Genki Covert Dock Review! A powerful Mirroring devices in many devices!

Genki Covert Dock

Genki Covert Dock

Genki Covert Dock
Genki Covert Dock Review! A Powerful Mirroring Devices In Many Devices! 1

Genki Covert Dock relieves inconvenience while using Nintendo Switch

When you want to use a Nintendo Switch on a TV, you usually use it by plugging it into a charging dock. However, if you connect the HDMI to the Genki Covert Dock and connect it to the Nintendo Switch, you can use the switch on your TV without a charging dock!

First, I think it’s a real embodiment of the idea that everyone has done at least once. Nintendo Switch is good to carry around the main body as a portable device, but when you try to connect to the TV, you suddenly have a lot of luggage, right? It’s very good that Genki Covert Dock solved that part. Of course, that part is kind of cradle in Nintendo Switch too, so it’s not exactly the same…

It’s good because you can use it not only on Nintendo Switch but also on iPad

It might have been a little less valuable if it was simply available on Nintendo Switch, but Genki Covert Dock is a product that came out to use with Nintendo Switch, but it connects to all kinds of devices. I recently bought a Samsung TV, and Genki Covert Dock and iPad are connected well.

If you’ve seen the review above, you’ll know. My TV has good performance, but I’m sorry for the smart part, but thanks to this, it’s good to be connected to the iPad. It’s good to connect TV and watch YouTube when you travel somewhere. However, the screen doesn’t fit on its own, but this part has a different resolution depending on the device, so it seems inevitable. Because It’s not officially connected to AirPlay or anything. Still, the good thing is that I’ve simply increased the space left on the screen once and filled it, but I’m happy that there’s nothing crushed or done.

This is an object made from another country, so 110v is basic. However, there are additional parts to be compatible with 220 volts. So, if you purchase the item on the site, you need to check the additional 220 volts part.

Genki Covert Dock is definitely good, but it’s expensive…

Like this, the performance is excellent, but there are some regrets. The first is the price. I bought this product for approximately 75 dollars in crowdfunding, but honestly, is the mirroring device originally so expensive?? It makes me think like this. Of course, for the developers, the product’s material (?) is good because the performance is the same, even though it is much smaller than the Nintendo charging dock. they are explaining it like this. I’m not an expert, so I think I should think about it.

The second regret is that you have to use a specific USB cable Of course, there’s no big problem with the basic USB cable, but the device doesn’t work if you just use the cell phone charger line to see if the Nintendo Switch consumes some power. I thought I broke it for a second. This part is a downside, but it seems to be inevitable.

I’m using it well to mirror my iPad

Genki Cover Dock is a device that came out for Nintendo Switch, but as I wrote earlier, I’m using it for mirroring. It’s been a few weeks since I couldn’t play Nintendo games because I had a lot of work to do. I bought an expensive product, but it was heartbreaking because I couldn’t use it for a long time. I’m glad that I’m doing my best these days.

Genki Covert Dock Conclusion

Good Point

  • It’s very light and easy to use
  • I can use it not only for Nintendo switches but also for a few devices
  • The performance is also outstanding

Bad Point

  • expensive
  • You need to use a specific USB cable
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