Zoho Notebook review. It would be a really good app if you care a little more, but it's a pity...

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Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook review. It is definitely a good app, but Evernote wins 1 win...

It is a secretly old app. I've been aware of existence for a long time, but for me, EvernoteI was looking for a friend to replace and tried again. It would be nice if you care a little more, but this is a disappointing app. Zoho Notebookis.

Zoho Notebook

I like Zoho Notebook because it's a pretty intuitive app.

First of all, Zoho Notebook is an intuitive app. These days, the apps are relatively less intuitive, but since they are old apps, they are adequately intuitive. It tastes like a touch when operating. Particularly, the part of putting the notes together into a single chunk is quite novel even now. It feels pretty good to stack up one by one. However, it is rather lacking in such a part that many notes are lumped together at once. Therefore, it is a shame that it can be rather uncomfortable for power users. Even if you have dozens of notes, you have to put them together one by one...

And the overall concept itself is the concept of choosing a notebook, and there are a lot of notes in the notebook, so this is also a bit unfortunate for its practicality, but instead it has a strong emotional part, so I think that it is a helpful factor in the feeling of using the app itself. It is said that the notebook basically supports multiple covers, and you can also upload photos you want.

Zoho Notebook is basically a powerful app.

The note feature is quite powerful compared to other note apps such as Google Keep and Microsoft Sticky Notes (located inside OneNote). Note apps tend to focus on writing down what they think of, so they only have minimal functionality, but Zoho Notebook's note feature beats Evernote. Of course, Evernote is a note app, but... Still, Evernote is quite powerful, but this notebook can also create documents at the level of Evernote or OneNote. And, of course, one of Evernote's strengths, Web Clipper, is also supported.

It is also good to support multiple platforms. Looking at writing apps, there are surprisingly many apps that are supported only on iOS or only on Mac, but I like this app because it supports various platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

Also, being completely free is a great advantage! sure One Note, Simple Note There are also a number of completely free and powerful apps such as, but this Zoho Notebook also has separate apps that the developer will use to make money, so this app is openly Service for freeIt is said that it is very personal.

Zoho Notebook has a number of disadvantages, so it's a bit unfortunate.

Zoho Notebook is an app that has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages, which makes it a disappointment. Once you use it only on mobile, the downside is that the above is a bit intuitive, so if you have more notes, you will be a little disappointed. Notion Not only the back, but also the Evernote, etc. The length of the paragraph... It's a pity that I didn't seem to take this part seriously. If you just use it, there will be no problem...

Another drawback I felt while using the app is that the overall synchronization is fast, but for some reason, the function of importing Evernote data is very disappointing. The synchronization was a bit slow, so I thought the function was not working. However, when the documents were created right on the PC, and when I ran the apps a few days later, it was synced little by little... I don't have hundreds of notes.

I think Zoho Notebook is almost one of the best apps if you only use it on your smartphone

After all, I think it is one of the best note apps for those who want to use it for a rather simple purpose only on mobile. It's been a while since the app was released, but there are obvious reasons for its popularity. As I mentioned earlier, there are few intuitive apps these days, and the apps are generally similar. So, I like this app because it has some personality just by its existence.

However, it is quite unfortunate for work. I think the reason there is a PC version is to transfer the simple ideas to the PC and use it for work, but I think it is necessary to simply modify the app. I think that the readability part can be improved relatively simply, but it is unfortunate.

That's why Evernote wins 1 for me... Evernote is a bit poor in features compared to the powerful friends coming out these days, and the free version is a bit disappointing, but compared to other apps, there's a reason why it's still alive. Of course, Zoho Notebook differs from Evernote in many ways, but I was disappointed that it didn't fit me a bit. I do a lot of work on my computer, so I wanted it to be functional on Windows, but this app didn't fit me in that area. After all, I think this app is also a matter of taste.

Zoho Notebook Cleanup


  • The app is pretty intuitive
  • Feature is powerful among note apps
  • It's a completely free app
  • Supports multiple platforms


  • The intuitive part is good, but it is a bit unfortunate for professional use.
  • I am very sorry about the ability to import Evernote notes
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