[iA Writer] 1. Introduction and review of iA Writer. iOS famous writing & markdown app

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iA Writer

Introduction and review of iA Writer. Almost the best among iOS Writing & Markdown apps.

iA Writer is one of the most popular iOS writing apps. And not only iOS, but also Mac, Windows, and Android are available on various platforms. I don't know if this is the earliest app out there, but it's definitely an app that has evolved over a long period of time. official website

iA Writer

iA Writer has a very clean interface.

The most striking part of iA Writer's interface is A very simple screen that looks like a notepadis. There are many apps that put a neat screen as their strength, but this app, especially when running the PC version for the first time, was embarrassing. But if you try a little bit, you'll see that it's not just empty, it's a choice for simplicity. Of course, if you think about it this way, isn't notepad for simplicity? You can think of it, but I would say that Notepad, which is simply a white screen, has a clean interface that is similar in appearance and clearly different. Actually, iA Writer has a lot of subtle features.

iA Writer mainly promotes the Markdown function, but for those of you who do not know what Markdown is like me, you can use the app as if you are not using Markdown. The convenience was good so I used it as if I was just writing The document is naturally marked down Is created. Personally, I'm not at the level of a programmer, so I wonder why I would use Markdown. There are some advantages when writing on mobile, but I like the natural thing like this. In addition to this, there are usually functions that these days writing programs usually have, such as focus mode and hash tags.

iA Writer is one of the best writing apps on iOS.

I think it's one of the best writing apps especially on the iOS version. Basically, the interface itself suits the iPad. It's similar to the Apple Note, but it has its own features. There are also some fonts created in this app in their own way, and personally, it is a more grateful app for taking care of Korean fonts as well. There are really a few programs that care about these Korean fonts... Also, there are features that allow you to send texts to Word, PDF as well as WordPress.com and Medium. And if you change the keyboard layout, I like the Markdown shortcuts too. In addition to these, there are also many subtle features.

However, there are also some regrets. Typically, when using a cloud other than iCloud on iOS, it is very annoying. I tend to use the drop box a lot, and this seems to be a problem with the drop box, but for some reason, I have to open the drop box and do some authentication process. I don't know if I couldn't find it, but there seems to be no option in itself to change the default cloud. These shortcomings... And although it varies slightly from situation to situation Synchronization is rather slowIt is also regrettable. In my case, PC -> iOS or PC -> Android is often used in this way. In some cases, synchronization is fast, but it is usually slow. Personally, I am very sorry.

There is one more regretful aspect of the similar part, which is that it does not support one cloud. However, since there are many services that do not support One Cloud, I would say that it is not the only disadvantage of iA Writer. Is it because MS Office is included in the paid version of OneDrive? It's probably not the main reason like this... Unfortunately...

One more regrettable thing is that the overall update is a bit slow. However, there is a part that needs to be understood a little. Looking at the articles posted on the official blog from time to time, it seems that the company is a little small and the fund is not sufficient. Perhaps that's why when I released the PC version, I used to do kickstarter funding.

The PC version was not really updated, but it was updated relatively recently. It seems that the Android app is also managed, but it has not been updated for over a year. Apparently, the Android version is still free, and it seems that the development ranking has been pushed back because there are many similar apps on the Android side. For reference, the Android version is not very bad in function.

Personally, it was regrettable that the PC version seemed to lack a lot of features than the iOS version or the Mac version, but with the recent update, I thought it caught up a lot. However, it is not without problems. Representatively, Alttap, etc. When you use this app again while doing other work, the first letter disappearedThere is. This similar problem is not unique to this app, as it is with multiple apps. Still, it's quite annoying, so I'd like to improve it, but I'm sorry.

Originally, I wanted to make this post for each version like Scribner, but it didn't seem to be that much, so I wrote about three platforms with one article. iA Writer ScreenerIt is not an app that rides people like that. Basically, this is because neatness is the main app. Both PC and Android are fine, but the iOS version is highly recommended. iOS version link, Google Play Link, Windows version link

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