandable because the quality of the lecture is so good. I don't think it's a good discount, but I had a 1+1 event this time, so I bought a one-year pass at that time. $180 is a bit painful, but if you learn it properly, it would be a rather expensive purchase. I will learn hard and live...

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