Miro reviews. A whiteboard app with pretty good performance. It is cold and overflowing for an individual to use...

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Miro reviews. A whiteboard app with pretty good performance. It is cold and overflowing for an individual to use...

There are also a lot of whiteboard apps. However, I was a little surprised to try this application. Mirois. I'll write in more detail later, but the performance is pretty good. Let's collaborate by simply putting things on the white screen~ It is not at this level.


I really like the feeling that Miro is using a real whiteboard, giving it some realism.

I felt like a real blackboard. In meetings with employees, I reproduced the things I wrote in some places, put post-it notes in some places, and put these things together. It's just too basic to have a post-it function, Shadows shine when sticking post-its, and you can also attach them even if they overlap each other I made it. Looking at these factors, I thought that Miro is an app that seeks reality (?).

Of course, I like it because it allows you to mark it on the board in various ways other than post-it, and Mind map or diagram methodIt was an app that I thought was made very well as it was possible to make it possible to connect with each other. In addition, it is possible not only to make a post-it on a computer, but also to take a picture of a real post-it and upload it. Of course, this is also possible in the post-it app officially released by 3M, but since that is 3M official, let's say yes. 3M formula for reference Post-it appIf you look at the review, it seems that there are a lot of bad reviews, so the recognition rate seems to be bad, and I'm not sure what about Miro...

In addition to the simple whiteboard, there is also a memo function, which is also pretty good. sure Evernote It’s not comparable to professional friends, but Zenkit It's much better than the back. She or Trello only writes notes, so...

Miro is also quite good as a mind map software.

Miro is a whiteboard app first, but I started using this friend while looking for a mind map app. As a mind map app, the performance is pretty good. It's easy to use in its own way, and what I like compared to apps excluding some premium apps is that it's easy to arrange mind maps one by one. I like the part marked with horizontal and vertical lines.

But it's obviously easy to sort The degree of freedom in the mind map itself is not very wide I feel sorry for it. For example, it seemed that it was not possible to extend the mind map from the bottom. Also, personally, I wanted to see how it couldn't be done by connecting mind maps with each other, but this seems unavoidable. It is also a structure that does not collide with each other.

Let’s write a little more. The first mind map I create has three branches, but if it was created in a way that extends into three branches from the beginning, the mind map would have been better. Maybe mind maps aren't the main function, so I think I can't help it. After all, if you only want a mind map, you have to use professional software... But considering that it is free, there is no disagreement that it is easy and powerful in performance.

However, the overall regret of this app is It takes quite a lot of loading on mobileIs. I don't know if it's a mind map only, but it's hard to write. In the middle of the test, I tried Wi-Fi at home, but at first there was an internet error at all, so I asked to try again... The next day at work, it worked. Still, it is an app that needs a lot of optimization.

The Miro has very good performance, so it makes sense even if you think about the price.

Basically, it's free for individuals to use, and the cheapest paid plan for about 5 people is about $8 per person, so it's a bit high, but it's a price that makes sense if you think about performance. What if an application with this performance was $5? In this way, I'm going to harden my mind with Miro... Of course, assuming I'm using it alone, it's $16, so it's very expensive... Meanwhile, the Kanban feature, which is essential for these project management tools, is available from the paid plan. I can use it, but is it kind of a bug; At least anyway On an individual basis The price itself is a bit high.

I used it a little on the iPad, but on the iPad it worked pretty neatly and I liked it. My iPad is not a good friend because it is an iPad Air 2, but unlike the phone, it seems to have been well optimized. Well, it might be that you didn't pay much attention because it was difficult to use such an app on your phone.

It's an app that's a bit oversplit for writing alone, but it's undeniable that it's still good. Of course, if you use more, there are many disadvantages, but I haven't found it yet. Notion It is also possible to carry Miro's whiteboard on the back. I was quite satisfied.

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