OXYGEN reviews. Site builder WordPress plugin beyond page builder

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OXYGEN reviews. Site builder WordPress plugin beyond page builder. Hereticism in the WordPress world

As I used WordPress for a long time, I ran into a big limit. One of the biggest reasons I moved to WordPress at the expense of a little bit was the thought that if I came to WordPress, I would be able to create my own blog that is truly free.

But before X themeTry using it for a long time in its own way, X Pro themeI also upgraded to, and one of the most famous themes, Avada themeI tried using it, but WordPress had its limitations than I thought... WordPress is a CMS that is used a lot by marketing people such as shopping malls, and there were not so many people who only used it as a pure blog like me, so those who do marketing There are a lot of materials related to these frequently used page builders, but for bloggers like me, there are a lot less materials than I thought. Or, by learning web programming, you just have to fix the site itself.

Still, I didn't give up on my own, and as I kept looking for it, there were some tools that weren't just page builders, but also functioned as site builders. Typically Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder, Jupiter X Theme (it seems to be implemented with elementor too), and I will review now OxygenThere are.


Oxygen is very good in price and performance compared to its popularity

Once Oxygen is now Facebook page The number of people exceeded 10,000, and the scale grew in its own way, but at the time I used it, it was only one thousand. Once you have purchased Oxygen, you can sign up for the page, so it seems to have earned some money. It means that they have sold at least 10,000. Well, the core developer is already rich...

You might think it's strange to say the price first before performance, but I think it's unique in its own way, so I mention it first. Oxygen Price is $99 Return to single payment. Well, if you look at the website, you can see the block editor and how to increase the price, and there are things like this, but it's almost always a discount, so you can see it as a single payment of $99. Lifetime updates, as well as multiple WordPress installations possibleTherefore, the cost performance is very outstanding.

There aren't many friends in the music market, the app market, or the WordPress market these days with lifelong friends like this. WordPress plugins usually only give you one year for updates even if you pay for Lifetime. Or it's a lifetime, but the price is 560 dollars... Envato Even in the same place, the program itself is sold with a single payment, but the support period is limited to 6 months, or there are restrictions in this way, but this is not the case. For reference, the aforementioned friends tend to have a little price. Elementor Pro is still good at around $50 a year, but Beaver Builder is pretty expensive at $99 per month. Jupiter X though ThemeforestIt's probably the cheapest one because I'm a friend at $59. However, Theme Forest also only has a support period of 6 months... After that, you have to pay money to receive support.

Oxygen is a developer-oriented plugin, but a tool that allows you to create an entire site without knowing how to code.

Now let's cover the performance part that should have been covered at the very beginning. First, basically Developer-oriented pluginis. This is where both pros and cons apply. Quite a few themes are all kind to developers too~ I say this, but this Oxygen is real. Once you have more development knowledge, there are more and more things you can do. I don't know how to program, but I even implemented simple things myself while dealing with this tool. Of course, it's just nogada...

There are still quite a few parts to touch, but first Almost every part of my blog with Oxygen I made it. Sidebar, SNS, etc. All but a few Created using Oxygen. You may or may not be happy to read my blog, but I am happy that I did it all myself, and I think I made it pretty good for things I don't know how to program. Programming is essential to add something more here. Blog reorganization will be...

I haven't tested myself, but looking at various analyzes Quite good in terms of speedSeems to come out. This is what the developers themselves say, but the Oxygen concept is the foundation of WordPress. Don't create the theme at allIt seems to be because it is. There is no theme, so the speed is naturally fast. So, in the WordPress world, it can be considered quite heretical, but I am not sure which is the correct answer.

Lifetime is hard to see these days

Oxygen is a developer-friendly plugin anyway, so it's difficult... and minor errors...

I mentioned earlier, but the main disadvantage of Oxygen is Excessively developer friendlyIs that it is a tool. Of course, WordPress itself is basically a difficult tool, and there are many developers who are leading the way in WordPress. Representatively, WordPress is made based on PHP, so if you do not have relevant knowledge, WordPress is the most popular PluginAlso can not be used. And Oxygen wasn't a tool for non-developers like me from the start. At first, I started out as an ordinary builder with no personality, and in version 1 I couldn't use it at all without knowing the code. Therefore, it is a tool that is thoroughly developer-oriented from the beginning.

Of course now other WordPress tools, especially popular friends, StudiopressOr genesisOr Compared to other frameworks, it is a tool that encompasses both developers and non-developers.So, for people who don't know programming like me, this tool itself is really grateful. The reason they are so popular is that they are so easy to use by experts, which means that they are tools like rice cakes in pictures for non-developers.

Nevertheless, Oxygen really Difficult toolThroughout this article, the example page builders appeal to their own ease of use and say that creating pages is easy and simple. But Oxygen doesn't... Of course, this developer-friendly part doesn't just have its downsides. Typically, page builders have a lot of beginner-friendly features, so they are relatively neglected for performance. Of course, those page builders say they are developer-friendly, but the tool itself, called a page builder, is relatively suitable for beginners.

On the other hand, is it Oxygen's problem, or is this the whole site builder problem... Minor errors, especially crashes due to pluginsThis happens quite often. Briefly, I entered Oxygen, but it doesn't work or I get an error -> Turn on the Troubleshoot Mode of the Health Check plugin -> Open all plugins -> Found a problem plugin... This is roughly this process. I don't know which one is the problem. But this is so frequent... I think there have been more than 5 times so far. Fortunately, the site never crashed.

Personally, I don't like the supportive part of Oxygen...

When it comes to support, I don't like it that much. I sent a lot of question emails. I think I sent more than 10 times... I like the reply because it's always fast The reply is not very good. Honestly, it's a good idea to send and receive e-mails in this way, but for some reason, I have to send new e-mails one by one... Why did I make this? It's been running this way for over a year, so there's probably no improvement...

Still, I think it's good that the update cycle is as fast as the reply is fast. These days, I think that I have done all the things that could be updated, but updates are often mainly focused on improving features, but not so long ago, thick features were added with each update. Not long ago, there was a mega menu function, but the quality was quite good, so there were a lot of regrets about the Uber menu, but now I don't use it. Of course, Uber menu is a much better plugin when looking at the menu part, but Uber menu has little progress, and Oxygen is sure to improve.

Oxygen also has pros and cons, but I personally benefited from it a lot.

As I mentioned throughout the post, I personally really appreciate this plugin because I made this blog through Oxygen. For your information, this friend doesn't have any advertising features because of the cost performance. The more you know about WordPress, the more advertising there are... This is a field that makes me think a lot, but this friend doesn't have that. I used to ClosteLikewise, it seems to me how well I can find friends who do not advertise like this... I recommend that the lifetime itself is not common these days, and the price itself is not so expensive. These Lifetime products have the disadvantage of not knowing when they will fail because the profitability of these Lifetime products is not so great, but even if you look at the official Facebook community, it seems that it will still be okay as users continue to flow in.

However, as I said earlier, it's not an'easy' tool, so those who don't know programming like me just have to ignorance and search one by one to find the cause and take action. If you're bothered to run nogada or don't have time, Oxygen may not be right for you. There is.

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