Todoist review. The most intuitive to-do app

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Todoist review. The most intuitive to-do app

I have used a lot of productivity tools such as collaboration tools and to-do apps. I thought about which app would suit me best, and I thought about it again. After that, I settled down. It must be an app you use a lot, right? Todoistis. Android link, iOS link


Todoist first impression wasn't good

Honestly, I didn't think Todoist was good at first. This is because the free version is quite limited. When I tried to do something, there were a lot of things like this. So, for my first impression Microsoft To-doWasn't much different from. And the competitors of the to-do apps such as Any.Do were so strong that they seemed a little behind. Is it a bit lacking in features? I wanted it.

Anyway, I didn't think it was very good at first like this, but after using a bunch of tools, I was disappointed and turned to the To-Do app. But this Todoist is relatively recently Kanban functionI got this. And the Kanban performance is also pretty good TrelloAlthough it is not as detailed as it is, it has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is a level that runs smoothly, so I decided to pay for the paid version and settle down. I'll write more details later.

Todoist is very powerful with Google Calendar.

As mentioned earlier, honestly, Todoist compared to other competing apps A little lacking in terms of function itselfDo it. Representatively, Any.Do mentioned earlier has a calendar. But Todoist is the simplest and most intuitiveIs. Will other apps not have this feature? I'd like to, but once you enter the date, you don't specify a separate calendar, etc. Enter the date to set It's possible. Personally, I really like it. This is because it reduces even one process that can be cumbersome. 'Every week', etc. are also possible, but it is a bit unfortunate that the detailed options such as '3rd Sunday every 3 months', which are likely to be in the calendar, are not available.

And it’s very sad that there is no calendar, but instead Mutual synchronization with Google CalendarBecomes. It's called a 2-way way, but this 2-way part is important. There are no apps that simply cannot sync with Google Calendar. However, there are surprisingly few apps that reflect changes in Google Calendar in reverse. Oh... It's not difficult either, but if you add it as'Schedule' in Google Calendar and change the calendar name to'todoist', it will be reflected. Synchronization is also pretty fast.

However, the relatively complex things of the'Once every two months, every third Friday' equation, as mentioned above, are not reflected. It does, but it just goes on to repeat every month. This part seems to be an inevitable functional limitation. Still, I really like the fact that it has this feature. It almost completely eliminates the absence of a calendar.

Todoist is also great as a project management tool

That’s why I decided to use todoist Kanban After all, the performance is quite good. Almost like a trello. For reference, the case of Notion has improved a bit recently, but in the past, Kanban was slow and frustrating. And ClickUpAlthough there is Kanban, it only supports viewing as Kanban, and the ability to change the position, which is the core of Kanban, is very limited. In addition, TickTick also supports features, but the app is not as intuitive as a whole. That's why Todoist stood out more.

And although the functions were said to be weaker than Trello, this part is really only at the enterprise level, and rather, you can specify several steps to do detailed tasks, and you can set alarms for each of the details. It is basic to post supplementary materials by posting memos or photos there. so that Rather than a trello, etc. to use alone I think it is superior. That's why I use todoist for organizing projects rather than simply organizing tasks. Notion You can of course organize it on the back, but this friend is very disappointed in the alarm and to-do parts.

The paid version of Todoist also has several features

In addition to this, there is a fee to show you how much you have done during the week and reminders. It’s quite useful to have both features, so in many ways Somewhat regrettable with the free version The tool seems to be right. Among them, the ability to show achievement is also a kind of grade, which gives a sense of achievement. And it's also nice to see because the statistics are well done.

Also, apps in this field are usually made available on multiple platforms, but unfortunately, the Microsoft Store version does not support Kanban functionality yet. Probably because there are very few users. This is a disadvantage, but other apps don't actually put the app itself in the already ruined Microsoft store... In this case, should the app be released and updated itself as an advantage? It seems to depend on the point of view...

Meanwhile, the response from the customer center is fairly quick and friendly. Even before I paid for the paid version, the answers came once every 2-3 days, so it's okay.

I think the to-do app is good to use alone

I said earlier that the features are a bit lacking, but I don't think the developers don't know these things. Instead, todoist seems to be adding only the features that they think are just necessary. Still, it would be nice if something new came up and I felt that I was developing steadily, but it's a little disappointing. Of course, the update itself is carried out regularly.

Premium price is 3 dollars per month if paid for 1 year if paid on the official website. Total $36is. This is also the reason why I didn't use Trello. Collaboration tools like Trello and Asana are usually priced at $10 if the company thought they would use it. Clickup was a bit low, about $5, so I tried to use it, but eventually gave up... But Todoist and other to-do apps are generally a bit cheaper.

Todoist can't be said to be a perfect tool, but it still contains the features I wanted, so I'm using it with my own satisfaction. I also like the interface. I will continue to use several productivity tools and to-do apps in the future, but I personally feel great when I find a tool that I want to settle down.

Summary and summary

  • Very intuitive and detailed
  • Kanban function is strong
  • Excellent integration with Google Calendar (2-Way)
  • It is a little insufficient in terms of the number of simple functions (calendar, etc.)
  • A little more expensive than some competitors like TickTick ($36 per year)
  • It's a little disappointing with the free version
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