WP Rocket review. Most popular paid WordPress cache plugin

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WP Rocket

WP Rocket review. Most popular among paid WordPress cache plugins

Previously related to WordPress cache plugin PostingI have done it. Even then, I tried using plugins like this and finally Litespeed CacheI decided to This friend is a pretty good friend, so I've been using it for several months... OxygenThere was a problem related to the problem, and I repeatedly struggled, but I screamed because of the discount on this Black Friday. WP Rocketis.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a paid plugin, but its performance is good

First off, this WP Rocket is one of the most popular WordPress cache plugins. However, the reason is a little different, because this friend is a rare, fully paid one of the many cache plugins that usually have a free version, but is a plugin that is constantly mentioned. Of course, the reason it is mentioned consistently is that people who have used it all say they like it.

First of all, the basic concept of this app is that it automatically sets the site optimally. Of course, there are quite a few cache plugins that can guarantee your site speed with the basic settings alone. However, even so, it is common for the developer to give basic guidelines in the way of'Please do this~', but this friend is just Site optimization settings are naturally completedIt's possible. Basically, it is set automatically and only the rest of the parts are left to the user, so this can be explained. I was a little surprised by the minify in the screenshot above... I usually checked this part naturally, but WP Rocket asked me to be careful. This may not be a big deal, but it seems that only certain parts are automatically done as automation is a concept. Nevertheless, it's amazing that the speed is so good...

Honestly, WP Rocket There’s nothing special about it.. So I thought that it might be a bit pushed compared to the friends who have a lot of personality and features these days. For example, these days, the friends who appear there is a limit to increase the speed of the site with such a cache, so that a certain page does not load unnecessary JavaScript etc.! Well, I'm trying to somehow differentiate myself in this way, but this friend doesn't have such features. So, when I only look at the official website, I think,'Where do you like this friend?' Well, if you think about it now, it seems that you can be seen as faithful to the basics.

WP Rocket measurement results
Each measurement results slightly different, but generally very satisfactory

WP Rocket seems to have a name. But WordPress has different tools for different people...

Still, this reputation isn't in vain, and my blog speeds are great. What's even more surprising is that although there are still a lot of parts to be optimized, such as web fonts, I'm honestly satisfied with nothing to go further. Of course, the speed is relatively low on mobile, which is probably due to Google AdSense... I will reduce ads...

The price is $49 per year for individual users (one site). It may be said that it is not that expensive, but it is quite a pity considering that there are competing competitors among the free versions. However, as most of the WordPress plugins are for granted, they tend to sell a lot through Black Friday or affiliate links. So in my experience, it's very hungry to buy it right away... I think it's good to buy it when it's on sale.

Of course, WordPress is open source, so which tool is the best. Also, plug-ins that do not have any problems with someone like me only have problems with me... these strange things happen. That is why I heard that many developers do not use open source. Several cache plugins with poor ratings are also well suited to me, so there are definitely people who like it, and this WP Rocket is also recognized by most people, but there are plugins that do better than this plugin. Even though it's free. Plugins I used in the past WP Fastest CacheNeither Litespeed Cache is blame for performance. Well, from my point of view, I'm very fortunate that I didn't waste any money. It's bitter to have money every year, but I think it's an investment for my blog.

WP Rocket summary


  • Automatically optimizes your site
  • The effect is certain


  • 100% is a paid plugin
  • There is nothing special about the function itself
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