Daylio review. Diary app in pursuit of simplicity and functionality

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Daylio review. Diary app that pursues functionality rather than emotion

I usually keep a diary. Actually, the diary is very small, so what kind of thing did I do? It was a little difficult to figure it out simply this way. Of course, I tried to write it down separately at the bottom of the diary, but if this is a problem, the problem is that once you write the diary, you won't see it again, right? Anyway, for that reason, I looked for diary apps for the purpose of maintaining productivity. I looked for things and decided. Right away Dayliois. Android link, iOS link


Daylio has a little less sensitivity than the diary app.

Honestly, this friend didn't think that the overall interface of the app was so pretty compared to other diaries. First of all, diary apps generally aim for an interface that maximizes the emotions. Since I usually write a diary at night, I can make the most of my sensibility when I feel full at night... Most of the apps have something like this, but Daylio is a colorful interface with no sensibility.

Of course, it's a bit ambiguous to say that the interface is bad... but honestly, it's a pity that it doesn't feel like a'diary'. Personally, I would like to see how much of the interface is not needed. Well, if this color is a characteristic of daylio, it might not be said that it is just bad.

Daylio is good for simple writing

As mentioned earlier in the article, the reason I decided to use this app is that, unlike other diary apps, Daylio is a diary book that is good for writing only simple things. Honestly, most of the diary apps were a bit uncomfortable with this part. First of all, no matter how emotional or anything I say, I do not write very well on my smartphone. No matter how analog it feels, writing with a phone and writing with a real pen are clearly different... Well, writing a little bit before going to bed seems to have its own taste...

Anyway, I usually write on a computer even when I write. I don't use the iPad that much. I think there is a little difference between this keyboard. I like the keyboard I use now. Therefore, the diary for a smartphone has a great purpose to maintain my productivity. 'What have I done lately?' Since there are many days when I think of this, the diary for this productive activity was just daylio.

Daylio is a great app to stay productive.

I feel that the whole interface is concentrated on this practical part. It's an app that really shows that'I've been like this'. First, you can define the overall feeling of the day with your facial expressions, and simply enter the things you did. And it is a very good interface to check for a week with statistics, etc., to compare it with the previous week, and to understand yourself in this way. If you think about it now, did you aim for differentiation in this way in the first place? I want to.

The price is cheap and the overall is pretty good

Daylio has quite a few features that can be unlocked as a paid version (typically, automatic backup), but if the price is discounted, it is a little over 10,000 won a year, so it seems pretty cheap. Of course, if you think of how much you pay every year, you may feel reluctant enough, but compared to other diary apps, it seems to be really cheap... Everyone costs tens of thousands of won a year. Daylio, though, is good at a good price if you get a discount.

Functionally, it is a very favorite diary app, so I paid for it, but since I was born as a'diary', I wonder if it could have given you some sensitivity. First of all, if it were a diary app, I would select the app by looking at the screenshots in the Play Store more than other apps, but I would like to think that it would be nice to focus on the appearance a little... Honestly, there are many diary apps that look good and are very uncomfortable for writing. I think it's a more promising app.



  • It's easy because I can only write down the things I did on a specific day.
  • Powerful functions related to productivity such as statistics
  • The price is pretty good (if discounted)


  • There is no sensibility that the interface is diary
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