Galaxy Watch 4 Review. A smartwatch that’s a lot better than the previous one!

Galaxy Watch 4 review. Compared to the previous Galaxy Watch 3, the operating system has changed, so many things have improved, so it's a very satisfying smartwatch!
Galaxy Watch 4

Galaxy Watch 4 review. It’s much better than Watch 3!

I bought Galaxy Watch 3 using the discount coupon I received before and used it well. But the first impression of 3 was pretty good, but there were a few things that I didn’t like when I used it. To make matters worse, Samsung released Galaxy Watch 4 last year. The device itself had many changes, but crucially, they changed the operating system to Google’s Wear OS. So, watch 3 users like me were almost half stupid.

Recently, I also offered discount coupons for compensation sales of Galaxy Watch, so I was when I could buy Galaxy Watch 4 at a reasonable price. It’s cheaper than secondhand stores… If it was simply to buy the latest product, I might not have thought of buying it like that, but I’ll talk about it soon, but 3-4 has a lot of changes such as the operating system. That’s why I bought it boldly. It’s Galaxy Watch 4.

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Galaxy Watch 4
Galaxy Watch 4 Review. A Smartwatch That's A Lot Better Than The Previous One! 1

The Galaxy Watch 4 is categorized as the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and the Galaxy Watch 4.

The classic is heavy, but it has a bezel. Watch 4 doesn’t have a bezel, but it weighs half.

The difference between the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and the regular Galaxy Watch 4 is the bezel. Just as there is a crown in the Apple Watch, it makes me think like ‘why is this part on a smart device?’ At first glance, However, it is also presumed to be a part that inherits the feeling of the existing watch, like the Apple Watch.

That bezel is so useful not only in its shape, and the moving of the bezel is quite addictive personally. So at first, the Watch 4 that I bought didn’t have a bezel, so it was pretty awkward at first. However, while the Galaxy Watch 4 is about 25g and 30g, the Watch 4 Classic weighs about 46g and 52g, which is almost half the weight.

In fact, when I used the Galaxy Watch 3, I always felt that the watch was heavier than I thought, and it was on my hand, but now I like this Galaxy Watch 4 because it is really light. I heard you focused on activities, and I felt that. Even now, the bezel’s addictive is a pity, but …

Of course, that bezel function is possible with touch. However, there is a difference between the touch and the actual product, so it doesn’t work well. It’s too bad… I liked that feeling…

Galaxy Watch 4
Galaxy Watch 3, 4 Comparison Shot

The biggest advantage of the Galaxy Watch 4 is that it uses Wear OS

We can use a significant number of third-party applications in Wear OS

Up to Galaxy Watch 3, they used Tizen OS as the operating system, but Galaxy Watch 4 uses Wear OS by Samsung. However, just as Samsung uses One UI without using Android’s basic launcher, this Galaxy Watch 4 is based on Google’s Wear OS, but it uses an operating system that has been changed to suit Samsung’s taste to some extent. You can think of it as a Wear OS that Samsung has changed.

Many things have improved with Wear OS by Samsung. Personally, the most unfortunate thing about Galaxy Watch 3 was that there were very few third-party applications. There are so many Apple Watch apps. Of course, Samsung is really struggling, so it has all the basic functions and performance is not bad enough to use the basic watch.

However, Samsung is not a software company, so there are limitations… Apple also makes only basic apps on Apple Watch. To be honest, Samsung and Apple may be similar in essential applications.

However, there is a big difference in usability as two smart devices in many third-party apps. Of course, that’s probably the main reason Apple alone has more than half of the smartwatches. Third-party companies will also want to create more apps with OS with a high market share.

But now, Samsung has joined hands with Google with Wear OS to increase its market share to about 20 percent, so I hope many apps will be developed in the future. It’s not a terrible level right now. In the past, there were virtually no apps except for Samsung apps and very few apps, but now at least a few exercise apps, such as Adidas, and basic apps such as Kakaotalk and Line, can also be used on the Galaxy Watch.

Changes in the overall clock interface are also noticeable

Let me write a little more about the clock interface. First, it’s the impression that it’s concise because the letters are smaller and there are more spaces. In Tizen, the clock screen is small, but I felt they filled as tightly the screen as possible and used it. However, even if the screen is small, the Galaxy Watch 4 feels like it delivers it concisely. Both are not bad interfaces. I could actually adapt quickly.

Besides the above, the visually distinct part is also the image, and it is not just that the image has diversified, but I feel that the images have become a little bigger and clearer apart from the letters. The old interface felt like there were letters at the top and images at the bottom, so it was good to explain, but the icons felt relatively small. The interface now has more abbreviated characters, so it’s more recognizable at a glance.

Instead, when you touch the screen with only an icon, the information comes out in more detail. So when you look at the clock simply, it focuses on the image clearly at a glance, but when you press the button, information comes out and you can know the information. It felt like they distinguished it according to the situation in which the user looked at the watch.

And Samsung Health‘s interface, which is virtually essential when using the Galaxy Watch, has been changed to suit the Galaxy Watch 4, making it better to use Samsung Health. When I first used Watch 3, it was a pie in the sky, but I’m satisfied that I can use all the functions now.

The Galaxy Watch 4 has several new features!

But there are some missing features too…

They added many functions when it became Watch 4; the representative part is body composition analysis. Personally, it was a function that surprised me to the point where I thought, “Is this really possible?” Of course, these days, it is possible to measure blood pressure with a watch and ECC, and I wonder what is impossible. I can’t believe I’m doing body composition analysis with a smartwatch.

Of course, there is a portable body composition analysis device. However, Galaxy Watch 4 is smaller than them, and crucially, this is a watch, so it’s enough to wear and use whenever you want, so I like it very much. Of course, it will not be as accurate as the actual body composition analysis, but at least it will be enough to identify the change when measured properly, so I will actively use it.

However, there is also a function that was in 3, but it is typically a function that changes the watch face by time. There are a lot of pretty clock faces, so I was thinking about which one to use, and I used the function that changed automatically once a day. But I can’t find it in this 4, so I don’t think I’ve added that function yet. Does Wear OS not have this feature? I don’t think these people know much about smartwatches. Samsung is quite capable of software, so I’m eager to add it. I’m sure Samsung knows all about this, too.

They’ve made a lot of progress in Galaxy Watch 3 and 4, so I look forward to it

I heard the Galaxy Watch 4 had sold quite a lot. Samsung seems to have come to its senses these days. They didn’t even set the price as high as Watch 3. To be exact, Samsung couldn’t face reality and put a presumptuous price on old watches… Of course, They got a lot of discounts, but… Still, I feel that the cost-effectiveness of Watch 4 has improved a lot.

Samsung releases its products almost every year. Currently, when I am writing this article for the first time, compensation sales are underway until the end of June in mid-May in Korea. After all, it means they will release the Galaxy Watch 5 soon, and it seems to be aimed at shaking off the inventory until then. Of course, they tricked me into buying a watch too… No matter how excusable the situation was… I don’t know how good 5 will be. But since the change in Watch 3 to 4 was huge, I think I can use this watch well for the time being.

Galaxy Watch 4 conclusion

Good point

  • Having many third-party App using Wear OS by Samsung
  • Added functions such as body composition analysis are pretty good
  • Compared to 3, it’s very cost-effective
  • Very light compared to Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Bad Point

  • It’s a pity that bezels that are not in the classic
  • There were some functions in the third one, but some of them disappeared
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