[Kickstarter] Genki Shadowcast review. A very cost-effective capture board. Play Nintendo Switch Games on PC

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Genki Shadowcast

Genki Shadowcast

Genki Shadowcast review. Seems to work pretty well, but it's also good value for money.

Before Genki Cover Doghas been funding This friend has minor flaws, but it's still pretty good these days. And I've been looking for more stuff from this company, and this friend I'm going to introduce to you is the newest of the company's products. Genki Shadowcastis. I funded it on Kickstarter, but not long after I funded it, Wadiz also funded it... official website Kickstarter Page Wadiz Page

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    Genki Shadowcast

    Genki Shadowcast is simple to use but powerful.

    Genki Shadowcast's effect is simple. just this friend Nintendo switchI playstation 5After connecting with the computer, you can play on the computer screen. Of course, this is not the same as playing on a monitor via simple HDMI. this friend is kind of mini capture boardis. Its main purpose is to use it on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5, but like a capture board, it is also possible to use it as a kind of webcam by connecting a DLSR, etc. And although Nintendo and PS were mostly talked about, looking at the official website, it seems that you can play on Xbox or old consoles as well.

    I've been playing with Zelda a bit as a test and it doesn't really affect the gameplay. He's a pretty good friend. Of course, if I really test it properly, I'll have to try various things, such as Zelda, fast games like Mario Kart, games that don't tolerate even a slight delay like Tekken, etc. .

    I wanted to test it with the PS5 too, but... PS5 is quite large, but it's a bit difficult to put it on my computer desk...

    Genki Shadowcast is very good value for money.

    Performance is also performance, but personally, the biggest advantage of Genki Shadowcast is its cost-effectiveness. The capture board I reviewed before Elgato HD60 S+Compared to over 200,000 won, this friend $49.99 from the official websiteis. I funded it for $39 on Kickstarter. The price is quite cheap. Of course, that Elgato capture board has better features, but I was worried about something with the low-cost capture board, so I bought an expensive friend on purpose. Small size is a bonus.

    It is a different story from the cost performance, but to use Genki Shadowcast, you need to use a dedicated program to display the screen on your computer. will be However, when I did it, it was not my fault or not, so I just did it with software. It's not an open method, it's just an executable file. It's not a very important story, but there are some people who are sensitive to one piece of software, so I mentioned it a bit.

    It is a friend who would be good to use as a capture board.

    There seem to be two main purposes of using the capture board. The first is for Internet broadcasting such as YouTube or Twitch, and the second is for playing Nintendo or PS on a computer because it is rare these days to buy a TV separately unless you have a home or not. To be honest, I've only done internet broadcasting a few times as a test, so I haven't tried broadcasting with this friend yet... Actually, I don't know how good it will be for broadcasting. Of course, the developers say there is no problem, but...

    Still, since the price is on the low side, I think that it is a good capture board that is not at all difficult to use for personal enjoyment. It is said that there is no problem in using it with the Genki Cover Dog, which was briefly discussed at the beginning of this article. I really like the fact that you can use the two together to play a Nintendo Switch without taking up very much space.

    Genki shadow cast finish

    Good point

    1. Very good value for money
    2. No disruption to gameplay
    3. Small and easy to use


    1. Looking at overseas reviews, it seems a bit disappointing compared to expensive products
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