Headline Studio by CoSchedule Review. A good app that measures your title SEO score!

There's a web service and WordPress plugin called Headline Studio that scores your headline SEO. It's a bit of a bang for the buck, but it's definitely a tool you need, and if you're serious about blogging, it's a tool you can't live without.
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Headline Studio by CoSchedule

Headline Studio by CoSchedule Review! English has things like this, and I’m envious…

The Korean version will take a long, long time to come out…

One of the most important factors in SEO is the title. It’s somewhat obvious. Generating what’s commonly called “aggro” is necessary to stand out from the many videos or articles (i.e., competitors) on platforms like YouTube or blogs… Well, there might be some general advice on what type of content works well on Naver, but at least there’s no extensive testing and validation by many experts on tens of thousands of pages like Google.

Conversely, for Google, many experts have actually tested how to write content to appear at the top of search results. Although the specifics are closely guarded secrets, Google has its own criteria for ranking content. Nowadays, web services evaluate the quality of titles based on their writing. One such service is Headline Studio, which is run by CoSchedule, which I reviewed last time.

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Headline Studio-2
Headline Studio By Coschedule Review. A Good App That Measures Your Title Seo Score! 1

At first glance, you may wonder why you would need a service that tells you your title score.

Once you try Headline Studio, you’ll realize your own inadequacies(?).

The importance of titles is, of course, self-evident, and even though I may seem to come up with titles somewhat casually, I still put in at least some thought while crafting titles for my blog posts. This part is actually in the realm of human emotions, so there may not be a perfect formula.

Scores in Headline Studio may change based on word placement and frequency. It makes me think it’s not just about using a lot of good words. Whether it’s because I’m not proficient in English or not, getting a high score can be quite challenging for me. Even getting into the 80s was difficult for me… The fortunate (?) aspect is that achieving high scores wasn’t just difficult for me; it seemed to be a rarity among my competitors as well. People are quite similar…

Headline Studio
It Seems To Consider Things Like Proper Grammar, Not Just Writing Power Word.

There’s a Power Word that determines your title SEO.

But it’s a lot of words… How effective is it?

In fact, even among bloggers, there have been what we commonly refer to as ‘Power Words.’ There have always been words that are good at appealing to readers’ attention. Besides these pages, most foreign bloggers also cover this topic. Headline Studio, at its core, is likely to score SEO based on Power Words. But as I said, I think the advantage of this tool is that it’s not just about writing a lot of good words, it’s about scoring the right grammar, the right frequency.

However, as expected(?), it does not support Korean… In the first place, among these SEO-related tools, support for the Korean language is non-existent. There are a few places that provide some support for Korea as a region, but when it comes to ‘language,’ there really isn’t much available. In reality, it’s hard to predict when it might happen.

It’s unavoidable, but among other tools, there are many cases where they support other languages. While it might make sense for European languages, personally, I found it a bit frustrating that some tools support Japanese. It seems like South Korea still has limited influence on the web… These are the things that make you realize.

Headline Studio
The Features In The Free Version Are Very Restricted…

Although the free version of Headline Studio is too limited in features, it provides a simple score.

Is the discount worth it if you’re serious about your blog?

Honestly, at first, I wondered why bother using something like this, but I quickly realized its value when I actually tried it. However, it seems even they recognize the value because the Headline Studio free version is quite limited in terms of features. To put it plainly, it’s like, “What score does my title get?” Beyond this, it’s not allowed. “How should I revise it?”

Adding words like this, more or less. They support almost all these features only in the paid version(Headline Studio Pro). Well, it seems they impose these restrictions on free users to go for the paid version… Also, recently, they’ve followed the trend by adding AI-related features. There might be a function that automatically suggests appropriate words, I presume.

The price, based on an annual subscription, is originally around $16, which is on the expensive side, but occasionally, they offer discounts. Currently, it’s discounted to $8 per month based on the annual subscription. At this level, it might be worth considering an investment if you’re serious about your blog. However, objectively, it’s still relatively expensive… Of course, this is still objectively expensive…

There is also a WordPress plugin version.

However, the updates are slow, and the evaluation is not that good… I’m still using it well.

On the other hand, there’s also a WordPress plugin version of Headline Studio I am currently using it too. However, it has slower updates, and there are a few reviews, including some unfavorable ones. Personally, I’m using it quite well, though. Since, in any case, with the free version, you can only see scores for a few headlines, it’s quite handy for checking what score you’d get when you write in English.

Headline Studio
Would You Say That’S A Pretty Good Score?

This is one of those times when I’m jealous of your English… but it works for me when I’m translating blogs.

Personally, what I envy about English is that there are many tools like this. As mentioned earlier, there are tools that support Japanese, and considering the user base for Korean has exceeded 100 million, I think we might see more and better tools in the future. Anyway, despite the limited functionality for now, I find it quite useful for checking scores when translating my blog into English.

I can’t shake the feeling that it’s quite expensive, but I still believe there are valid reasons for using these kinds of tools. Headline Studio needs to differentiate itself to maintain its position in the future.

Headline Studio Summary

Good point

  1. It’s a tool you’ll need, anyway.
  2. It’s not the best value for money, but the free version still shows the most important ‘scores’…

Disappointing point

  1. The price is, frankly, high
  2. No other language support
  3. WordPress plugin versions are slow to update
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