Roli Seaboard Block, Roli Lightpad Block review. Good personality and performance, but quite unstable MIDI controller

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Roli Seaboard Block

Roli Lightpad Block

Roli Seaboard Block, Roli Lightpad Block review. Good personality and performance, but quite unstable MIDI controller

Honestly, I saw the video and fell in love with it. It was so expensive that I couldn't buy it, but I started working and eventually bought it. Roli Seaboard Block, Roli Lightpad Blockis. Actually, I bought it because it was discounted on Black Friday, but the delivery took almost over a month, so I got the goods in January. As you can see from the official site, it's a pretty expensive friend, but I bought one Seaboard block for 20 in used countries, and one Seaboard block and one Lightpad block combined for about 40. The list price is about $350 for the Seaboard Block and $200 for the Lightpad Block. I will write them down one by one.

Roli Seaboard Block, Roli Lightpad Block
It’s cool, it’s really cool. Oh...

The Roli Seaboard Block seems to be functional but is a tricky and restless friend.

First of all, the Roli Seaboard Block was expected to some extent, but these friends are a lot harder to deal with than I thought. First, you have to press the key quite hard to make the sound work. Still, if you think about it, can you say that it's a test of reality because you have to play the piano quite hard to make it sound right?

When I first bought it in a second hand country, I thought I was scammed. My child doesn't connect well... Bluetooth doesn't work... But the more I use it, the more it seems to be familiar and it's subtle. There is also a 5D touch function, but when I try it for the first time, I am confused whether I am using the function well. finally It seems difficult to use properly until you get used to it.Do it. In addition, Apple stores also sell blocks one by one, There is some limit to use with one block I think there is. The 25 keys are a bit smaller. It doesn't have any special features. So I bought one more block and now I have about 50 keys + light pad, so it looks good and feels good.

Official app NoiseAt the same time, 3 Seaboard blocks and Lightpad blocks are supported at the same time, but if this happens, I think I'll hit the piano. Of course, the price is... For your reference, Seaboard Rise adds many features, but there are products that excel in price. The choice you choose will depend on your taste.

Personally, I keep mentioning the most regrettable things, but this friend A pretty anxious friendIs. The friend who was not able to connect as mentioned earlier seems to work well, but the friend purchased later does not power on itself. It can be used only when connected to another block or USB is connected. Honestly, I have to send this A/S, but sending it to the U.S. is also tough... It took more than a month to deliver, but I can't figure out how long it will take if I send A/S... So I'm thinking a little I sent an e-mail to the management team, but it is...

The Roli Lightpad Block is a small but powerful friend.

I personally liked the Roli Lightpad Block very much. Honestly, I think the Seaboard Block I wrote earlier is a friend with a lot of downsides, but this Lightpad Block is only small in size, so I made it really well... I made this thought of itself. Once created, it's simple and the LEDs are pretty gorgeous, so it's cool. And it feels good just by touching it because it feels good.

If you use the Noise mentioned earlier, the real utility is enormous. That block is basically a friend who uses it similar to the launchpad or MPC, but the number of buttons changes from 4X4 to 5X5, or simply uses it for pitch adjustment or changes as the user wants. 5D Touch is a bit complicated, but it will be useful once you get used to it. To be honest Compared to Seaboard Block, isn't the basic level of completion itself different? I want to.

Roli Studio, Cypher2, Strobe2
The software is abundant. It would be better if it was the full version...

The software that works with Roli blocks is quite diverse. However, it is not the full version...

The Roli Seaboard Block and Roli Lightpad block are basically MIDI controllers, so if the sound is not supported by virtual instruments, etc., they are just plastic blocks. So basically, I give some software, but it's different. You can download multiple instruments from the Noise app mentioned above, and even when using on a PC, if you download multiple software, you can change not only the instrument but also various settings, so you can maximize the usability.

Let’s write a little more. Basically, you can change the basic settings of blocks with programs such as Roli Dashboard or Roli Connect. And Roli StudioIs a program that allows you to use the instruments described below in one program, while also slightly changing the settings. Meanwhile, the program created by this company regardless of Roli Equator, Cypher2, Strobe2There is. When all three blocks are purchased, the basic version is provided. It seems that you have to pay a little money to upgrade to use more features. Still, I bought two or more blocks, so Strobe2 seemed to give me the full version. Equator seems to offer downloadable content, but the full version must also be purchased separately. The same goes for Cypher2.

It seems to give a variety of instruments in its own way, but what is a bit disappointing is that most of the soundtracks in the Noise app look like those from the past, and that's enough~ I think I think this way. The soundtracks are also updated frequently... In addition to this, if you buy a Lightpad block, Ableton Live LiteAlso, I liked it. I think they had to put them in to promote themselves that these instruments fit well with Ableton Live. Of course, the features of Lite will be limited, but if you have Lite, you will get a little discount when purchasing the regular version. I am not sure if it overlaps with the Black Friday discount. In addition to these, there are a few things to give, but I didn't use them.

Roli Seaboard Block, Roli Lightpad Block Midi
Still, it seems to work well with basic instruments. That app is Minimoog Model D

The Roli Seaboard Block and Roli Lightpad Block are purely a little disappointing for a MIDI controller.

But simply Both are a bit disappointing when looking only at MIDI controllersIt. I don't know if it's a problem with my computer, but when using it on a PC, it feels a bit stiff, unlike when using dedicated apps like noise. It was difficult to do something advanced. If it's not a computer, is it my Cubase problem? And one of the reasons I bought this instrument was to use it on my iPad. One of the most famous friends of the iOS music app, Beatmaker 3It didn't seem to work well. Is it because I am not good at setting? However, it is unfortunate to think of the fact that the Garage Band was activated immediately after the Bluetooth connection. I tested this and that and it didn't work in iMPC Pro 2 at first, but it worked because I did some MIDI mapping.

And maybe the company is not that big, but this is also a disappointment. First Is the company unstructured? As mentioned earlier, a lot of block breaks occur. Bluetooth doesn't work, buttons don't work, charging doesn't work, etc... Also, on Black Friday, I said that delivery was over a month, but I think this is also because the company is not large.

I thought I was really fraudulent, and when I put in a customer request, there was no answer for more than two weeks. But before the return request was accepted, the item was suddenly sent. Something like this... Honestly, I received the item, but I wasn't in a good mood. If I buy an instrument in the future, I will ask a verified company at that time, and I will try to contact the company before buying, so I will only buy items in places that respond quickly.

I think it is a good choice if you want novelty and performance rather than stability.

But certainly the Roli blocks The novelty is amazingI did. Musical instruments stick together, but the degree of freedom is quite high. ㅡㅡ ㅢ II and so on. Of course, sticking like that changes the sound of the instrument, and there is no such high-tech element, but at least it seems that it cannot be that cool to show. Well, I don't know how to change the instrument settings, but...

As I said earlier, I think it's a little precious friend to simply use at home. No, it is a waste, but it seems unnecessary. Somewhat For those who value performance It seems like playing this instrument itself appeals to me. So it wasn't a little right for me, but I'm comforting myself that I would have bought it someday because it's so cool... Anyway, it's a product that comes up a lot in second-hand countries;; If you think it's something you need or want to buy, it would be a good idea to buy it at the right time. official website

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

There are a lot of regrets, but if you think of fashion...

  • I used my own money to purchase and use the goods, but I can get a certain amount of commission through the activities of Coupang Partners.
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