Epilogue of the 10th year of Evernote use. Really love and hate note application

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Review of the 10th year of Evernote. Love and hate note app...

Starting with the Galaxy S in 2011, I used the first mobile phone and smartphone. Back then, my smartphone was really garbage. It was Android 2.2 Proyo at the time, and I remember that it was useful from 2.3 Gingerbread. In those days, rooting was half a must. And I have been using Evernote since then. The reason I told this story is that Evernote has been there since this time. And I have been using PCs since then. However, Evernote hasn't changed much in about 10 years.

A few years ago, Evernote changed its monetization policy, and a lot of people went around looking for other apps, and I too Active promotionI was thinking of going to, but now I have transferred all the data. However, I couldn't completely abandon Evernote. Now is notion I'm looking for a ton of apps, but it's still completely replacing Evernote! I couldn't meet a friend I wanted to. I am planning to write this process step by step, and as my first post, I am going to write an Evernote review that has been in use for 10 years since 2011. Even though I'm not an expert and honestly, I haven't used these features so well, but I think that I won't lose to other people just by using the simple period, so I write a review. Evernote official website

  • Evernote originally supports almost all platforms, but I've been using the free version, so I'm going to focus on the Android and PC versions.
The Evernote logo was changed before. The big change...

Evernote is both an app name and a company name, and I know that it has secretly provided many services. Most of them are broken, but some of them go to the App Store. There were some people who analyzed that Evernote gradually tilted because of such an affair (?) in the days when he was going well.

The Evernote PC version really hasn't changed much so far. However, as you can see in the photo above, the update itself was a lot. Perhaps the PC wasn't used by so many people, so I didn't feel the need to change it. However, the Android version hasn't changed that much... Still, the Android version seems to have left it because it's not a bad shape even now. So I personally didn't have any complaints, but if you are a heavy user, Evernote seems to take a lot of lag. For reference, I haven't used the iOS version, but the screenshots seem to be pretty cool. In the product hunt, the level of classification itself is different...

Evernote is a note application, but its features are no less than a word processor.

Anyway, Hangul, MS Word, or Screener are called word processors, and Evernote is a little different from a word processor, so it can be called just as a note application. A friend who is quite heavy and has a lot of features to compare with those word processorsis. I honestly liked the device-specific synchronization function so much that I have been using Evernote consistently, and as I mentioned earlier, I thought about switching to OneNote a lot. It's true that Evernote has a somewhat clunky interface at this point, but it's okay. It's like a word processor, but personally, word processors create something like a document! It feels like this, and Evernote The feeling itself is similar, but it can be used a little lighterI think.

I kept around 100 and 200 notes (because I erased my notes when I wrote a blog...), but heavy users who carry thousands of notes make all kinds of reports as well as presentations. And template features have been added since a few years ago, but if you use it properly, it looks useful. Another advantage of Evernote is that it is easy to classify documents. Of course, it is not a Note app without this feature these days, but Evernote has a very good interface, so I think it was useful now and then. I think most of the people who moved to OneNote and then returned to Evernote will find the reason behind it. One Note is so regrettable without a pen...

Now Evernote has too many competitors.

Evernote is definitely a friend with many advantages, but now there are many competitors. Originally, the competitors were like One Note, but it seems that Evernote doesn't even care about One Note. One Note is also an app that develops its own way... Maybe if you dig deep, it's because the two are very different apps. Instead of notionFirst, it is a situation that is challenged by various friends. notion is definitely Evernote conscious. First, the paid price is a little cheaper than Evernote, and there is also a function to move the contents of Evernote's notes. It also has a web clipper feature, one of Evernote's greatest strengths. I haven't compared the performance, but... On the other hand, there is no such thing as moving one note's text;

Evernote made a lot of updates unexpectedly, but it didn't change the fundamental shape, so I shielded it a bit as it was a good interface that preceded it, but it's a bit clunky compared to friends coming out these days. In the course of running a blog, I study design in my own way, and as my knowledge increases, this apparent part comes to a large extent. If you make it like this these days, no one will use it... As you know, Naver blog has a pretty cool editor these days. Even WordPress is taking a lot of insults that I can't understand, but I lost last year Block editorIt became cool. In recent years uiThe degree has changed a little. The interface of Hangul is a bit quaint, but it can be understood that this is a word processor, and it seems that MS Word is trying to look as modern as possible in line with the framework. Especially Microsoft Office recently came out Office appPersonally, I was really surprised because it was so well made.

Fortunately, Evernote knows this very well, so revolutionIt seems to be preparing. Honestly, it seems a bit late. But even now, among the Android productivity categories 2nd place in terms of top salesIt's an in-app, so it's still very popular. It seems that the smartphone version is still not bad unless you are a heavy user. And I will write it down step by step later, but I Evernote has yet to find a perfect replacementIt. For example, notion above is not yet a good friend to use on Android. So, I can't settle in one place and leave all my articles in all apps. Like some nomads... I think we can slowly and surely prepare for the future.

Late reviews

When I finish writing, I'm a little sorry for the lack of content about the app itself for some reason; Perhaps heavy users will kick their tongues. Still, it seems to have conveyed this level of feeling for 10 years in my own way. In fact, that 10 years includes 2 years of the military, so technically, I haven't been using the app for 10 years. And there may be many changes that I don't remember. I would appreciate it if you look at it so it will be nice and good. And I will write a lot of reviews while using various services. Personally, I want to settle in one place, but it's not easy.

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July 30, 2020 11:31 am

It's annoying that since last year, if you use Evernote for free, you can only support 2 devices;;..

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