Alesis Vi49 Review. It’s a MIDI controller that’s bigger than I think, and it’s useful and cost-effective.

Alesis Vi49

Alesis Vi49

Alesis Vi49 Review. It’s a MIDI controller that’s bigger than I think, and it’s useful and cost-effective.

I bought ROLI Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block before, and I’ve been using them while practicing. But I couldn’t play Seaboard Block properly with my poor piano skills. As expected, the piano skills I learned in elementary school have already disappeared. Anyway, for that reason, I felt the need for a general instrument, so I bought it. This is the Alesis Vi49 MIDI controller.

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Alesis Vi49
Alesis Vi49 Review. It's A Midi Controller That's Bigger Than I Think, And It's Useful And Cost-Effective. 1

Alesis VI49 is very cost effective.

First, the Alesis Vi49 is priced at about $200. I was lucky to buy it at less than half the price through a used transaction. Fortunately, the condition was good. It was my first time using such a large instrument, so I had a hard time getting a sense of the size, and it was a lot bigger than I thought. It’s a 49-key keyboard, so it’s quite long just by itself. They embed the 4X4 pad on the left side of the keyboard, so the width is longer. And there are a lot of functions, so the length is pretty long too. In conclusion, both horizontal and vertical are long…

Alesis Vi49
It Seems Strangely Good, But Sometimes It’S Bad. I Wonder If I Should Try To Use An Original One Like Mpc.

Alesis Vi49 also has good instrument performance

I haven’t played a lot of musical instruments on the pad, but I think it’s good. I thought about it when I played the rhythm game jubeat. I think it’s not enough to hit the pad. However, since jubeat is a game and vi49 is an instrument, I think it can’t be helped that the feeling when playing is different. Of course, it feels much better than touching the iPad. It would have been better if it felt stronger when I pressed it. Sometimes I feel like something doesn’t work when I play melodics, but I don’t have a big problem when I play virtual instruments.

At first, I thought it was disappointing, but later I also tried the MPK mini MK3, which had an MPC pad mounted directly, but there was no difference in the experience.

Alesis Vi49
It’S Much Bigger Than I Thought. The Monitor Is 32 Inches.

The keyboard is also at a decent level

The keyboard is also at a decent level. Looking back on the piano I learned in elementary school, it is lacking compared to the heavy feeling of the actual piano. However, this seems to be a limitation of the MIDI controller. I heard that the expensive midi controllers, which cost about 7~800 dollars from Ni company, feel as good as the piano. Considering that, I think this vi49 also has a pretty good keyboard. It’s like the electronic piano that my friend used before.

Alesis Vi49
I Don’T Know How To Use It Because I Don’T Have Enough Musical Knowledge Yet.

It works well on the iPad, too

The product description says that it only works on Windows and Mac, but it actually works on the iPad Pro too. However, it may not work on a regular iPad or may require a separate power source. I heard that the iPad Pro can supply enough voltage using USB C-type terminals. However, many iPad still use the Apple Lightning 8-pin. Because of it, you will need an Apple camera kit when you play an instrument. In addition, several other midi controllers require additional power. However, there is no charger in the box I received… Could this be the reason for the low price? Or is it not included in the original package?

I think I’ll be able to enjoy it for the time being

The MIDI function, which is most important to the MIDI controller, works well. Some virtual instruments within FL Studio do not work well with the midi. However, we don’t know for sure whether the instrument or the DAW is the problem. Most of them are doing well, so I don’t think you need to worry too much.

This instrument still has more functions, but I am not familiar with how to use it yet, so I am somewhat inexperienced… But I’m satisfied because I think I bought it well. When I look at Amazon reviews, I see some comments that say it’s good at first, but it’s not good later, but I think it’s something to use for a long time and decide. It’s meaningful to have a regular(?) instrument for me.

Alesis VI49 Conclusion

Good point

  1. Good cost-effectiveness

Bad point

  1. They give no virtual instruments as default
  2. It’s not bad, but I don’t know if it’s too good
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