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Moleskine Journey review. The diary app with the best concept but no feeling.

Moleskine Journey

Moleskine Journey

Moleskine Journey Review. The concept is the best, but somehow the diary app that I can’t use…

Moleskin is famous for its diary and seems to have its own history and tradition. However, there are many Moleskin apps because the company is young, maybe. Representative examples of this Starbucks planner are Action, Timepage, and Flow, which give 1-month free coupons to customers in Korea. These three apps seem to be made by Moleskine themselves, and there are friends that Moleskine acquired and made with Moleskine apps. This is the Moleskine journey I’d like to introduce now. App Store Link.

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Moleskine Journey
Moleskine Journey

I like the concept of the Moleskine Journey.

As I explained earlier, Moleskine journey is an app that was created by acquiring (probably) a company that made an app called edo agenda that was already there. This app was already made that had already been completed to some extent, and there were quite a few users. Maybe it’s because the Moleskine brand name is good or because there are fewer users than I thought… Anyway, I think I made a bold choice in my own way.

After acquiring a good application company, Microsoft tends to eliminate the old brand and incorporate it frequently. Examples are Sunrise Calendars and Wunderlist. Not only Microsoft, but IT giants such as Apple and Kakao usually take over a lot. I don’t think Moleskin is doing anything similar because it is a large company. I think it’s just a strategic decision.

Anyway, if you look at the concept of the Moleskine journal, it is the best among the existing diary apps. There is a space for writing, such as a journal or a diary by default, and you can add and write things like today’s to-dos and today’s moods in a block format as you like. Apart from this, there is also a space for writing projects and planners. If you look at the concept, it’s a very ideal app where you can add your own diary and write it down. You can say it’s a diary with freedom.

The arrangement and composition of the amusement park are good, but each ride in the amusement park is not good…

The concept is great like this, but personally, I don’t like every part of the concept. To paraphrase my lack of writing skills, there is an amusement park, and each of the compositions of the amusement park is very good, but each of the equipment is not good. Write what you need to do today, write how you feel today, and write what you ate today… It comes out like this, but it’s not like there’s a unique vibe to the diary app. It’s a space where we write the same thing, but we just named it like this… When I thought about this, I lost interest anymore.

I’ve been thinking about this part. When I think about the review of Daylio, I wonder if the diary should be something special, but Daylio’s application was based on writing based on emotions, so we came up with a simple diary. Of course, everyone has a different opinion on this, and it is true that there are quite a few people who like this app, so this part may be just me. It’s really hard to put this feeling of ‘out of hand’ into words…

Moleskine Journey is still beta, but it’s not clear how far it’s going to go

As you can see from the link above, there is also a web version, so we can give a good score in terms of platform. However, there is another problem with this, the interface is a bit over-focused on iOS, so if you look at it on a wide computer screen, it looks like something overall… I don’t know it will be better or not.

The Android version also has a very similar interface to the iOS version, but the similarity itself is not a disadvantage, but Android is influenced by Google’s design, so when the iOS version is the main app, it gives a distinct feeling. Android apps are mostly similar, right? As with Apple apps, Android has an Android-like design and iOS has an iOS-like design. However, since the Android version is an open beta version, we can expect improvement.

Another disappointment here is that this Moleskine journey is not a completely new app, so it is unknown how much it will be improved. Personally, I hope it will be combined with the timepage and action that Moleskin made before, but I don’t know if it will work out too.

I said I’d review it and paid for a year of premium. I was attracted to this app before I actually paid for it, but when I actually used it, it was a bit disappointing; Usually, when I spend money, I get attached to it even if it’s because of money… I don’t know how I feel yet.

Moleskine Journey Conclusion

Good point

  • A diary app with freedom
  • The concept is wonderful
  • The iOS version has quite a clean interface

Bad point

  • The overall functionality is very poor
  • Android is currently in beta
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