MPK Mini MK3 review. Small, light, cool and good MIDI controller (master keyboard). It's a little disappointing with the iPad.

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MPK Mini MK3

MPK Mini MK3

MPK Mini MK3 review. It's a good instrument, but it's a pity it doesn't fit the iPad well personally.

It doesn't seem like it used to be, but MPC is still quite popular. To be honest, I think the price is a bit high... Well, all instruments are expensive... Electronic musical instruments are no exception... But I don't have both yet... Instead, I took a step back and bought another friend from the same company. MPK Mini MK3is. official website

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    MPK Mini MK3

    MPK Mini MK3 has a simple and pretty design, but also has its own personality.

    First off, the MPK Mini MK3 stands out from its design. with similar friends lunch key miniI minilab There are others, but personally, I think it is the prettiest out of the three. And the design is not just beautiful, but it also has personality, such as a stick on the top left of the controller. The color I bought is probably the most basic color, and my friend looks pretty enough, but if you look on the internet, there are quite a few different colors. I have a friend who is completely red. Because the white and black arrangement is well done, I have a friend who is a cu and black... Personally, I really like the black color.

    The stick mentioned in the paragraph above seems to be used to adjust the pitch, etc. There are also several buttons and a small display on the top of the controller shows simple numbers. Well, that's the case with all instruments, but it seems that the stick part needs some mastery to be able to use it properly. In addition to the stick, there are also marks such as 1/4 or UP on each key, and if you master it well, you can do various things with this instrument.

    The keyboard part feels a little light personally. Of course, since it is a relatively cheap product, it seems unreasonable to expect great quality from the keyboard.

    MPK Mini MK3
    The basic color is pretty, but there are many prettier colors.

    The big improvement on the MPK Mini MK3 is that the MPC pads are still included.

    I know it's probably been popular since the old version. However, the big improvement in this version is that the MPC pad mentioned in the first paragraph is put in as it is. I don't know much about it because I don't have any musical knowledge yet, but those who are good at music try to use all of the various pad controllers and compare them, and among them, MPC is well known, with some pads attached to it. It's a product of the same company for no reason, but I put an MPC pad in it! This is not what I am trying to appeal to. Conversely, even though it is a product of the same company, it can be assumed that this pad itself requires a lot of technology or that it is a junction that divides low-priced and high-priced products.

    Anyway, I had a lot of expectations, wondering how good it would be to put in the famous pad as it is!...but I haven't used the controller much, but I don't know if it's that much different than I thought. Maybe my hands are the problem...

    A friend I used to have Alesis VI49However, I am not sure if my hands are blunt or if the VI49 pad is of MPC quality. However, I was expecting MPC pad Oh!

    MPK Mini MK3 3
    There seems to be something, but compatibility is a bit disappointing...

    It was a pity that the MPK Mini MK3 did not seem to fit the iPad well.

    This controller is well-known and basically flawless, but it seems to have a bit of a bad compatibility with the iPad. Apparently, MPC Beats, the software that you give to this friend, is also for desktop, and MPC 2 software is also for desktop, so Maschine doesn't seem to care as much about iPad, although it's not as well-known as Maschine who is not familiar with iPad at all. So, in fact, he's a friend that I'm not quite sure about... By the way, I recently bought a MacBook and I think I can use it better now.

    The MPK Mini MK3 is a great portable controller.

    These days, even if it's a MIDI controller, it's a bit disappointing without the bundled virtual instrument. This friend also offers some bundled virtual instruments. It's hard to say how good it is because I don't know much about it, but it's meaningful that I put it in anyway.

    Since it is small and very light, it is a suitable MIDI controller for portable, travel, or vacation use. I don't know exactly how many grams, but it feels lighter than my MacBook or iPad. I think it would be better to fit the iPad a little bit more since it is small in size, but I think you have to think about that.

    I bought the Vi49, but it's too big for me, so I'm not using it well. If I move in the future, I will buy a cradle and have it on it all the time... I'm thinking about it. On the other hand, this MPK dude is just the right size and I love the freedom to play or practice in bed. For those who have already built a studio at home to some extent, it may be just a toy, but for a self-made student like me, I don't think there is a friend like this.

    MPK Mini MK3 Summary

    Good point

    1. small and light
    2. Beautiful design and personality
    3. Instrument performance is good.
    4. The MPC pad deployment


    1. Key quality that is disappointing for those who use expensive products
    2. Not compatible with iPad
    3. I don't know if the MPC pad is good (I don't know...)
    • I purchased and used this product myself, but a certain amount of commission may be provided through Coupang Partners activities.
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