Ubersuggest review. An SEO tool with significant features and unbeatable 180 Lifetime plan cost-effectiveness.

A review of an SEO tool called Ubersuggest. Basic performance is steadily developing, cost-effectiveness is the best in the same industry, and it is a tool that I like because it supports multiple languages.


Ubersuggest review. SEO tools are good in many ways, including functionality and price.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of SEO while running WordPress seems to be WordPress SEO plugins like Rank Math. But just like not every site in the world is WordPress, there are a lot of SEO programs out there that run separately on the web, like Chrome extensions, etc. However, most of them are really, really expensive. In the meantime, someone with some awareness in the field of SEO creates a program themselves, perhaps to sound the alarm about this trend. It’s Ubersuggest.

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Ubersuggest Review. An Seo Tool With Significant Features And Unbeatable 180 Lifetime Plan Cost-Effectiveness. 1

what is ubersuggest?

Neil Patel, whose name also appears in Ubersuggest’s URL, is known for his original SEO blog, and his YouTube channel has over 750,000 subscribers (1.16 million as of this writing), so I’d say he’s pretty much at the top of the industry, at least in terms of awareness. It seems like he runs a lot of services here and there, but this is probably his home base. Because his name is URL… For reference, neither Semrush nor Ahrefs, which are the best-known in this field, don’t have that many YouTube subscribers… But I think his primary job is kind of like a consultant. If I look at his blog, I can see “call us” screens too many times;

This person considers a company as his major customer rather than an individual like me. So, I think it is a program for individual bloggers like me or small businesses that do not correspond to the above companies. On his blog, he writes as if he has a lot of faith, but it’s marketing to some extent… There are some criticisms…

Ubersuggest has good basic functionality, and it has almost the best cost-effectiveness.

Is ubersuggest worth it? is ubersuggest free or cheap?

The basic features of Ubersuggest include site health analysis, keyword-related features, competitor analysis, and backlink-related features. It contains all the basic functions. However, Semrush and Ahrefs, which are famous for SEO, have more functions. For example, I used the free version of Semrush, and it does pretty much everything I need it to do, including social media features and measuring the SEO of my posts. Ahref basically doesn’t have a free version, but looking at the description, it definitely has more features than Uberuggest.

They are subtly slightly changing the interface with their functional testing. But so far, it sticks to the basic functions, and it doesn’t seem to be anything particularly good or anything like that.

However, Ubersuggest beats the first two and many other SEO tools in price. The two aforementioned tools start at $99 per month. At least Semrush has a free version, but Ahref has only some free tools, including Webmaster, which came out recently. But other than that, you have to pay $7 to even test it for 7 days… besides this, famous tools are really expensive. However, Ubersuggest starts at around $12 per month for an individual user. That’s pretty amazing, too, but crucially, the Lifetime plan starts at $120.

You can see that other tools can’t match the cost-effectiveness. Of course, it may be for a limited time, but it’s great that it’s like that even for a limited time. Probably, the development team seems to have the will, and the primary income seems to come from companies, so such an enormous cost of performance can come out.

However, the above statement came out when I first used it, and now the price has risen a little to $180. But it’s still a great value. Selling a lifetime ticket right now is very cost-effective…

The advantage of Ubersuggest is that it recognizes foreign languages, like Korean, to some extent.

Ubersuggest support is quite good too.

It seems to have some support for foreign languages like Korean. It’s a bit of a sad reality, but most SEO software has very little support for languages other than English. Of course, it depends on the language, so there are some cases where Spanish and other languages are supported, but there are very few apps that support at least minor languages like Korean. Of course, this is understandable. Just look at the WordPress Korean users, they are only 0.8% of the total… Korea may boast itself as an advanced country on the internet, but it has very little influence globally…

In this situation, it was more attractive to me because it supports Korean to some extent, even though it is not perfect. You can specify the country and the keyword, and it recognizes Korean… It is not perfect yet, but this part is also improving steadily, so I have a good outlook for the future. For example, when I first wrote this article, I could only see the Top Page feature for a few countries, such as the United States or Malaysia.

Of course, it has improved a lot since there was no feature to see the popular pages before. Since he is in a position to emphasize multilingualism in his blog, I think his thoughts may have come out a little. There are also some foreign professionals who think that they don’t need to be multilingual.

Ubersuggest is a little more cumbersome than other tools

the downside of Ubersuggest…

However, Ubersuggest can be a little more cumbersome to use than other tools. Typically, I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but the logout is behavioral. These days, I use the automatic login function a lot on my computer, but somehow this does this function every time I log in… Maybe it’s because I log in with Google… But I wonder if there’s a need to do this.

He plastered his face all over the site. I’m not the only one thinking about this, so there are a lot of comments asking him to clean up his face. It’s probably because he wants to continue to appeal to himself as a business owner, but I think this person is overdoing it. Honestly, it’s not even handsome or anything…

I hope for more features and functionality in the future.

they already test many things in the lab.

There were some inconveniences, but in conclusion, it is a great tool because it has not only basic performance but also has become quite expensive, and I support many languages to some extent, and I am actively using it. Of course, Google is the best cost-effectiveness itself, but even Google is not a 100% perfect tool, and Google is honestly optimized for businesses to some extent. That’s why these other SEO tools are so valuable.

Ubersuggest has no alternatives among the free SEO tools in real.

On the other hand, this tool is much better than minor or free SEO tools like Korean webmaster tools, Naver Search Advisor or Daum Webmaster Tools, or Bing Webmaster tools. However, there are tools out there that will cost you more money than this guy. So, I thought they were in the middle of the game. I hope to see many good things in the future.

Ubersuggest Conclusion

Good point

  1. Very cost-effective
  2. Supports minor languages like Korean.
  3. better and better

Bad point

  1. I keep getting logged out for some unknown reason
  2. I should see the major developer’s face all the time…
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