[Wadiz] PowerA Fusion Pro Controller Reviews. Windows gamepad with good cost performance!

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PowerA Fusion Pro Controller

PowerA Fusion Pro Controller Reviews. Windows gamepad (controller) with good cost performance!

This is the controller I bought while browsing Wadiz, and the reason I bought this friend was due to various factors such as the price. Last year Xbox Elite Controller 2Costs about 200,000 won (somehow there is still no link to the homepage;)... but this Fusion pro controllerIs a little less than 100,000 won. And there's a lot to talk about besides this. I will use it little by little.

PowerA Fusion Pro Controller

The Fusion Pro controller looks and performs similarly to the Xbox Elite controller.

At first glance, the Fusion Pro controller looks similar to the Xbox Elite controller. Just looking at the Wadiz page, it appeals to me that it has been certified by MICTOSOFT, but it seems that the meaning of being certified by Maso does not just mean performance, but also means that the appearance is somewhat similar. But here's a bit curious, some of the pads from the laser were a bit peculiar in shape, but I'm not sure if they're certified friends...

There are paddles on the elite controller. However, it was a part that I had a lot of expectations for personally, but it was very different from my opinion. First of all, the fingers that use these paddles are usually the fourth and fifth fingers, so my hands do not work better than I thought... Among the games I play, the game that uses the most controllers is probably Monster Hunter: World. I thought it would be possible to replace the manipulation to some extent, but if I think about it now, I think I will use it sometimes when I use a function that is relatively less useful. Like taking some action. Of course, I think it's nice to have such a function. Regardless of whether you use less or more, the meaning of having a function first...

In addition to the paddle, the Fusion Pro controller has a number of features called advanced pads. First, you can adjust the intensity of the L2 and R2 triggers in 3 steps. This part is more tangible, so it will be quite useful if you change it according to the game or adjust it according to your personal taste. It is also said that there is a ring on the stick to prevent wear of the stick. These days Nintendo switch pro controllerThe Elite Controller 2, which I have already mentioned a lot, talks a bit about stick wear. When I use it, the stick is ground and something like white powder comes out... It seems that it prevents these things. However, I haven't used that much so well...

In addition, there are several types of sticks depending on their length, and above all, they are quite easy to attach and detach. Just lifting the outer part without doing anything like this at all... I mean, it's a little bit, but anyway, it's very easy to attach and detach, and if you have the relevant ability, it seems like it's very easy to customize your own.

When I first saw the pad, I thought it was a little smaller than I thought, but when I compared it to the Nintendo Pro-Con, the size difference was not really noticeable. However, the two look slightly different. I'm not sure if you ask which one is more ergonomic? However, the default is the Xbox controller, so it may not be suitable for those with small hands. I heard that the new Xbox controller coming out at the end of this year is slightly smaller.

I've been playing Monster Hunter for a while, but it definitely fits my hand. All of you who have used good products such as keyboards and mice know this, but good products are good for no reason. Personally, if you don't care much about the paddle... I think some people will use it with satisfaction. Pro-Con was also a pretty good pad, but it was a Nintendo-side pad, so it was quite annoying when I set it up. However, this fusion power controller was born as an Xbox controller, so I think it can be used more conveniently for PCs.

The Fusion Pro controller performs really well, but it has a fatal drawback that goes against the trend of the times...

Of course, this Fusion Pro controller isn't perfect either. The most fatal disadvantage of this friend is that it is not wireless... Developers use this part a lot, wired... Wired with less delay... I'm brushing my mouth like this... It's a world where professional gamers also use wireless people... Is it because the pad side is slow to develop? It can only be said that the times are quite retrograde. And I think it's part of the answer to the question,'Why is it so good but cheap?'

Of course, the cable is 3M whether they recognize that part, and it is made so that it is easy to attach and detach at the beginning of the cable. Still, I wonder if it should have been wireless. Of course, the wireless controller is wired as long as it is plugged in...

And, this part is a bit of a crush, but it's a bit of a regret that the USB part is not a C type, although it is an electronic product that comes out these days (it looks like a product released last year by foreign standards). As expected, the old style... But at first, I was writing with this idea, but I found another unexpected question. Am I less familiar with how to use it? When I plug in the USB part once, it doesn't come off... The developer says that how to set the connection part openly to prevent it from dropping out during the game. But is it that the part made it never fall out once it was inserted? Of course I need to find out a little more...

However, if it contains the manufacturer's philosophy, it will not be possible. Since it is a pro-oriented controller to the extent that it is a little excessive, if there is an intention to block the problem such as the delay of lumps and girls caused by using wireless, if there is a reason, it will be good or bad, but it seems a little ambiguous to criticize.

The PowerA Fusion Power Controller has its strengths and weaknesses, but the good pad remains the same.

Other than this, I pass the part that has a 3.5mm audio terminal as it should be a pad these days. I will be able to evaluate it properly by using it more, but I think it is definitely a good pad. The cost performance seems to be really good. If you have enough funds, it would be nice to buy Elite Controller 2, but when you look at the Coupang reviews, why does this friend seem to be a little poor in quality control, they usually exchange products twice... The Elite Controller 1 is probably good enough to work these days. It seems like, but I am a friend from the past, so I think it may be a little insufficient by the current standards. The pad is also a field that develops in accordance with the trend of the times... It might be inconvenient to use the PS2 pad these days. Of course, at that time, I was doing Monhun and everything... Anyway, I will use it well for the time being. In its own way, it is said to support A/S as it is a product that came officially in Korea. It was a PowerA Fusion Pro controller.

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