Pro version of famous WordPress theme X theme, X Pro theme review and review-updated version 3

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WordPress X Pro theme

Pro version of famous WordPress theme X theme, X Pro theme

 It's been a few months since I used WordPress. Last time I bought X themeI use it habitually. The X theme as a whole has more features for advanced users than beginners, so I haven't brought out all the performance of the theme yet, but I'm adapting little by little.

Still, I definitely like this X theme Site speed checkIf you do, my site scores quite better than I thought. I thought the loading was a little slow, but it seems that the theme itself is definitely well-made. For reference, my T-story that I used before was very low. Of course, for this speed check, the score is slightly different each time you check. I'm not sure which one is real. What can you think of as relative?

X Pro Theme X Pro Theme

 In April of last year, the professional version of the X theme Pro themeCame out. However, if you just say'Pro Theme', it is hardly caught by Naver and Google. X Pro themeIs usually used. However, as there are not many results, there may be no relevant information. Avada theme Except for the degree, Google rarely has information dedicated to a specific WordPress theme. Just Divi themes, etc. Theme Forest The exception is that they are not even in the theme market and have their own world. In particular, the Divi theme continues to write on their blogs and releases new features every day... I think this should be imitated.

Anyway official home pageYou can buy this theme right away, but it's usually not a photo of Pro right away, but an upgrade using the X theme. I recently had a 25% discount for the upgrade cost, so I upgraded with impulse halfway. There are many plans to write related articles, but in this review, Only the additional elements of the X Pro theme version and the difference between the X theme I'll try it.

  • Version 3 was updated at the end of September 2019. Personally, there aren't any big changes, but the overall interface has been tidy, and some features have been added, including API functions.

X Pro theme additions

 First of all, the X Pro theme contains professional features according to the meaning. Typically Modify header and footerYou can. And Color Manager and Font Manager There is also a function. virtually These four parts are the keyCan be called. In addition to this, recently there has also been a function that allows you to easily create a swatch shape with a kind of template. The development team is taking a strategy to differentiate and sell the two themes as easy and powerful (X theme) / more professional (Pro theme), so pro themes are going in a direction that can further customize them.

Header and Footer change function is very powerfulDo it. The header example shown is that it looks exactly like the Apple site. Nowadays, quite a few themes can change the header and footer, but this is not that much, compared to just changing the position or layout. If your skills are supported, it will be a powerful feature because you can fix it at your own pace that transcends blogs.

 I'm not really sure if there is anything special about color managers and font managers. You can just set the font or color you use often. It looks like this, but I haven't used it a lot, so I'm not sure if it's so good. However, it seems to be worth looking for as it is a part that they say is an additional point.

Difference between X Pro theme and X theme

 The biggest advantage of X theme cornerstone and numerous plugins also exist in pro themeAnd this part was not divided into two. However, the existing content part is not modified by entering from cornerstone as before Slightly more intuitive with header content footerI did it. However, the classification itself is correct, but the X Pro theme is somewhat confusing because the interface has changed subtly for some reason. Comparing the X and X Pro sites It seems like the X Pro theme is more treatable, You can see that the difference is not that big than you think.

If you look at the X Pro theme site, it seems that there are a lot of features, but it would be nice to think that it is the content that most X themes also have. Oh, if I can tell you where the X theme is better The X theme basically has many examples of themes. There are dozens of them, and users can choose what they want and modify it mainly. But There is no sample example for the X Pro theme. You must work in a completely basic state. Probably most users think they will upgrade from X. And in foreign countries Response that the X Pro theme is a little slower because it has more features than the X themeThere are also some.

Cons of the X Pro theme

 Personally, the thing I don't like about the X Pro theme is that the X theme can be purchased for $69 (I bought it for $44, and sold it for a while for $29 a few months ago), but it's worth it. X Pro theme is $89 per siteIs. Honestly, $89 doesn't seem expensive. Of course, there are many Divi themes, or themes that cost over $100 unexpectedly, or even more expensive themes that are sold only on their own site without going through the theme market site, but they are expensive when you think objectively.

Note that Pro theme upgrade costs $89-the cost he spent when he bought the X I bought it for $45, so I had to pay $44, but I bought it for $33 with a 25% discount. Then it comes to the conclusion that those who buy the X theme for $29 will have to pay a whopping $60. For $60, you can purchase a mega theme such as an Avada theme.

For reference, when I read reviews of foreign sites, everyone is talking about $69. 3 license packs for $69 each, $89 for just oneis. But unless you're a huge heavy user, you won't be able to buy three licenses, right? Usually, I would only use 2 multi-sites. In other words, you can think of these kids as the ones who have been offered or who just blow their mouths without using them. Foreign bloggers are also the same person, and there are many kids who just look at the information and write. However, those who initially purchased the X theme were not asked for a separate X Pro theme upgrade cost. You can take this into account.

And X themes are also difficult to use, but X Pro themes are more difficult. Originally, it's a difficult theme, so you'll need to watch a few hours of video to know how to use it, but if you want to use headers and footers, you'll need to study again. Of course, as I said earlier, the performance is good. However, it is unfortunate that it is difficult to say that it is not accessible after all. Is there no easy and strong friend...

The X Pro theme is not yet a must if you are not really a pro.

It was a bit long, but the conclusion is simple. If you're satisfied with the look of your blog right now, you don't have to create an X Pro theme. I'm drawing the big picture later, so I don't feel like I was left with a discount. Honestly, professional themes are a lot expensive. The header and footer functions are of course good, but these days there are some themes that allow you to edit the header in the theme forest. Being able to edit headers is not a huge meritIs. Personally, since I was developing the theme, I would like to add a function because the header footer correction function is good, but it is a waste for free... That's why I did not give a sample for some demerit.

The X theme itself is good enough as long as the X Pro theme template doesn't have the specific design you're looking for. The X theme is good enough, so I recommend it. However, after buying a certain theme, I would have to know CSS... If your purpose is simply to blog, or if you don't need something of your own, don't necessarily buy a mega theme, search the theme forest, etc. It's also a good idea to look for something. It has been an X Pro theme so far. Thank you.

It's okay, but the price is a bit expensive
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