Melodics reviews. I can have fun learning music

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Melodics reviews. A fun way to learn music

In the past Electronic drumI bought the drums too, but the drums are a bit difficult to practice alone. this and that I bought it... But these instruments were also very difficult for me. When it comes to musical instruments, all of the piano academies are... So, I was thinking about how to practice this instrument before I found it. Right away Melodicsis.


Melodics can learn music like playing rhythm games

In fact, Melodics is often bundled with a MIDI controller (master keyboard). So I think there are quite a few people who knew what this was even if they didn't use it. For reference, bundles aren't just giving, but a couple of months after payment... Anyway, I knew the existence itself from the past, but I didn't have time to go to the music academy because of my job and I was interested, so I signed up.

The biggest feature of Melodics is Like playing a rhythm game Is that you can learn music. Once you connect the instrument to your computer or iPad, you can recognize it, and then play along the keys on the screen. It's just like playing a rhythm game with a real real instrument! The interface is a lot similar. And since I'm playing with a real instrument, not a computer keyboard, this feels different from when I do DJMAX. A more realistic feeling.

So, the biggest advantage of Melodics is that it is very fun. It's actually the same as a rhythm game. And since there are quite a lot of practice courses, but it is constantly updated, it seems that there is no lack of content unless you do something. If you get 100 points as a bonus, you will be given samples used in the training course, which is also quite solsol.

First of all, Melodics does not support all instruments, but the instruments to support are set. Each link Desktop version, IPad version List of supported instruments. The iPad version supports fewer instruments than expected, but the desktop version supports quite a variety of instruments. Maybe there are quite a few friends. First, it supports three types of instruments: keyboard, drum pad, and electronic drum. The instrument usually connects automatically, but sometimes it doesn't work. In that case, just set it in the options.

Oh, for reference, there were cases where the instrument didn't work a few times. In this case, I just returned it to the default setting, so it worked again.

It's a pity that some instruments don't seem to match.

First of all, I mainly practice Roli Seablock block and Lightpad block, but I don't like this decision; Of course, it may be a problem with these instruments as the instrument works with touch, but anyway, even if you press a button while practicing, and then lightly press another place, all of these will be reflected in the judgment... For reference, if you pass by passing 70 points, but because of the judgment, the score drops a lot It doesn't feel good. Friends who press directly like a piano keyboard are probably a little different. Still, it would have been better if I had some touch correction, but it's a pity. For example, a touch that is just rubbed makes it impossible to recognize...

Of course, the underlying problem may be in my hands, but this touch-operated instrument doesn't match Melodics a bit. If possible, it would be better to have friends like keyboard instruments, MPCs, launch pads, maschine, etc., who really press something to operate.

Melodics has a good value for money and I like it overall.

Melodics is not very expensive even with a one-year subscription. In the first place, even with the free version, it seems that you can enjoy lightly for about 5 minutes a day. It seems that it only supports free tutorials, not all courses. Anyway, the price is not that high, and I tend to offer discounts, especially, so it would be good to enjoy the tutorial for free and pay appropriately when discounting.

And in terms of convenience, it is quite an advantage to support the iPad version. Although the iPad version supports fewer instruments than the desktop version, and it is a bit unfortunate that some instruments must be connected to a separate power supply unless the iPad Pro is used, but the iPad version says that you can practice instruments anywhere instead. As it is, it alone has great merit! Please note that the iPad version is not available for free.

The developer seems to have its own philosophy for education, and it is good to feel a sense of accomplishment because the system has its own system such as level. Personally, I think the one-year payment was good, but I am looking forward to seeing how much my skills will improve. First, I have to practice a lot... In the end, the question is how much I overcome my laziness. It's fun though. It's definitely like a real game. It's annoying before you start, but once you start, you don't know the time goes by...

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