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RankMath Pro

RankMath said that I was two years ago reviewIt is a WordPress SEO plugin that I have been using ever since I wrote. There are a lot more SEO plugins than I thought, and even though Yoast and others are holding tightly, RankMath was a popular one in its own right. So, from the beginning of this year, it was only said that the pro version was coming out, and only two years after it was released, the paid version was released. Immediately RankMath Prois.

RankMath Pro

RankMath Pro has three main features added

RankMath Pro is a product that has been prepared for a long period of time, and has been added with several features. The first is Google integration enhancement, the second is a keyword tool, and the third is a schema modification function. I will write them one by one.

Google Analytics and Google AdSense integration strengthened

First of all, the Google integration part is not so different from other plugins. In particular, there are quite a few plugins in WordPress that work with Google Analytics. And these friends are all popular friends in their own way. The part where RankMath can still be differentiated is the part that connects with Google Search Console. Of course, the free version also works with Google Search Console. It also connects with AdSense. However, it was said that it was linked because the function was not yet released. Anyway, it's a bit anxious, but the free version is already linked with the search console, the Pro version is linked with Analytics, and even linked with AdSense, so it's a big advantage that you can see the statistics of Google's three tools right in one plugin. see.

Of course, you can go to Google one by one and check it out, and recently Google's official WordPress plugin (Site Kit by Google) has been released, so this advantage seems to be a little brighter. But those who use RankMath You can check Google's performance without having to install a Google plugin.Is a big advantage. Google plugins are popular, but there are a lot of people who dislike it because it slows down the site... So even if it's not perfect, I think it's nice to support it anyway. Even if it's not a Google plugin, you don't have to use Analytics plugins.

Keyword search and rank tracker

The second and most important feature of RankMath Pro is the keyword search and rank tracker. Of course, there are also a lot of keyword tools, but most of them are expensive. There are also some free tools, but usually these SEO tools are for money... SEMrush or Ahref, which can be said to be the most important in this field, cost 100,000 won a month even with the cheapest plan... Of course, these friends also have a lot of features. Lots of things... Anyway, RankMath Pro is pure In terms of cost performance, it is quite competitive compared to other products.I can say. Of course, it's because it's on sale now as an open event (?), and it's a bit unfortunate if it returns to the original price in the future...

Honestly, I don't use keyword services that much, so I'm not sure how much performance it is. First of all, I think the most important part for Koreans is, will they really recognize Korean? I couldn't test this myself because I'm not a huge expert, but tools that don't recognize Hangul empirically may just have the results blank. If you think about that, at least Recognizes HangulFrom that point of view, it is possible to guess how much performance would be okay for Korean people to use.

Schema modification

The third major feature is the ability to modify the schema. Nowadays, Naver has become a level that does not take any search unless it is a Naver blog or a cafe, but Google is constantly improving the function of the search itself. . Honestly, I don't know well either... If you're selling a product, you can set the schema for that product and the schema will appear in Google search results. And it could be in a higher search ranking. Or there are several types of food recipes. I have to study this part more... Anyway, the free version of RankMath has that schema to some extent, but in the pro version it is possible to modify the schema directly. First of all, WordPress users have to abandon Naver and rely heavily on Google, so it would be better to use this schema appropriately.

RankMath Pro is still in its infancy, but it has traces of elaboration over a long period of time.

In addition to the ones described above, RankMath Pro has numerous changes that are difficult to count, such as image SEO, according to the official website, but I think you only need to think of the three above. The price is relatively inexpensive at $59 a year since it has just opened now. But if the price rises soon, it will be expensive again... If you think about it for $59, I think it's a good value for money. However, if the list price is 129 dollars, it doesn't seem a little expensive...

It proudly released a paid version with various features in its own way, and the quality seems to be good in its own way, but I still feel unfortunate. However, since this is the beginning, there is plenty of room for further development. Once I ran out of the paid version, I personally like this plugin. As a matter of fact, RankMath has been serving only as a completely free version for over two years. Personally, I think it's pretty amazing. Of course, there was a parent company, so it had been partially financed, but it was because a fairly popular plug-in had to refine its functions little by little, and then released a paid version only after changing the old parts such as the UI. Even though it is quite popular, Yoast and others are so strong, so I think I could not beat strong rivals without this kind of devotion.

RankMath Pro Summary & Summary

Good point

  • Three bold features such as Google, keyword and rank, and schema were added.
  • It is presumed to recognize Hangul, so it can be used by Koreans.
  • As of writing, the cost performance is outstanding with the open price discount.


  • When the opening discount ends in the future, the cost performance is a bit disappointing
  • Level where most paid features can be replaced
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