Elgato HD60 S+

Elgato HD60 S+ Capture Board Review. Capture board with good performance.

Elgato Hd60 S+

Elgato HD60 S+

Elgato HD60 S+ Review Capture board with outstanding performance

I thought, “I should do a broadcast one day.” If you’re thinking about broadcasting console games such as Nintendo, you can’t help but think of a capture board. And my money goes far away… The price range of the capture board is quite different, but since I’m buying it, I wanted to buy a good friend. Of course, I didn’t have the idea of being successful in broadcasting. In the end, I bought one after thinking about a reasonable price… Elgato HD60 S+ capture board.

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Elgato Hd60 S+
Elgato Hd60 S+ Capture Board Review. Capture Board With Good Performance. 1

The Elgato HD60 S+ is an external capture board

The Elgato HD60 S+ costs around 200 dollars. I mentioned earlier that it’s a reasonable price… but honestly, it’s expensive. Elgato products are quite diverse, and the price of the built-in capture board and external capture board products from the same company are almost the same based on Amazon. Performance is the same too. Of course, if you look closely, there are quite a few differences, but it doesn’t seem like the two have an advantage. As usual with these products, the built-in performance itself appears to be better. However, the exterior is much easier to install and use, so I bought the exterior.

The Elgato HD60 S+ is easy to use.

But until I get used to it, I keep wandering…

The Elgato HD60 S+ is easy to use. If you look at the capture board, there is a side where there is only one HDMI port, which is for connecting the monitor and the other HDMI to the game console, and the rest of the USB is for connecting the computer. I wandered a bit, but somehow I found the official website and so on. Maybe it’s just me, and other people will use it right away…

I don’t know if it’s only on my computer, but I have to connect the wires and turn on the capture program for it to be recognized properly. If you connect the port with the program turned on first, it feels like they do not recognize well. Of course, if you just put it here and there, it is recognized.

However, in using this capture board, I noticed an unexpected caveat. The HDMI port is that if it’s a little fat, the USB-C won’t fit next to it… I thought it was a kind of design defect. Of course, I think it’ll be neat and unnecessary if the ports are huddled like that… Anyway, the HDMI I bought was a bit fat, so I ended up using this capture board only after I bought a new HDMI 1M expansion cable… Everyone, be careful…

I think the performance of the Elgato HD60 S+ is definitely good

The capture board’s performance is definitely good. I tested it with Nintendo Switch, iPad, and smartphone (Android). There’s a slight delay. However, if it is not at the professional level of fighting games, it is unlikely that this delay will interfere with the play. In fact, if I had been a bit more professional, I would have done a direct comparison with the Genki Shadowplay, another rather inexpensive capture board I bought, but both look just fine at the level I play. Before turning on the internet broadcast, the actual play itself is pretty much okay. I would like to do both tests someday.

The capture program seems to be less localized well, so it hurts my heart, but the capture itself is good, so I’m satisfied for now. I plan to use it often in the future.

Elgato HD60 S+ Conclusion

Good point

  1. it has excellent performance

Bad point

  1. Aside from the performance, it’s expensive
  2. It’s hard to use until you get used to it
  3. You need to be careful when you buy HDMI cables
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