Samsung Crystal UHD TV 50 inch + TV rack review! Very good for TV, but a bit for smart TV...

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Samsung Crystal UHD TV

Samsung Crystal UHD TV 50 inches

Samsung Signage TV

Samsung Crystal UHD TV 50-inch + TV stand reviews. I was disappointed with the smart TV function, so I saw that it was actually'Samsung Signage TV'...

Last year I Philips monitorWhen I bought the TV, I thought,'If it's 32 inches, it's okay, isn't it? Haha', but this friend, of course, is very suitable for a computer monitor, but it was a size that was very disappointing for my home TV. Especially when I played games such as Nintendo, I was very disappointed. The game is like a sofa, so it's good to have a comfortable position, right?

Anyway, for that reason, I bought the largest TV that my home room allows. 50 inches. In fact, my own home is not that big, so 43 inches is the size that fits best, but I bought the most expensive friend my wallet allowed at the time, with the intention of spending at least 5 years. Samsung Crystal UHD TV 50 inches.

Samsung Crystal UHD TV

I really like the Samsung Crystal UHD TV as a TV when considering its price!

It's not like I'm getting the TV market price, but the Samsung Crystal UHD TV felt a lot cheaper than I thought. Of course, as well as E-Mart no-brand TVs, many TVs are surprisingly large and cheap. However, I like it because it seems to be quite cheap when I think about the fact that the Samsung name is included. It looks neat and has no clutter. The bezel is thin, so it fills the video. Also, I like this part because it doesn't shit back and forth.

The UHD picture quality is definitely sharp. When I watch this on my Olleh TV, the quality is so much better than I thought, but when I watch high-definition videos on YouTube, etc., it definitely stands out. As an aside, it's a video that has a lot of views, but if you buy a smart TV like me, it seems like everyone plays it for testing... Or at a mart... Anyway, in the case of Olleh TV, if the TV set-top box is old, the picture quality is bad regardless of the TV I heard that there are many cases. Since the video that shoots itself, the quality is already bad...

As I wrote at the beginning of the article, the reason I wanted to buy TV the most was because of the game, but I still only have the Nintendo Switch, so the power of this TV (?) is not revived. If you buy a PS5 in the future, I think you'll appreciate this friend. However, it's really hard to buy a Playx Xbox these days, but anytime soon...

On the other hand, when looking at small and medium-sized TVs, one of the areas that small and medium-sized TVs are commonly disappointed with is sound. This is also difficult to compare as I have not used many models, but at least there seems to be no problem with sound. Of course, this can be different if you buy a sound bar in the future.

It was a bit disappointing for a smart TV, so I saw that it was actually a Samsung signage TV...

Like this, I really like the TV overall. But there was definitely a reason why this Samsung Crystal UHD TV was cheap... I don't know if this is the whole model, but the TV I bought Product pageAs you can see, this TV is basically a TV that is used in hotels or stores, so there are related apps and it's nice, but there aren't many apps that are useful at home.

  • The product link above is simply a link to explain my TV, there is nothing like that for promotional purposes or revenue coming to me.

This is clearly stated as a Samsung Crystal UHD TV in the product description, so I wrote it like this, but the picture quality seems to be the same, but this friend seems to be a friend called'Samsung Signage TV'. Maybe that's why Netflix is not allowed on the product page~ But in reality, it's just YouTube. To be precise, there are only YouTube, Samsung Internet, and Galaxy smartphone mirroring. real Samsung homepageSeeing that the price is much higher, it seems that the actual smart TV is much more expensive and has more features. After all, the reason for the cheap price...

Still, mirroring the Galaxy smartphone is pretty good. It is natural that it is wireless (when it is the same Wi-Fi), and the speed is quite fast, and the screen changes appropriately to prevent the phone battery from running out during mirroring. So it is comforting. Of course, iPhone users have no answer. If you're an iPhone user, I'm not sure if it's okay because you're probably using Apple TV... Anyway, I think you'll need to use a Chromecast or other Sattop box to properly use the smart features. As those of you who have tried it, it's very cumbersome to search YouTube with the TV remote control.

The TV stand is also quite satisfactory

My studio wasn't very spacious, so I decided to buy a TV stand and move it properly when watching TV. I was worried because the TV stand also has a variety of prices and sizes. In my case, I wanted the bottom not to be that wide. I tried to install it right next to the bathroom, so if you buy an H-shaped, elongated friend, you can step on it when you go to the bathroom at night, right? So I bought this TV cradle.

The mount was quite large and there were so many screws that I was worried about how to assemble it, but it is not that difficult to assemble. And the TV installation was done by the driver, so there was no problem. Relief...

There was a reason for the low price, but I am still very satisfied.

I thought there was a reason why the price was cheaper the more I used it, but I am still satisfied. Unless you're buying a smart device or set-top box that's incredibly expensive, you don't think it's that expensive to have that device. Actually, the actual Samsung Crystal UHD TV costs more than 1 million won... There may be a number of differences, but if you compare the simple money, I'm buying about 400,000 won cheaper, so I live with my own conviction. First of all, I have not used multiple TVs, but I am very satisfied with the TV itself.

As an aside, there are two HDMI ports, and some people are sorry for this. I would like to say that if I connect one to Olleh TV, one to Nintendo, etc., if I buy a sound bar in the future, I would also like to connect HDMI to this one. I think it would be better to have three. Well, besides that, there are also small parts such as energy consumption efficiency grade 3 (from 55 inches, it is called first grade...). Anyway, I'll use it for the time being. Samsung Crystal UHD TV... it was, but it was actually a Samsung Signage TV.

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