Xbox Wireless Adapter review. It’s expensive, but it is better than a regular Bluetooth dongle.

This is a review of the Xbox Wireless Adapter. I bought this to connect my Xbox Elite Pad 2. The performance itself is definitely good, but the cost-effectiveness is definitely not good, so I'm worried a lot...
Xbox Wireless Adapter

Xbox Wireless Adapter

Xbox Wireless Adapter review. Recognition is definitely faster.

In fact, I did not need to buy this. But I have a problem with the Bluetooth itself, so I bought a new Bluetooth dongle and solved it. I didn’t even know that… I paid a lot of money… Still, when I searched, there are quite a few stories that my Xbox Elite Pad 2nd generation does not recognize wirelessly well with a regular Bluetooth dongle. Right now, I’m thinking of using it well. I’m actually using it well. It is an Xbox Wireless Adapter.

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Xbox Wireless Adapter
Xbox Wireless Adapter

Xbox Wireless Adapter is more expensive than a regular Bluetooth dongle.

Bluetooth dongles aren’t exactly cheap, are they? But this product is…

To be honest, an Xbox Wireless Adapter is a lot more expensive than a regular Bluetooth dongle. The Bluetooth dongle I bought above is less than 10 dollars because this friend is a little over 30 dollars. Bluetooth dongles can connect earphones, another gamepad like DualSense, or a variety of other things. This one is solely for the Xbox Gamepad, so it’s pretty limited. So, if you need a Bluetooth dongle for various purposes, there may be no need to purchase this one at all…

In fact, I used a desktop computer before, and it didn’t come with Bluetooth built-in, so I had a higher need for this adapter. However, laptops usually come with Bluetooth integrated, so the necessity of this adapter decreases a bit. There are a few advantages I will mention later, so for those who fit that criteria, this adapter could still hold its own value to some extent.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter has a few minor advantages over a regular Bluetooth dongle.

Still, this adapter performs well for the price. In the past, I connected the Elite pad to my PC via Bluetooth. However, even after changing the color of the Xbox logo in the settings, it still appeared white. However, with this official adapter, the color I changed in the settings is now displayed correctly. This suggests that the adapter is more reliable than simply connecting the controller to the PC via Bluetooth. It’s kind of a minor thing, but it’s still something that I can change, and it’s kind of like the RGB on a gaming keyboard.

And since we can connect the Xbox gamepad up to 8 at a time, I think the performance is certainly amazing, at least for Xbox. I’m not sure if there will ever be a situation in Korea where 8 Xbox pads will be in one place. Maybe there were games like Mario Party on Xbox, but even today’s games are mostly single-player games like Starfield. There were even games like Viva Piñata in the past, but…

When I first started using this adapter, it used to take a while for it to recognize my Xbox Gamepad, so I was a little worried, but now it recognizes it almost as soon as I press the pad, and it seems to work well after that. Because it’s expensive… In addition, there are reports that the Elite Pad 2 does not recognize the pad well with a regular Bluetooth dongle, so I have a little feeling that it’s a relief. Anyway, I am using it well.

If you already have a Bluetooth dongle, it is natural to test your own dongle before buying it. If that’s not the case, you might as well buy one… Oh, and unlike when I originally wrote the review, the Elite Pad 2 isn’t as well-received now as it was then. People considered the Elite Pad as the best pad on the market when it was originally released, but now the evaluation has changed a bit. I think they should come out with an Elite Pad 3 or something.

Xbox Wireless Adapter summary

Good point

  1. It connects faster than a regular Bluetooth dongle.
  2. This reflects your customizations, such as the color of the Xbox Mark on the Xbox Pad.
  3. Can connect multiple Xbox Pads.

Disappointing point

  1. Very expensive for a Bluetooth dongle…
  2. Apparently, regular Bluetooth products don’t work.
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