[Scrivener] 5. Scrivener 3 Windows version review. I struggled to update, but version 4 is urgent...

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Scrivener 3 Windows

Scrivener 3 Windows version

Scrivener 3 Windows version review. I struggled to make version 3, but I wish it had changed radically...

It's a lack of knowledge, but I've been Scrivener review write by operating system I am writing it in several copies. After reviewing Scrivener 3 Windows Beta version in the past, I have been continuously installing updates for over a year. When is it coming out... When is it coming out? Scrivener 3 Windows Version This is a review.

I mentioned it in the above paragraph before starting the review in earnest, but I can't help but think that it took a really long time. It came out last year or now, before 3 came out this is the last updateThat said, it took a few months to come out, so it took a really long time. Of course, during that time, patching continued about once a month, and the patch content was always very long, so the development itself was really hard work.

However, it has been in beta for a long time and many people have stopped losing Scrivener. I had an attachment in my own way, so I waited for a while, but after using quite a few writing apps in the meantime, my thinking has changed to some extent. It's not that Scrivener has gotten worse, but I think my point of view has changed over the years, so it's hard to say good things about it. Let's write them one by one.

Scrivener 3 Windows Version
Scrivener 3 Windows version is finally...

The Windows version of Scrivener 3 has changed a lot.

This Scrivener 3 Windows version skips version 2 from version 1.9 as it is and goes to version 3, so those who haven't tried the beta will feel a huge change. This is probably why the update took so long. On a Mac, it must be a difficult process to pull up the updated version 2 and 3 step by step at once. At first glance, the update is the same anyway, so it may not be very different, but I think it will probably be different from the point of view of development.

In fact, it is difficult to feel a big change for those who have tried Scrivener 3 Windows version beta, but once the official update 1.9 -> 3.0 is explained, the basic interface is modernized, so this alone is worth the update. To be honest, the old Scrivener 1.9 interface was a bit outdated. In fact, it's only natural that they've been friends for at least 10 years. The line spacing is bad, the colors are bad, the icons are uselessly large, the screen is messy and clunky... On the other hand, the Windows version of Scrivener 3 is definitely cleaner and better looking.

For example, it is good to have proper line spacing. This line spacing has a huge impact on readability. For that reason, if you want many apps such as Evernote to be updated in a modern way, first adjust the line spacing appropriately. I also struggled a lot with the spacing between lines in my blog. Also, Scrivener specializes in managing, merging, and arranging articles, and this part is even better. It can be said to be a great outliner app even though it is different from the workflowy that is used everywhere these days. Anyway, the overall readability has been greatly improved, and the icons and other interfaces are very clean.

And several features of version 1 have been improved. For example, the previous version of 1.9 lacked the writing goal function, but this part has become very neat, and the compilation function, which is the symbol of Scrivener, has also become very powerful, so the number of file extensions increases and you can set the compilation method more precisely. there has been In addition to this, I don't know if it was in the previous version, but the typewriter function is also a useful function for those who use it well, and there are many people who use Scrivener for movie scripts. It's nice that it's changed and the convenience has increased. It can be seen that Scrivener 3 Windows version upgrade was successful.

However, there are many parts that lack convenience to the extent that it is hard to believe that it is an application that is coming out these days. Typically, it is the part of creating a list of expressions 1. 2. 3. In general, if you press Enter after 1., it is automatically created as 2. 3. expression. I'm not even a word processor, I'm writing this right now Block editorIt is a function that is naturally supported by , and even Hangul 2010, which I use at my office, is automatically created, but Scrivener 3 does not have that... Why is this basic function...

Also, personally, I don't like the interface of intensive mode. The line spacing is too much... But I don't like this part of Word and other tools as a whole. Is there something I don't know about this part? It makes me think like this.

I think the overall concept of Scrivener is a bit outdated.

However, what I want to say to Scrivener is that I struggled a lot to update version 3, but I am starting to think that the overall concept itself needs to be changed. First of all, the basic concept of Scrivener is that when a file is opened, the file is not simply a file, but a 'project' concept. It is a tool that makes you feel like you are managing an entire folder or book, not a file, but compile it later and make it into one.

Thanks to this concept, Scrivener could have been popular, but these days, I think there is a need to do something like this. Of course, in the case of an actual book editor, it might be good to make a book out of this, but... Also, these actions are not so good. It's very slow. When loading a file, saving it, or even turning off Scrivener... That's why I don't think it's okay to put too much data other than text...

These days, writing tools tend to be as simple as possible. NotionUnless it has a huge number of features, other than that, it is mainly going to be as simple as possible and increasing the functions one by one. Maybe that's why there are so many friends who support Markdown these days. Because it is as simple as possible to change the format.

For example, Evernote, which I reviewed last time, kept only the concept and overhauled the entire app, and in the process, the font change function was reduced. On the other hand, Scrivener still seems to be improving, but I feel that there are a lot of unnecessary things. Also, now that I have used a scrivener, it's a shame, but honestly, it gives a lot of feeling of being dizzy.

However, the official Scrivener blog This writingLooking at it, Windows still seems to have a lot of version differences compared to Mac. It is said that there is room for improvement in the latest Scrivener than the Windows version. To be honest, there is no way developers can't stop thinking about what I'm doing, so I think you can expect it to develop further as more updates are made in the future. Of course, the update rate is very slow, but...

I think Scrivener's Windows version is honestly not that good, but the iOS version is still the best. Compared to the Windows version, the iOS version is rather concise overall. It's difficult because there are so many features in Namoo Wiki... It's written like this, but I think it's necessary to make the whole app concise. I struggled to update version 3, but I think version 4 is urgent. Scrivener is a word processor, so it will be a tool that has to compete with Word. However, due to the nature of the app, Scrivener is not the final form, but it supports compiling and sending it to Word, etc. I think it would be even better if you could play a role. It also functions as a word processor on its own, but I write simple texts and manage those simple texts in a corkboard style, then group them appropriately... Think of this picture.

Of course, the developers know themselves well, so Related ArticlesI think this part is very good because there is a lot of official blog activity these days. For reference, there is a guide made by a Korean blogger, but this guide is of high quality, but since it contains all the functions, it is too small...

As it is a tool of love and hate, I look forward to further developments such as the Android version.

On the other hand, I heard that an Android version is also being developed, so to be honest, even if you don't use it like before, you can't completely let go of expectations, another magical tool is Scrivener. There are a lot of apps with that corkboard feature, and there are a lot of novel writing apps that seem to have been heavily influenced by Scrivener, but Scrivener is much better than them. And if you consider that most apps these days are monthly/annual payments, Scrivener has an advantage in terms of price. At the current development rate, it seems that it will take a long time for the Android version to come out, but I will try to wait.

To be honest, if an Android version scrivener comes out like the iOS version, I probably won't use the iA Writer or Notion, which I use the most right now. It's so well made. Again, love and hate... personally Evernoteand two towers. What these two have in common is that they don't use it, but they make it impossible to let go of expectations...

Since everyone has a different point of view, there may be many who disagree with my opinion. Well, people think differently. Anyway, it seems like it's more of a complaint than a review, but I'll write less about it. Scrivener 3 Windows version review.

Scrivener 3 Windows version cleanup

Good point

  • Compared to version 1.9, it has been improved a lot.
  • In addition to the interface, the features have been improved a lot.


  • It's a bit disappointing in basic parts such as the list
  • Functions are too clunky
  • Version 4 is urgently needed. A fundamental change is needed, not a simple improvement.
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