Simplenote review. The best memo app for simplicity

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Simplenote review. The best memo app for simplicity

There are so many writing apps, or note apps. I used only writing apps for iOS, especially iPad, for later review, but there are over 140, and are they over now? If you want, they come out one by one, and yes. However, I'll mention it later when I write reviews for writing apps, but I like the Apple Notes app better than most of the apps here. And, of course, Apple Note is free, so writing apps, at least iOS apps, should be better than Apple Note, so there's a minimum requirement to write that friend. Even if it's not good, even a little difference would be needed. And the difference can be made in many ways, but among them this SimplenoteIs an example of trying to differentiate itself with extreme simplicity. I will use it little by little. official website

Simplenote Simplenote

Simple Note is really worth its name.

When you first open the app, it doesn't seem unusual. However, if you create a document yourself, you can see the characteristics of this app. simpleDo it. Easily make notes with any memo app These words are common, but this Simple Note really goes well with those words. Just on the white screen, the first line becomes the note title, and the content goes directly from the bottom. There is no small format function, just a check mark. Of course, if you write just like this, Markdown is supported as it is a bit overly simple. Of course, I'm Gyeruk because I don't know how to write Markdown, but I think there are some people who are lucky to have this. Oh, but you can attach a simple picture. Still, you need to upload photos to create a nice document.

To put it depreciatingly, it can be seen as a notepad level... but this app is iA WriterI often feel that I made it like this on purpose. First of all, it supports all of Windows, Android, iOS, etc., and the synchronization speed is quite fast, perhaps because the app is so simple. Also, the screen is concise, so it is good to check notes. In the past, Simple Note’s parent company concept WordPress.comThere was a function to post to, but nowadays there is a function to create a link at all and make it look as if it was published. It feels like Simple Note has become a mini I'm not sure because I haven't used this function properly, but if the link is the same, but it reflects the edited text in the app, it might be a very useful function in this way. I think it's an innovative feature in its own way.

And although it doesn’t seem to fit this paragraph a bit, it’s a part that talks about the merits, so if I mention one more, Simple Note Totally freeIt is also a very good factor. Of course, OneNote is completely free, but OneNote is a kind of marketing, and Simple Note doesn't have that, but it's just free.

When I write a simple note, I sometimes think that the shortcomings are packaged with simplicity?

However, contrary to the previous story, Simple Note Originally, it was lacking, but was it packaged as simple? Sometimes I feel like that. First, Simple Note The development speed is quite slow. Especially on the PC. But the interesting thing here is that I sent the feedback by e-mail and the response came pretty quickly. may not be as small as a company, but I guess it's not on the Simple Note side... For reference, in the PC version, Simple Note was not logged in for a very long time. At first, I logged in with, so is it caused by I thought, but I couldn't log in with Google. It was just this friend...

The login problem has been fixed, but nowadays, when I click on the update check, an error pops up. Was it just a lack of friends if you were looking at these parts? This kind of thought has no choice but to come up smalsmal. On the other hand, the Android version used to have no problem, but these days the check box part has become weird, so it just appears in the form of an underline. There was no problem on the post edit screen, so I didn't know, but there was no problem with the part that was checked when touched. Strange bug...

On the other hand, Simple Note is my personal feeling It doesn't seem like a light app Considering the simplicity of the function, this is also a disappointing factor. EvernoteI One NoteI thought that it was quite heavy, but Evernote and OneNote are completely functional... Now I know that they are gone, but there is a friend called squarespace note among the apps that used to be on the iPad. Honestly, this friend is much simpler than Simple Note. However, this one is a little overly simple... It's too simple to be embarrassing; It was just a friend who made it possible to share or share articles depending on the direction of turning the screen, but I personally would like to see why I got rid of it. On the other hand, Simple Note is simple but not innovative.

In a way, the elements mentioned in the advantages section may not stand out. For those of you who use a simple note app in their own way,'Is my friend simple enough?' I think you can think of it this way. Thank you for moving this part to individual differences.

Still, we look forward to an innovative look in the future.

But recently, Simple Note was posted on Twitter. I'm backI did say that. Of course, I was a little sad because I thought,'You weren't really developing it?'... But since I declared something publicly, I hope that all the minor shortcomings mentioned above will be fixed and the app will be something more innovative. Honestly, I think the position is okay. Besides Evernote One Note notion A lot of appealing to the use of such a powerful function and team unit, then Simple Note is concise, simple and easy to use individually, I think that if you push this position, you will be able to catch some demand. Of course, it is also good as a team! It would be best to hold both sides this way.

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