Razer Universal Grip Tape Review! It's good, but the cost-effectiveness is not well.

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Razer Universal Grip Tape

Razer Universal Grip Tape

Razer Universal Grip Tape

Razer universal grip tape doesn't have excellent cost performance

If you stick it on properly, it's enough to have 2 or 3 mice

First, none of the Razer products have good cost-effectiveness. This Razer Universal Grip Tape has the same too. Even now that I've finished writing, I don't think the cost-effectiveness is good. If you buy one, you can attach it with no shortage, about two to three mice, and if you attach the gamepad to an appropriate place, it will be available at about four. I put a lot on my mouse; I put a little on DualSense and Elite Pad 2, and I'm thinking about putting the rest on when I buy a new friend with a good keyboard. I don't know if it's effective on the keyboard too...

If you buy an expensive mouse and use it for four to five years, it's that much, so if you think about using it for a long time, is it possible that the cost-effectiveness is not bad? I thought like that.

Razer Universal Grip Tape back
Razer Universal Grip Tape is made up of a hexagon mainly

It's made of good material, so it definitely feels better when you use it

I think it's best when you use it on your mouse

The Razer universal grip tape is definitely effective, unlike the one mentioned earlier that the cost-effectiveness is disappointing. First, this product feels pretty good using it. It feels like using a high-quality material like an elite pad. And when you actually use the mouse with this tape, your hands feel less slippery.

But I initially used this object to use it on the gamepad. So I put it on the Dualsense, but I don't know the improvement on the pad well. It's awesome with the mouse. It feels different when you hold the mouse. I sometimes miss my mouse while doing FPS, but I don't think that will happen. To tell you how much, when I buy another mouse, I think I'll feel empty without it.

Razer Universal Grip Tape components
To be honest, my first impression was, "Is that all?' I thought like that

I think Razer Universal Grip Tape would be nice if the shapes were more diverse

It seems like the hexagon is the main thing for general use, but...

Even if it's the same product, the way to use it will be different for each user. So they construct this product based on a hexagon that is probably the most universal. Big hexagon, small hexagon, and rectangular. Some big ones, some small ones.

I agree with the meaning of using simple and universal things to suit the user's taste. Still, I think about gamepad users and wonder what it would have been like if they put some circles in it. I put it in the middle of my Elite Pad Stick. The feeling of the fingers themselves is definitely better. However, this tape is hexagonal, so when you attach it, it doesn't look right. Maybe it's just that I didn't stick to it well…

Razer Universal Grip Tape Example...
It would have been much better if there was white tape. Or is it because of my lack of aesthetic sense?

It's a pity that the Razer universal grip tape is only black.

My mouse is white...

It's a better product than I thought, but I thought it would have been better if there were various colors. Of course, there are a lot of gaming products that usually come out cool in black, including Razer, so this product is all black too. But my mouse is definitely a Razer mouse, but it's white...

Therefore, I think it would have been better if I had a few more colors, including white, considering the needs of users like me. It'd be much cooler if I put white on my white mouse. Dual sense is white, so wouldn't it be okay if it's a combination of white and black? Some might think like this, but personally, I think it would have been better if I had white on it.

Honestly, it's a luxury item, but if you want to play in a better environment, I recommend it

I didn't even know such a thing until I looked for this product. I honestly don't know how many professional gamers are using this product. And I think it was expensive, too.

But, as I've already emphasized, it's definitely good. At least in a mouse. To be honest, this product is not essential, but if you want to spend a little more money to play better games, I think it's an excellent product for those looking for things like this.

  • I bought this product myself and used it on the wall, but I can get a commission through Partners activities

Razer Universal Grip Tape Conclusion

Good point

  1. It works for sure
  2. We can use it not only for mice but also for pads

Bad point

  1. The cost-effectiveness isn't that great
  2. It would've been better if there were more colors
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